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  1. Miggy- you do become tiresome!!! Try the discussing the subject before felching some posters
  2. Zak cartoonlover "Racist Pot calls kettle black!" I''m utterly speechless you could use that word!!!!! Everyone knows the correct term is a "darker shade of grey FFS you sir are a RACIST!!!!! Your missing ben 10. Enjoy
  3. Yawn!!! Why on earth would I give a monkeys what you think ldpppcc??? Someone who claps crap? Someone who practically rimm''s the management team when we lose?? Someone who''s ego causes him to start a thread about utter garbage 8 times a day?? Someone who thinks everyone should celebrate his 2 seasons of utterly bizzare substitutions\team selections!!! You opinion is IRRELEVANT to me. Thankyou and go enjoy your day!!
  4. LDPPPCC- that reminds me........ I must get some toilet roll today Cheers
  5. Lol a hard liner makes you mike "well ''Ard Tyson does it??? Didnt realise STFU
  6. "" Bit sad really. Someone has trawled for hours to find this piece of evidence to snidely attack Hughton." Herman Wow!! For a change we agree on something!! Why didn''t they just show the form table and the league table, could of saved a lot of time :)
  7. You went to hull ldpppcc?? Fair play what a beautiful place! City of culture now aswell!!! Well deserved last time it was Liverpool but they''ve stepped it up a notch. My particular piece of interest was (no not a gallery displaying picasso''s such as the Old Woman 1901, or The Woman taken in Adultery painted by Rembrandt in 1644 BUT flat 12 37b they way they''ve boarded up 1 flat window but left the other window on show with a hole through the glass.......it just brings the place to life don''t you think ldpppcc???? I stopped at the traffic light in Hull once, was the quickest I''ve ever seen tires get stripped off a car ( could teach Formula 1 a trick or two).
  8. How old is ldpppcc???? Old enough to idolise daddies hero''s is the answer..... which remind me..... I must find a picture of Adam and the ants asap for my avatar and upload a picture of Maggie to facebook asap! :D
  9. ", I suggest he dons the wig and comedy nose. Show pity" A comedy nose???? Tut tut a sly off hand remark at jewish people!!!! I can''t believe what I''m reading I''m utterly flabbergasted!!!! Also the wig and show pitty comments are disgusting!!!! I''ve a friends cousins mates nephews mate that''s fighting alopecia yet you seem to find amusement in talks off wigs etc!!! Call yourself a city fan???? I''m disgusted and YOU SIR are an alopecianist and I''m ringing the police and mi5\6 as you must be a terrorist to criticise hair loss !!!!! Report report report unless you retort!!!!!!!!!
  10. I watched a documentary not to long ago about a funeral parlour (well beats Motd these days) and they said wake me up before you go go is a very popular song these days at funeral''s, fair play must make it a bit easier for your family etc (to remind them of your humour and a reminder to not take life to seriously)
  11. Flecky76- not seen that one before just had a mooch and seen this one under it\ recommend Billy Joel http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0ktxE78XhjU
  12. Sorry the start should read I''m honest enough to admit that when Hughton was unveiled I was happy this much is true, realistically I knew he got Newcastle promoted and had them mid table what wasn''t to like??.. however during that 1st pre-season concerns were raised to which fans like me were told " it''s pre-season it doesn''t matter he just working on the defence. Even a hard liner such as myself wouldn''t advocate a manager being sacked before a ball was kicked in anger
  13. "0lls kicked in anger) his first pre-season was dire. But I took solace in the fans saying "he''s just tightening up the defence, he won''t play the team like this in the league " HOWEVER it soon became apparent that it certainly was his intention to play like that. Please feel free to pick fault, call me a liar but please don''t accuse me of wanting him here past about 10 games into his first season, it''s embarrassing and derogatory. I don''t blame solely him either, his two drop-down cohorts are useless. But the difference is...if I was in his shoes i''d of got shot of them ages ago they are out of their depth big time. But he just can''t spot under performance anywhere, snoddy, even Ruddy, Jellymander,the man is blind to what people can all see around him (sorry 98% can see around him) the other 2% need to pop to specsavers or alternatively they can just shout racist at anyone who criticises as a way of trying to discredit. Sorry for the long reply I just wish for you and other "inners" to know exactly what my stance is. Am I OTT yes most probably I am, do I love the club? Yes I do infact enough to get divorced for (it''s football or me jobby) would I change any of it NO not in the slightest. Also as a side note for people calling me "BINNER" and the like, I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee why would any "enemy" of the club want us to get rid of super hoots???? EXACTLY
  14. YMCA and I''m to sexy by right said fred.............oh you mean football wise right?? Phantogram - 10,000 claps It should however be tears of a clown- smokey Robinson. I shall eagerly await the suggestion of skin by rascal flatts (people see what they want)
  15. "Many of you, like the Board, took too long to realise the direction we were going. " Well said that man the writings been on the wall since his first pre-season "he''s just sorting out the defence" it''s pitiful really seen as how we had all witnessed REAL football for 3 years yet A LOT couldn''t recognise proper football if Messi was in their garden now having a kick about with Pele and Ronaldo
  16. "Enough is enough"-ldpppcc Surely you''ve not just seen the last 10 minutes of the west ham game have you??? Welcome aboard the we want to score again express ldpppcc!!!!!
  17. Makes the hairs on my neck stand up listening to that speech, a small island (us) could do what many had tried to do. Countries far far bigger than us had failed, yet we took it to them, and WON! However let us not digress. "My Dad heard this speech at the time and it meant a huge amount to his generation"- ldpppcc It''s a good job it was your father''s generation (fair play to them aswell) if it happened in "your generation" you''d of waved and clapped as the Luftwaffe flew over, the boats arrived on our coast line, and Jerry would of been allowed to set up camp in your house " it''s ok everyone they just want to be friends, they''ve not been great in other counties BUT their behaviour will improve they just need time, get behind ze Germans or or your all a disgrace, Adolf''s not all bad nooo it''s all you fellow Englander''s are a disgrace to this nation, their U-boats are just there to show our ships where to head to stop them getting lost people who thinl otherwise don''t deserve to be English blah blah blah"
  18. "Only 6 wins all season" What has that got to do with ANYTHING???? We all just "hate the club" now, back catastrophic chris coco OR your your a club stick hitter. He shouldn''t have the pressure of US expecting to win more than 6-7 games this season ffs!! It''s been tough "we''ve not spent enough", "it''s the players faults" "injuries have caused it all" " it''s NOT his fault if A single magpie has take up residence in his bedroom" "BUT it''s all going to change (soon) and we WILL be safe" "what has the previous stats got to do with the rest of the season" "how could he stop that black cat crossing in front of his car" "it''s the outters faults leaving that ladder outside his front door for him to walk under!! Bloody stick hitters!!" OR it could just be........hes a pathetic manager, can''t utilise the squad properly, has divided the fans worse than in years! He certainly doesn''t help himself either. "People called for 4-4-2 so I did it, becchio complained so I played him" this is not management and it wouldnt\isn’t happening at other premier league clubs is it?
  19. "the vocal minority to beat our manager with a big stick." That''s about right the infamous stick to beat the club with nonsense from Long Distance percy positively positive Cumbernauld canary :) People moaning that people are pee''d off with catastrophic chris coco should remember 3 years ago nobody was complaining, it was then things like... should we play the diamond etc etc. People are upset it this current carp being dished up week after week. But we all love the club!
  20. "We have a squad of poorish players who are now playing above their usual level thanks to the the positive leadership style of Mr Hughton." That''s about right for L.D.P.P.P.C.C (long distance percy positively positive clapping canary)
  21. Eddie Howe went Bournemouth-Burnley-Bournemouth. "I''m homesick" MAN UP!! Bournemouth certainly aren''t playing that well at the moment either very hit and miss Rating 3 out of 10 ( he can make tactical substitutions, and likes to win). I know folks it''s been a while :(
  22. " Jack Roswell"- yeah he wanted number 51 on his shirt aswell, chances seem to have "desert"-ed him of late.
  23. The Messiah didn''t big up the enemy, he may of said "they''ve got a good side, but these lads run through walls for me" I think now it''s quite evident they really did aswell Ahhhh the memories :(
  24. Just spoken to a celtic supporting friend of mine who lives Dennistoun and apparently it''s common knowledge that he''s unhappy up there he''s been attacked 3 times in the city centre over about the last 18 months (sectarianism) and also had live ammunition posted to his home address and addressed to him at Celtic Park also.
  25. I''d be honoured to!! How many teams need picking and can it be worldwide Brazil etc etc
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