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  1. To be fair the last couple of performances have been half decent. We are just missing that edge going forward, and while we could say that its the players as they are the ones on the pitch. But it is also the managers and coaching staffs jobs to work on this on the training ground, and there has been no evidence of this since the end of last season! Last night I think we played well. BUT it angers me how Snodgrass walks straight back into the team and fumbles and falls his way through yet another 90 mins! Add that to the idiotic substitution decisions we can only find ourselves blaming Hughton for the result! Enough is enough and I beleive he has to go! Who do we bring in? I am sure there is plenty of talented managers out there in the lower divisions and abroad. It may take time to find that perfect fit! So why not just take the gamble and get rid now and let someone like Adams or draft in someone just to end this season! Yeah things might not change and we still go down but I would be less depressed starting next season without Cautious Chris is the championship than with him! Ok we are not in the bottom 3 and yeah with the right results things can change, but I beleive its not going to happen with Hughton at the helm! and the gamble of a change far out weighs the gamble of keeping him!
  2. yes every match is different!! In tonights match Hughtons fault was his bad decisions regard to his substitutions. Other games it has been Hughtons fault with his team selection. Other games its been Hughtons fault with his tactics! What is the common denominator here!! Nice bloke or not I can not see how people can still defend him. Enough is Enough!
  3. But I really dont care! HE NEEDS TO GO NOW!!! Yes there looks like there has been an improvement in our playing style over the last few games! However we are still not getting the results! We Looked OK tonight until the substitutions!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING!! We looked good enough at the back, so why go ultra defensive and take our best player off!! We have now come away with nothing, meaning Saturday''s result/performance was a waste! We are running out of games where we can get points from fast!! I have not been this depressed in years. I just want him gone now! Even if we still go down after a change, atleast I can go into next season with belief that we will win a game!
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