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  1. Will be officially announced Monday 14.15. No word on Adams position. Would hope he is kept on in some capacity.
  2. Would like to see him as new manager. Passion and now experience
  3. There is nothing wrong with our strikers. The problem is simple. We do not create the chances for them. 18 months of cautious mediocracy from the manager.
  4. BBC Sport. Word is he will be relieved of his duties tonight. 6 months to late!!!
  5. [quote user="The Hat"]Word from Colney is that Hughton will be gone in the summer whatever happens at the end of the season. And he knows this[/quote]
  6. Word from Conley is that Hughton will be gone in the summer whatever happens at the end of the season. And he knows this
  7. Picked the right team for the game. RVW up front. Positive substitutions. First time for ages there seemed no air of caution. It''s only one game but let''s hope this continues and take stock later.
  8. None of this they are a top 6 club. It would be 1 win in 14.
  9. I believe in the players but not the cautious and negative manager. 2 points at the very best and that''s not enough.
  10. Pre match interview. I don''t want to here how long you were at Spurs, what you achieved their, how good they are, how much money the have spent what good players they have etc etc. Talk about Norwich city. Our players. We are in a precarious situation terrible run of form again. realistically 7 games left to get 4 wins. Ps put a track suit on. You usually look as if you are going to a grouse shoot after the match
  11. It wasn''t long ago I felt at most games home or away ''we could get something here''. This season under Hughtons managementship I have never felt this. Spurs with there away record best you can hope for is a draw. Villa away the same. It has been hope all season. No confidence
  12. I have seen no name calling. Just people expressing opinions
  13. Goodness me must be stuck in the floods. Most of us have lived through what you preach. Some of us are concerned about the clubs future and at this time what we have is not working. Times have changed. Rewards are bigger. I would rather have the chance of premiership football than £60 million in the bank and championship football. A change of manager is surely needed. By the way Chris hughton did a job for NCFC last season and should be applauded. This season it hasn''t worked. Surely you can see this. I am not saying it would work 100 percent but look at some other clubs sometimes it does.
  14. It is NOT a nailed on success. The way we have been managed all season has not worked. Hand on hearts here if it is left as it is can you see us escaping relegation. We need a chance to. Take stock of this season team selection cautious tactics substitutions etc etc. It has not worked. It needs changing now.
  15. I didn''t think McNally picked the team made substitutions arranged tactics etc. I say again it it not panic it is realism. Sit back and wait that you are suggesting is a no go. Not enough games left. Luck and hope has passed. Action now is needed. Can you not see how it is going and are you happy with it??
  16. Totally agree and it should be done this weekend
  17. Don''t forget we haven''t beaten Fulham in 3 games and haven''t looked like beating them. They will finish above us. They are not panicking. They want to stay on the premier league.
  18. It may well be. But at least they are trying something. We are not. Can anyone realistically see us getting enough wins under this present management. We have had are best chance Xmas onwards. Nothing has changed all season. Dreadfully most of the time. The odd good performance.
  19. It might not work sacking their manager but at least they are trying to preserve premiership survival. You are prepared to trust to luck and hope. Do you seriously think Chris hughton will save us from relegation. Only 12 games left how the hell are we going to get 3 or 4 wins. We have only got 6 up to now. Last year he did a job for you. This season he hasn''t. You cannot just hope his management style will change now. not enough games left. You have to act now. Show some bottle
  20. Someone with a bit of realisation. Hope and luck has passed now. The team and supporters need the board to give them at least a chance of survival. This is not doom and gloom this is reality!!!!
  21. If the board do not act it is almost certain we will be relegated. The demise on the playing side is there to be seen. It really has been going on too long. We all know this. The team is picked and set up by the manager. Just look where we are!!! If we want to try and recover the situation then the board need to act. We can''t.
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