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  1. I shall shortly be relocating to South Norfolk leaving the Classy Rams behind. Having the choice of renewing my allegiance to Portman Rd or the closer Norwich City. What would be my chances of getting a seat at Carrow Rd for the later part of this season and for next.
  2. Hammered I see who will holt your decline (halt), I have just bin looking at the Tuesday results. Some good teams in the championship at least they abide by the main principle of the game. Scoring goals.
  3. .Just heard you were hammered, Next year you could well be rammed.. There has bin a holt ( sorry should have said halt) in goal scoring. What price Chris Marrtin now
  4. I bin to a very good Churchman School Herman
  5. Have bin down this track before but as Vera Lynn used to sing . We will meet again don''t were don''t know when.
  6. We could well be ramming you yellow bellies next year but would you like to take a bet as to where it will be?
  7. Watching our power house Chris Martin holding his own with the best and toughest scoring goals galore and really coming of age your Van Rip Wolf is as weak as water. Would suggest we at County got the best deal by a country mile by countless millions.
  8. Snodgrass has been very in effective this season. When his finish matches his pace and ball skills Redmond will be the complete wide player.. Open mind about the new man as yet.
  9. wish he was still with us if so many of our now missed chances would have been goals.
  10. A player who makes no mistakes ever is a rarity. Russ Martin is an inspiration to the team one of the few leaders we have. When not glued to the rear guard by the managerial tactics he will attack as often and be just as productive as Olson on thev left
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