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  1. Not taking the bet Monty?? Bless ya chicken catching must not pay to well!
  2. I wasn''t talking to you, then was i?? If you want that bet and the odds are matched and the stakes are raised. I couldn''t of been more helpful to you could i?? Got you a link go buy 2 and i''ll send one then. Seen as Nutty''s going to hold my stake. Take a screen shot or pop you receipt for the 2 bc''s. Like I say I''m not waiting weeks for a meagre amount to return it''s like 7quid a week it''s just not worth it is it?? make it more interesting and we''re on like I say that''s a promise
  3. Lol STFU how''s about you go give away 200 quid of YOUR money! What''s up you don''t fancy that it''s exactly the same. But if you read on muppet I''ve told him i''ll take his bet if he offers the same odds SO HOW IS THAT BEING A CHICKEN AND IVE UPPED THE STAKES. I''ve plenty of bitcoins they''re worth upwards of 400 quid and they''re safe as he''ll be able to post a copy of his exchange receipt SO big fella how''s about YOU take the bet also with me?? I''ve got 16.04 bitcoins so you 2 and 2 more i''ll take money off ok. But like I say you will have to match the average odds of the bookies 2-1 or its pointless. Obviously your a tad simple aswell to think anyone''s going to lose X2 of what they''re owed!!!!! So let''s have it go mortgage your caravan do whatever simpleton''s do to raise money
  4. Yeah clap clap and more clapping Even when the Messiah2 takes all the forwards off to be replaced by Bunn and the tea lady. What he really meant was.... "please please please will them to score, as I''m looking soooo stupid right now and I should never of said I''d prefer death to relegation" In fairness when the teams playing I and most are 100% behind the team. However more often than not its utterly frustrating to see a team with no heart running about like headless chickens
  5. WOW.just WOW!!! It wouldn''t be a very good deal for me when I can get 2-1 (give or take) at the bookies!! So how''s about you offer 300 to my 100......is that simple enough infact sod it bored of you being billy big b0ll0cks so go get 3 bitcoins and put your money where your mouth is!!!!! And Nutty can hold the keys to the wallets here you go.....https://bitbargain.co.uk/buy and i''ll take the bet with you! That''s a promise
  6. No Tilly, nobody knows a single soul at the club that''s why we''ve never ever heard of a transfer before they''ve arrived etc.
  7. Well I did say I guess time would tell. Do you think it would make sense for him to have that clause?
  8. Someone has put that "allegedly Hughton has a big compensation clause if he is sacked whilst we are outside the bottom 3" I could see him wanting that clause with him getting the boot from Newcastle whilst midtable I guess time will tell. If true it''s sods law that as the run in comes round were hovering above the bottom 3. I guess time will tell.
  9. Wahhahah is that admission that even you think I''m right?? Seen as you avoided the subject and had to lower yourself to insults??
  10. Is that chewbacca?? Or a different bacca?? Maybe to-bacca?? No I quit smoking ages ago thanks tho Did you mean Barca as in Barcelona?? If so would you take the bet I mentioned?? No course not as you''d better odds elsewhere without the agro of posting your stake and receiving winnings.
  11. So it''s a real shocker that west ham have improved to you then, new signings and carroll coming back shouldn''t have given them a lift no? Also just because your arguments weak doesn''t mean you need to insult me. All it does is make you look petulant.
  12. Is that the same West Ham that strengthened in January??
  13. Donate it to the club??? After the no shows this season. Why don''t you place a bet with me at evens i''ll have barcelona to score more than us in the next 12 games AND YOU can have us to score more than barcelona in the next 12 games. Come on send the 100 to nutty..... or are you you "all mouth no trousers"
  14. Yeah course beefy!! Current forms irrelevant right??
  15. Talking out your Anus again I see Beefy!! I can assure you i''d get absolutely no pleasure AT ALL from us going down. That seems to be the inners best argument these days. Have you all got bored of the "stick to hit the club with" comments?? So just so I know anyone who thinks we will go down, or that Hughton is not the man for us are rubbish fans that hate the club as they must hate the club to want us relegated right???
  16. Well done Beefy,.... bloody favourites never lose do they?? as I''ve said elsewhere on current form then we will go down.
  17. Just seen this floating about on the WWW! http://prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com/2014/02/13/advanced-stats-project-premier-league-battle-for-top-4-and-survival-spots-to-go-down-to-final-weekend/
  18. Why?? You wouldn''t be able to shake my hand, yours would be sore after clapping for 90 minutes
  19. Oooh Warren don''t double or triple dare me or i''ll hand my money over right now..... to a stranger for odds lower than every bookmaker in the country, just to please some anonymous happy clappers. if I didn''t support Norwich I think I would find the odds quite tempting actually I mean take out man city draw (0-0 anyway) and we''re not playing well at all. However it would be more than a ton on it if I''ve gotta wait that long to collect.
  20. Course "you don''t like hughton and his tactics?? You BINNER!!" Also I''d *hit my pants with woe at the thought of you coming over saying in a meek voice "hi mate I''m dreamteam off the pink''un, meet me after the game for a (morty-esc) pint" lol people like you make me chuckle, you''d walk past and put your head down meek-boy
  21. B.S.M.S- even season ticket holders will be a minority compared to the total of world wide canaries
  22. I''m sure some simpleton may tho maybe if you send nutty 300 and they send 100 yeah?? I''m sure there will be takers if you want to play fairly. So go on then offer 300, I mean I''m sure your confident in 3goal a game hughton
  23. How ridiculous have you ever placed a bet before?? If you have you would realise that your getting the better end of the deal!! Please don''t make me have to embarrass you further by explaining why. Also in 15years of gambling I''ve never once bet against my own team.......we got relegated but this few quid is great!!! it''s a complete conflict of interests
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