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  1. [quote user="T"]Tilly - I just think experience shows us that fans make emotional subjective judgements rather than fully informed objective judgements. There was a lot of people on here who wanted Delia out supported by a certain organization and they called it wrong so I don''t trust the views of the "mob" on here who egg each other on against CH. If someone could give me a sensible, coherent argument that recognises the financial reality and the position of other clubs than I would be willing to be convinced but the abuse and illogical arguments confirm that CH anti''s are thinking emotionally rather than rationally.[/quote] take a look at my article I just posted and then try and convince me that getting rid isn''t worth it, no matter the cost :-) For me... I want him gone asap. I think he shouldn''t be here now! If we go down... I''m pretty sure he''ll get replaced. If we stay up and he''s still here few days after end of season, McNally and co can expect one hell of an angry letter from me ;-)
  2. I spent over a week analysing our season so far, evaluating Hughton (I''m massively not a fan of his) and taking a look at the rest of the season.... The result is a stat/fact fest (perhaps overboared, you tell me) that IMO condemns Hughton, shows why we should be worried (because, believe it or not some claim not to be at all) and counters any argument I''ve ever come across from a "happy clapper". It does take about half an hour to read it all (!) and has a few typos and mistakes... But if that doesn''t put you off: please be so kind as to give it a read and tell me what you think :-) https://www.facebook.com/notes/mathew-thorpe/were-12th-in-the-premier-league-stop-moaning/10152201619502250
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