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  1. Dreamteam-- you can''t miss me I''ve got you mum sat on once side and an I LOVE SUPER CHRIS banned and when he makes substitutions I cheer him going "yayyy Bunn on for Hooper, great decision super chris, stick him at right back that''s it well done" Do you want to be my facebook friend also?? Or maybe follow me on twitter? Or maybe follow me round when I leave like a little lost sheep?? Or follow me to the toilet? I mean where will it stop dreamteam MATE.
  2. Rons very Obvious-ly a **** "People fail at their job (or do not perform as well as they should" yes and what happens to them??? P.s it really really hurts me when you say those horrible things lol
  3. More like give him two years regardless of results, tactics and just pretend alls ok!
  4. TGMD- I think Birmingham selling their best players etc would of taken a lot of pressure off him at Brum, also Newcastle improved once he left despite the uproar, they improved even more next season aswell
  5. Ron Obvious-- OBVIOUSLY (to you) it''s bound to be "lashing out" if your an "inner" isn''t it. "You can''t get a hughton"- OBVIOUSLY that''s how it works really isn''t it?? So OBVIOUSLY you''ve read the "how to be a fan" book cover to cover. You keep applauding Hughton while he takes us down, that''s your choice, BUT if we end up going to the wall AGAIN in 5-10 years time, please remember you were clapping your way through the start of the slide. Also as a side note I see you jump all over me for my language, but when your chum Morty does it, not a peep, OBVIOUSLY a hypocrite. Thanks
  6. I.C.F- that''s correct, a good manager is worth his weight in gold. By the same token a bad manager is a millstone around the teams neck.
  7. "Its Board, not bored." lol stupid boy I couldn''t imagine why I put bored!! Check on other threads where I''ve mentioned them as I''ve put "bored". Also it''s a yellow ok?? For you to suggest I''m not a canaries fan is pathetic it''s like saying "binner" because you don''t agree with someone also pathetic!! I''m a season ticket holder barclay upper have been since I first started work, also I''m no fair weather fan I''ve got the crest tattooed on my back and N.C.F.C on my neck and yes I have been asked if it''s Notts County also Newcastle a few times aswell which is rather strange, which reminds me STFU!! Cheers
  8. "even if we go down we''ll be one of the best equipped Championship sides financially and player wise" -- that''s it meeky-pele taking it the little old Norwich way....... nice and quiet as we go down good lad. also I seem to remember last time we were relegated from the premier league "we''ll go straight up, the championships weak'' the problem is teams raise their games against the drop downs. However I respect the fact you can see what''s going on, but it''s rather meek to just accept it, McNicey should of got shot of the idiot ages ago ages and ages ago
  9. Op- your not a real ran if you dare to criticise coco''s tactics etc also apparently your "not allowed to show displeasure until we''re relegated" (it will certainly be very useful then). I''m with you tho, some of the excuses\reasoning for his "style" are quite frankly pathetic. It seems as tho some have a very very short memory and now accept what''s happening, also "we''ve not spent enough so what do some expect" just like our first season (remember when we could score almost every game) when we spent 80million didn’t we???
  10. Talking rubbish??? Yeah of course!!! Really we''ve scored loads of goals, Hughtons a tactical genius, his sub''s do the business time and time again elmander''s amazing, we definitely didn''t need a goal scorer or supplier in January, and we certainly will not go down as we''re playing the best football as we come into the business end of the season!!! I think you''ll find your talking rubbish GP!!
  11. "I did find the suggestion by the person who runs the page to pro Hughton posters to "leave the site if you don''t like it" a bar to serious discussion. Makes you wonder how many people he has blocked or comments deleted." Yeah of course!!! But why would they say LEAVE if they blocking people?? Or are you just talking out your rectal cavity?? Put a pro coco comment and then tell us what happened
  12. Dreamteam- it''s quite obviously Norwich I doubt I would give a monkeys if I supported anyone else now would i???!
  13. Gp "QPR is far from a club model I''d like here. Joey Barton? No thanks" Your not still cut up about him and your Hero are you??
  14. Let''s hope not Nutty!! I couldn''t deal with you roaring your eyes out already it gets bloody cringe worthy seeing you galloping along all suited up Lance in hand :)
  15. So that''s a no then LDC, so you tell people it''s all gonna be ok, we''re turning the corner etc but when asked why do you think this you have no answer and then resort to name calling etc etc. Well done Ldc very grown up.
  16. GP- "We weren''t on an upwards trajectory in the summer, we''d had a terrible six months and only just avoided relegation because of a late win, a position than consolidated by another" Exactly gp so the "bored" thought wow that was fun, let''s keep him for next season. Gluttons for punishment kind of thing and it seems likely the punishments going to be dished out in 12 games time. Also I''m fed up of people saying "small club in a big league, money not spent enough so we are where we are etc etc" it''s tinpot li''l old norwich syndrome fans saying that must make the bored think we''ll if it all goes wrong it doesn''t matter it''s what they expected. we did well our first season with on paper a poor team now we have spent money and look a shadow of ourselves back then. Which to me shows you get the RIGHT manager in then teams can out perform, when the wrong ones in well I don''t even need to say it.
  17. Well that''s great then ldc thank god, but just for clarity do you mean we''re closer to clicking than the last time you said we were soon to click or closer than the time before that or the one before Just so I know roughly which year it''s going to be. Or will there be no answer like normal when you are asked these things??
  18. Christopher "Chris" Hughton is a professional association football manager and former player. He is currently the manager of Football League Championship club Newcastle United Lol that''s was when he was liked as a manager!! Or between all his clubs he got 8000 likes but 1000+ want him gone on the other page in no time.
  19. Also "now we are beginning to look consistently strong in performance" Just like we''ve consistently failed to score enough goals, is that what you mean LDC?? Or does consistency only matter when you wish it to???
  20. LDC " Instead of reacting to what is actually happening" lol the irony
  21. He''s very popular, a few clubs in the conference want him, the poor buggers
  22. Course VW- that''s fair enough your entitled to enjoy watching rubbish!! So just to be clear you didn''t like watching goals,attacking football and having the belief we could score against anyone?? Fair play to you and now I can see why you want him here!! Cheers
  23. Fantastic reply and well thought out response VW. However grieving NO missing the fun,entertaining football + the goals + the harmony squad and fans. But I''m guessing you don''t miss it? Also that you enjoy watching it on your stream as surely nobody could enjoy watching it and paying for the "privilege" as I certainly bloody don''t!!! But each to their own and all that.
  24. Vanwink I''ve edited it for you......Now for facts rather than mystical babbling, Snoddy missed his goal (again like most times this season) because he failed to take a touch to get the ball under control before he shot! Hooper hit the ball near side instead of going across the goal (again he missed like lots of times this season), Tettey hit a great shot which got blocked (so it didn''t go in again)....... Wow it makes you wonder if coco is making them practise their shooting and if he is then why isn''t it working week after week, game after game 2 seasons ago with what everyone would agree was a weaker team we scored for fun and I PERSONALLY felt we could score against anyone, yet NOW we either DONT score or SCORE 1 at the most barr 3 whole games... so please vanwink why do you think this is????????
  25. You''ve gone a bit easy on him there in fairness seen as the list goes on and on and on. It''s a mild schooling tho, well in!
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