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  1. In fairness tho Crafty, there''s not a lot the players can do when they''re playing well but catastrophic chris takes them off in place of a donkey.
  2. NEVER!!! Or at least they would never admit it now. In all fairness if they haven''t seen it by now then I think it''s highly unlikely that they''ll ever see it. It''s people like the "inners" that keep posting money away to collect their lottery prize..... " cos eventually it will come, but I just need to send another £200 first"
  3. Who is that Herman a manager?? Well put some meat on the bones then! Is he attack minded or defensive? Where''s he managed before?
  4. Gud ''ay Skip!! This is quite a popular picture of coco on facebook!! I don''t know if you''ve realised a LOT of FANS have this picture. Let me guess tho were all RACISTS yeah??? I had a trawl through my racist album on the computer and was torn between this one or an S.S badge, or a BNP logo it was a tough choice. Grow up your pathetically narrow minded. Cheers
  5. "Least when he turns into a coco he''ll need less photoshopping" Huhhhhhhhhh gasps, starts hyperventilating, crying begins, hands start shaking........ RACIST!!!! All the P.C.C "Protective Coco Collective" scream!!!
  6. He''s beat Barcelona, A.C milan, Ajax but he''s been beaten by the messiah twice.... would he bring forster back with him also???? I personally think I wouldn''t mind seeing him given a chance here. He''s passionate about the game he knows what winnings like, celtic play attacking football and he''s snapped up loads of good players in his time... Rating 7 out of ten
  7. LDC-" Yeah, well sometimes you just wish some people would just shut up (yes tell me about it) - I know people feel the same about me, so its feelings mutual.(correct) Also, I obviously don''t explain myself well (correct) at times, as I do not think that all Hughton outers should "do one" as you put it. I simply see stuff (everything that YOU want to,never what anyone else points out tho) I don''t like - insults, name calling etc -and will comment on it." ( comment-well facebook the place for you then)
  8. Nigel, I was in no way trying to accuse you of being a their, I was just explaining how the bet could be offset, if that caused offence to yourself then my sincerest apologies.
  9. Oh do shut up silly, how did you get on today anyway in the SPL?? LDC''S -- GET BEHIND THE TEAM SPEACH!!! Is as inspiring as McNicey saying "we''ve got the best fans, however I must remind you to back the team" everyone''s behind the team or 90% of the team. It''s the management that''s the problem. It becomes a struggle to support him and the 2 stooges when like the vast majority on here your left perplexed by his ridiculous substitutions. He hardly tries to get fans onside. When we go behind I have no confidence in us winning surely the players feel like that also. He sends us into the ring and on round 8 ties our hands behind the back. BUT WHY????
  10. I''d day when you can''t score and your leaking silly goals.... then a change of manager certainly wouldn''t do any harm.!! poyet was mentioned by quite a few on here also pulis "OMG pulis, you''ve gone mad he''s rubbish just look how stoke played under him" was the scream from the inners. Well at least we''ll get to see if palace stabilise in the prem, while we hope to gain promotion. If we lose the next 3-4 then it''s game over. Players heads will go down (even more) and if coco makes anymore crippling subs like the west ham game then we''re screwed. Nothing sunk into him all season and last so I''m staggered that some think we''re going to rock up with a plan a,b and c all of a sudden. I can understand hoping we do but some genuinely believe he''s suddenly turned into a winner but history states otherwise with him.
  11. Wtf has happened to McNicey. I think 19 months ago he banged his head very hard. Maybe careers best appointment decided he''d rather go to a team that were pi*s poor. It''s completely the opposite of how he used to be and it''s rubbish. Get ruthless or get gone!!!
  12. Bless ya, struggling to read again Herpes??? Why don''t you put your giro in with the op? Then we''ll have a proper bet!!! Go sell your caravan, offer your daughter out, sell the story of your rise to pink''un super stardom to better woman magazine. whatever the f*ck it is people like you do to raise money
  13. Cheaper for him to buy 3.00am yesterday morning at least :D, also wtf has silk road & Mt Gox and co got to do with it?? It''s bitcoins givenm to Nutty not left online and then mymoney can''t be put on us to go down and matey gets away without paying. Can you not see that!!?
  14. Wings i''d be very happy with that, but he''s just unable to change his negative tactics and anyone really expecting anymore would be deluded. He''s got plan A or plan A or plan A its tiresome and every team we play must know full well what he''s like so we are weaker with him.
  15. LDC- STFU odious little troll coming from you!!! Ironic to say the least. Also should I lie like you and say everything''s rosey???? Started showing your colours recently havnt you!!! Mr cool and calm it''s all going to be ok IS NOW sweating and had to go into his pathetic insults for under 5s book. Also do you know what currency your going to be using yet??? All the way up there 50miles past the shetland isles!!!! You fool go hang yourself much appreciated
  16. Well done Mello!! I like his choice of game to select, he didn''t fancy mentioning West Ham for some reason (maybe choosing to sweep over that game) Norwich fans are the best in the country..........BUTTTT I thought I''d let them stew as the Clown( not coco a different one!!*) tries his hardest to ensure were relegated which is worse than death. * Please note anyone wishing to state the word clown MUST ensure a non coco disclaimer. Subject to article 4 of the Narrow Minded tw@t book of words termed racist!!
  17. A team who wants to remain in League 2 maybe seriously if anyone wants him as a manager TAKE A LOOK AT THIS SEASON WITH US AND GET A P.E TEACHER FROM YOUR NEAREST PRIMARY SCHOOL INSTEAD !!! The bloke is a clown (not coco a different one tho)
  18. " Hughtons p45 seen as your so confident put a bet on with me" so long as I know I''m not being ripped off and it''s worth while your on "oooh noooo oh I don''t like internet transactions they''re so unsafe I mean yeah EVERY BANK uses them buttt" what you mean is your a wet weekend in blackpool and you''ve got your giro and NOT A PENNY MORE. go get a "crisis loan" or sell what you have to make the bet worth while!!! As were going to stay up remember. On a serious note tho if you want get a few "inners" together and stump up the stake between you all, and your on
  19. Squirm squirm wriggle wriggle.... is that you trying to slip out your leathers again Morty?
  20. Yes it has I now know we will go down, it was the McNicey version of Delia''s "letsbe avenue". Not heard much for a while from in a while and now he''s begging the fans to will the team on, in the vain hope it will work and he will be vindicated and then he will offer messiah2 an extension on his contract as he seems to of gone utterly mental!!! McNasty + begging= pathetic
  21. Read my reply to the other fella as to why it has to be bit coins. It''s very simple but you''ll probably need dale to come back round and draw you a diagram
  22. "already put my money where my mouth is" there was me thinking dale Winton put it in your mouth when he was finished.
  23. WOW that''s great morty I bet ladbrokes will be so excited to have that £2.50... did u put it on at the start of the season aswell? there''s nothing quite like dragging a measly bet out for as long as you can. Sad twunt!!
  24. See I could say put 1000 and i''ll do 500 but then I send nutty 500 he go puts it on us to go down it happens he pays me out my own money and you keep your grand, yet if we stay up you''ve lost sod all anyway see the problem with this?? Bitcoins then I know it''s the same BC''s come the end of the season!!!
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