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  1. In which week will the board decide are they still clueless.
  2. We need a person with drive and leadership qualities . The greatest Talisman the club has ever had and the person most responsible for getting us into the Premiership before others undid the good work was Grant Holt, What a great manager he would make.
  3. Get to bed and sleep on it. We have been there before in worse situations than this. !940''s almost out of league football. Another day will come its dawn and sun rise in Aussie Land right now and the sun is with us. Not as powerful as before but still here.
  4. ONE WONDERS WHO WOULD WANT THEM. ? Maybe Lowestoft Town? Having suffered long without reward will the long suffering supporters whose wisdom has been denied be back next season?.
  5. I salute the fine loyal body of season ticket holders who have endured two seasons of boring negative football at Carrow Rd with only the very occasional respite. For many of them years of experience both watching and playing the sport enabled them to identify the deficiencies and advice freely proffered to the powers that be, was ignored until it was too late. I have been precluded by time and distance from visiting Carrow Rd this season but have followed the Canaries by any means possible since 1946 and this season have been able to watch every game on TV both home and away. Next season it will be back to Canary World the way things are going. No matter what division it is the Canaries for me and I hope those long suffering season ticket holders will continue to support the boys.
  6. AidanC - let Wolf play Championship Football if he wishes but not for us I hope,
  7. Our manager brought in so called better players but lost the team. He ignored the basic simple principle of the game that of scoring goals. His one only playing in the opponents half of the pitch against three opposition defenders was enough to discourage any unfortunate lone striker. Nobody in the squad this season covered as much ground in the striker role as Grant Holt did in his last year and at most times without support. With their tactics the management destroyed him and did little to aid his successors. How long did the Board think the supporters would go on paying big money to watch the boring unentertaining performances..
  8. A great day Saturday 19th April to see the very best and the very bad demonstrations of sportsmanship in the Premier League.1 . Congratulations given to Spurs keeper by Fulham striker after his fabulous effort on goal had been saved. 2. The aggression towards the Match Officials by the Chelsea Coaching Staff and the very doubtful remarks by their Manager after the match ? a touch of sarcasm me thinks.
  9. Can we forfeit or can we call on a higher being ?.
  10. If I were in charge the biggest and the most expensive flop ever to come to Norwich city would be welcome to keep his shirt off in fact he would never again be permitted to put one on.
  11. The reverse an ongoing part of the Hughton legacy he got rid of our Talisman and replaced him with a couple of expensive duds.
  12. Spot on Yorkshire we badly need some speedy finishers in the centre of our attack fed by less pedestrian wingers. All the best strikers and leading goal scorers in the league have speed as their major asset. It is goals that win games and that has been our greatest failing.
  13. Hamface is correct get them to bomb down the wings not play around at snail pace as Snodgrass does allowing the defenders to get in position before he centers the ball or falls flat on his face appealing to the referee. Our players need to be allowed to play to their strengths and the speedy and enthusiast young players like Redmond and Josh Murphy should be given an opportunity. Lets us see a change from boring pedestrian tactics. Too much time is wasted passing the ball across the back line. A much greater percentage of play in the opponents half will rapidly in crease our goal scoring opportunities.
  14. If Grant Holt was on crutches he would be quite as fast as the present Norwich City front men and more effective.
  15. I see Delia was there with you all sharing the pain, wonder how much longer she will put up with it. If it was one of our continental friends in charge Mr Hughton, nice man that he is would have been gone long ago
  16. What a performance as he comes on the world stage match shown on five continents. Man of the match two assists and a final individual goal when he beat four players plus the keeper. He has a quality as possessed by the leading Premier League strikers and not shown by any of present Norwich front men, that of speed. The question is will he have to be of pensionable age before our defensive over cautious management team give him a regular opportunity in the senior eleven
  17. I have seen them all since the first game after second world war Cardiff City at home 1946. The finishers the stoppers and the creators, a good well balanced team needs them all. Sadly at present we lack creators and one of the few that we have and in my view the best on the books is Wes . Left on the bench frustrated,watching his team mates fail to deliver. One can only blame the management for the current state of affairs.
  18. Lets face up to facts. Once we had a good team made up of good players. Now we are told we have recruited better players than before. That may or may not be so but they have most certainly not formed into a team and all the boasting and bragging statements we read in the press will do nothing to solve the problem.
  19. Reports that Bassong will lead us again at Southampton. Hughton has faith in him. All I can say is heaven help us.
  20. Drayton British Legion Band regular entertainers at Carrow Rd Playing whilst marching towards the Barclay Stand when a sudden gust of wind blew all their music sheets away A.guest mace bearer who came with the band had too much alcohol in his system, threw up the one mace in the air and saw two coming down, to the delight of the crowd went for the wrong one and the mace hit the ground. Gave it a swing forwards then backwards also be heading the front row trombone player and dislodging his cap. Nothing like live entertainment..
  21. If I was in charge Snody and Johnson would have been dropped along with Bassong long since
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