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  1. shining shoes, ahhh the good old days....................when i was a boot boy of course
  2. [quote user="Yellow Shirt"]This doesnt have Gunn written anywhere near it for me.Adams has been coaching for a little while now and has a fantastic record with the youth cup win.[/quote] WOAHHHH dont say that yellow, we should of just gone down quietly under coco (untboy (the lil old norwich way)
  3. [quote user="lake district canary"]The board have succumbed to the pressure and lost their nerve imo. You could say its brave or foolhardy, but at five points clear of the drop zone, I would say it was the latter. Only two weeks since our best performance of the season. I hope Adams has the midas touch, otherwise that''s it for this season. Just hope the board have a decent idea about next season''s manager and it is not one of the mediocre names that have been bandied around. [/quote] keep the crack pipe away from your lips ldc, its messing with your mindddddd
  4. COME ON NEIL MY SON LETS HAVE THAT PASSION AND DESIRE TO WIN BACK IN THE TEAM PLEASE. you''ll be more of a hero for keeping us up than winning the fa cup with the young''ens. COME ON NEIL!!!!
  5. dear oh dear lappy your losing your "detective skills" macc cannary,grantham, mrmcgoo blah blah blah. this seasons obviously severely taxed your mental "skills". FWIW weve been garabage since last season who-ton did what was asked but this season hes been well off the pace from start to finish. i for one cant believe the c-nuts still here. "id prefer death to relegation" well lets see if McNiceys a man of his word. Lambert saved us, Mcnally made 1 good appointment in his time here 1 who just happened to be someone he knew. hes shoould be ceo of kfc, burger king etc not a fooking football club!!!!
  6. seems pretty unanimous that i may of been right when i said we were in the poo earlier in the season!!!! you know about 6 games in SO wheres ldc?? nutty?? monty??? lappdog?? zak kfc lovin cartoon watching boy???? now. They know LIKE WELL MORE about the game than low post count fans such as myself do. COME ON CHRIS YOU CAN DO IT LETS ALL KEEP CLAPPING. I cannot believe its taken this long for out chants to begin. On the plus side at least the mug who wanted the bet can keep his tenner or whatever it was!!!!!!!!
  7. I don''t know, but ultimately we had our old problem of having no outlet and no steel at the centre of the pitch, This old problem must have been accidentally left out from one of your l@@K AT ME I CAN CLAP THE LOUDEST threads then I presume LDC? But I''m a nice guy so I put first three words up aswelL for you. Maybe you could adopt them for you signature
  8. This season surely (unless injured) was good to see a creative spark for a change, that is of course until our heads went down. That horrible manager at vile seems to have the edge (a big edge) over the mong-a-toid "managing" us at the monent. Won 4 Drawn 1. I was gutted when he left and became a hater, now I just hope the next managers got that fire, balls, heart and the time to take some training sessions and teach the players how to find the back of the net. It seems 2-hoots doesn''t give 2 hoots!
  9. Both managed celtic, both been successful there oh and both will of managed us in 4months time :D
  10. Now now girls let''s put the handbags away, do either of you fancy an all expenses trip away? I''ve left 2 suitcases at my friends in Nicaragua if you would both like to bring one each back for me? Cheers
  11. ZAK van KFC wrote You go out and find any smack addict on the streets of Houston and I could almost guarantee you that their hit originated from Afghanistan. Oh dear I guess your guarantees mean nothing then MEXICAN BLACK TAR! The clues in the name. Granted it''s an massive trade world wide when you''ve got got heroin,morphine,oxy''s,roxys, cocodamols, But do you really think we invade these third world s*it holes for that?
  12. I can tell you, from first hand, that the rehabilitation that the military offers after injury is world class. Ok I should word it better, Headley Court is the only one where injured personnel can be rehabilitated where there families can be present and help make the transition into civvy street. 1 centre in the whole of the UK which is f*cking abysmal don''t you think? I''d love to here about all the other rehabilitation centre''s you know of Morty?? Do you think it''s fair that these young (most are) are out in Afghanistan on peanuts, yet that little chimp who''s good with his feet (that''s all, got the mental age of a 5year old) is getting 300k a week? I don''t blame him though who wouldn''t take it!! It''s the British government I blame! Headley Court funded\built by help the heroes with F.A from the government. Bit of a rant I know
  13. What about the soldiers that lose their lives or limbs on peanuts a week\month, yet that chimp get 300k it''s ridiculous and imo sums up exactly what''s wrong with today''s society. These lads can''t even get decent rehabilitation in this country yet 1 month of that chimps wages would make a massive difference. At the end of the day he owns his house outright etc so it''s 300k a week to w*nk up the wall on 3grand bottles of champagne and taking little old ladies to hotel rooms to "check out their bus passes"
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