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  1. Are you really that blind keep the faith. Can you not see what is going on. If it is left as it is we are heading for relegation. It is a fact. A change of management is the only choice left. I repeat one win in thirteen. It is relegation form once again. I would like the chance to watch premiership football again next season not sit back and hope. Goodness me if you want something badly you have to be prepared to make changes.
  2. It has to be done. Remove the manager. It really is our only chance. One win in thirteen!!!! It may be worse than death for McNally but what about the supporters. Just look at what is happening. Even commentators are expressing surprise at hughtons decisions. You cannot just sit back and hope the situation improves. It will not. It has gone on too long
  3. If you want norwich city to have a chance of escaping relegation you are going to have to relieve Chris hughton and his assistants of their duties. Supporters know this and you know it. One win in thirteen games!!!! Ridiculous. No other club would allow this to have continued. You should have seen the obvious problems last October and acted then. I am not going to go into the style of play dubious team selections, substitutions etc. But there is a problem at a footballing level at norwich city. A change of manager has got to be made. at least if we still went down you would have showed the supporters you gave norwich city a chance of avoiding relegation. It is the manager that has created this problem. If you do not act very very soon norwich city will be relegated.
  4. It isn''t to late. A change of manager is a must. one win in thirteen!! I don''t think it really matters who
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