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  1. Ldpppcc". There is no magic fix, magician who can come in and turn it round" Shame that, McNicey could of done a cracking line in kids entertainment 1xClown 1xmagician 1xpuppet man (snoddy) and until recently we had McNicey the mime! Delia for catering, fry for the grown ups, wes pops out of a suitcase!! We''d be sorted then.
  2. Miggy " for me its when we look like we are more likely than not to be relegated" So about 3 months ago then!! If we lose the next two then someone''s going to have to step in as the rot set in ages ago. Get Mcnally to manage with Adam''s till the end of the season. The players wouldn''t want upset the boss now would they. He could remind them accrington stanley are looking for players on loan for a season :)
  3. Sparticus" are ugly women banned from winter sports worldwide ? not complaining just an observations" Have you not seen some of the Russian women???
  4. If only the sentence had been 6 months, instead it feels like it''s been a decade (without the goals) :(
  5. "This is the only message board I have ever used or am likely to - I hope when you get to 50 you feel passionate about your home club enough to have an opinion you want to voice" Well said that man!! How are greenock doing anyway?? Nearly 50 wow you''ll have a heart attack if you keep working yourself up like this 30 times a day. I used to like LDPPPCC, the cool calm collected happy clapper. But he seems to of descended to the level of a guest on the Jeremy vile show!! F this c that not good. There''s passionate and then there''s just down right loutish behaviour. You sir have fallen into the loutish category. Such a shame tho as I used to find your drivel riveting, INSPIRING EVEN it was just like watching paint dry inspiring, now it''s like watching water evaporate on a windowsill, INSPIRING !!! slower, even more utterly pointless, wetter!!! Like I say such as shame as you seem like you''d be the life and soul of the party!! Could just see you clapping, blowing your whistle.......................oh and crying when someone skipped your go in the pass the parcel,. "Who wants a bit of cake kids!!!" excuse me ldpppcc watch out ffs stop jumping up and down I''m trying to see what kids want a slice not bloody you! You grown boy!!
  6. Woahhh settle down Unique!! You can''t just say it how it is to them ffs. Water it down as much as possible. Chuck coco a compliment in the statement your making such as "awhhh I know he''s trying his bestest and he can be the club''s BFF But he''s got to go first tho" or "he''s got us so we don''t leak goals at home and we play great but I just wish he''d take the damn shackles off" or "I know he''s and excellent tactician "inners" I just don''t think Bunn should be upfront on his own tho, especially since he''s taken Hooper off for him tho mateeeee" or " yes "inners" your right we do play exquisite football butttttttt I just wish we could score more than the 1 goal tops in a game" be straight with them and it''s tantrums are us on here.
  7. "What can we do to help LDC, i hear you ask? Well, this is it, you must sing, chant, shout and scream for your team. Let the boys know you are there and that you are backing them all the way. The atmosphere at CR has been so poor this season, but I will be there for this game and I want you all to show me how loud you can sing! If you do well then rest assured, I will be there for another game, dispite the weather. Priceless 3 out of 10, no chance he''s better at you than you are!! Your standards have slipped LDPPPCC. IF we had converted 10% of the chances we''ve had this season at home we would be at least 6-9points better off, then there''s games like Hull 10man, Cardiff , and fulham. Realistically should be 10-12 points better off which would of been incredible! But we''re not taking chances, he cripples our momentum in games or doesn''t grab it by the neck and put it to bed or BOTH. As such we are where we are. Will the players dig deep? Will clueless give up and think it''s beyond me or I''m sacked at the end of the season so stuff them? We should NOT of been in this position, proper management would of had us a lot better off!!
  8. Miggy!! Don''t be so silly resign? No chance much easier to pocket the cash. I wonder if that''s why he''s kept on a coach, so they don''t have to pay him off and he can clean the boots, mop toilets and to keep his winning mentality around the squad :) " I hope they go down so much, boring little club only in this league because they''re based in London and have a sugardaddy. And you know....because we have to write of 6 points every year they''re in the same league as us :P" I''ve despised them ever since the last day of the season drubbing, in fairness it didn''t help that we never turned up either. Was gutted that day and felt utterly drained by the end emotionally, physically and mentally.
  9. Apparently Mullenstein is being kept on as coach. A very bizarre set up indeed. To many cooks springs to mind. Agreed with the good news for us comment
  10. Make your mind up either it was boring or there were improvements you can''t have the best of both worlds LDPPPCC!! Well done Licky shows good dedication I like that!! I''m guessing the rain didnt arrive as forcast then. Top man
  11. Unique "It''s a wonder we''re still being offered a slot on MOTD" They have to or Alan Hansen would contradict himself to many times.
  12. Bobsleigh, skeleton bob, snow boarding (yesterday), luge, ski slope freestyle was good last week! Also the ski jumping on now is alright aswell. All in all I think it''s been quite entertaining other than team G.B''S abysmal 2 man bob runs. That giant game of pools quite boring tho (curling) still i''ll watch it when it''s G.B depending what other events are on the red button. It''s a shame we don''t have more competitor''s for the events aswell. First time I''ve ever seen the luge team relay 1st was lady in skeleton bob, then the two man and finally the solo man slides. Moguls was interesting a British lad came 4th but he ski''s for France as there''s no trainer for it in the uk.
  13. Zemas tendon that''s a pathetic thing to do, you should not do anything but clap, to show discontent is displaying a lack of class and it''s a form of "hitting the club with a stick". You would be the only one at the ground unhappy Courageous Chris has had NO money! We''re essentially a league 1 side punching above our weight blah blah blah
  14. Lapp-dancer- "You may deny it but I think I''ve called it right Maccy" Yes please, i''ll have a triple chav burger Large pomme-frittes, and ummm Vanilla milkshake please my good friend x
  15. Ooh Lappy I don''t wish to disappoint however your powers of deduction appear to have deserted you today. Maybe Tilly will school you in how to become a real investigator a Dora the Explorer type if you so wish!!!!!!
  16. Wow coming from my stalker!! Fancy discussing any football today or are you solely following me round in the vain hope i''ll become pally pally with you? Do you want to be my facebook friend, swap numbers perhaps??
  17. Old enough to be your daddio sonny-jim respect your elders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers sock- cucker,
  18. "Mark Robbins Discuss"- I''m very surprised at this, he doesn''t look the right build for me. I''d have thought pole-vault would be more his thing. Robbin''s Canaries beaten by Magpies as the Owls watch on! Need to aim a LOT higher, someone like Alfreton Towns manager for example.
  19. Bless your heart ginga-whinger... don''t pick on me please!! it''s completely unnecessary and makes you look childish!! Don''t try stealing Monty''s crown!!
  20. "McNally said last week we would only replace the current manager if the next one was an improvement on what we have.." I think even Hyde''s manager would be an upgrade on coco
  21. "No, in my experience he just calls you a (unt without explaining. For me he has no redeeming features to his posting" He certainly does!!! His redeeming features are 1, no matter how daft you make yourself look you''ll never overtake him 2, his 3-4 word replies are easy to scroll past
  22. " shuffle off this mortal coil"-monty Are you auditioning for the remake of dad army?? Monty the Taliban slayer!! Pathetic
  23. morty wrote:Yup, this pretty much sums up how ridiculous the vast percentage of folks who post here are. I''m truly embarrassed to be associated with some of you, by the fact we support the same football team. Yeah have to agree morty...............when are you leaving MEGALOL''S-- Monty''s embarrassed well I''ve heard it all now!! The same monty that want to have a "pint" with fellow Canaries??? Some of the hypocrisy on this forum is mind blowing.
  24. " I''ve tried to stick to the topic discussed recently, but it comes down to nothing, there is nothing to discuss. I''m just basically trying to make you realise you''re a di(k so you should either go, or discuss the topic, or just be nice or at least civil instead of patrolling the board"-miggy Excellent so everyone else should discuss the subject (check the 1st and 2ndline above) also I''m a di(k check words 5-6-7 on the 5th line. Patrolling the board-- should I just start my own threads and discuss with myself??
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