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  1. [quote user="mrs miggins"]why would anyone sack him after that result and performance? unless their ret@rded of course, i could understand if we played badly, but we didn''t, we could''ve won[/quote] funny really... All I thought when reading that was how ret@rded you look in my eyes. My opinion hasnt changed on Hughton one iota... I wasnt going to whinge as was just enjoying the feeling of a fantastic result.... But seeing as you and others seem to want it... Well.... Even a stopped clock is right twice a day
  2. Result of our entire run in the top flight.... The sheer supremacy of Man C and their goals,... Absolutely amazing nil nil Cant believe people are being harsh on Redmond. A few groan moments granted but the kid''s got a lot to learn.. He was good on average and sublime in flashes... Someone said they werent sure bout Olsson.... He''s impressed me so far
  3. Lol are you kiddin? Hughton''s the biggest bogeyman going! And lol to lappin too... You really think so? You think me getting that prediction wrong "blows the whole thing out"? Lol.... A) it''s one guess of 150... Got plenty others wrong already too... No one could have predicted nil nil... Hoped for, maybe B) that only is a part about the rest of the season.... At a guess... Id say my essay was 40% talking about opinions and explaining my logic, 30% looking at the season so far, 20% comparing to previous seasons and only 10% looking at the rest of this one.... "whole thing" haha... C) we''re still 2 points down on where we thought I''d be ;-) You really should put more effort into how you phrase things ;-)
  4. Lovl... If you''re gonna put that much effort into debunking my analysis... It makes sense to actually read it :-) I answer every one of your points so... If you really want to know my answers you''ll have to read it I''m afraid
  5. Well duh... He is a proffesional manager after all. I''m guessing you didn''t read my article? I''m not a moron, I know he knows his stuff. I just think he''s turned out crap for our club.... It''s like saying a player is rubbish (which we all do), I bet they''d kick any jumpers-for-goalposts players. as a fan or not you can still see and rate performences and voice an opinion of what should be starting 11.
  6. Wow... Talk about unnecessary lol could understand it if it was a post solely about slamming Hughton "get a life" ... Ha! At risk of sounding like a diva: you dont know me, who do you think you are? "try and enjoy the football" important word there is try... I cant help it if I find Hughton''s style and our performences hard to enjoy
  7. Was that stat: we''ve not had a goal from a substitute all season? Nnnnnyyyyee...naaaa.... If the opposition are all over us: you have to change things asap... And ideally not like-for-like... If the opposition have got used to outperforming you for 60 minutes and all of a sudden face a different tact... It will stop the flow. There''s countless opinions on what our strongest starting 11 would be... I just happen to disagree with Hughton pretty much every game
  8. No of course... Had we beat cardiff, for example, i''d be a much happier canary... That''s obvious... But to say that whether you want him gone or not changes result to result is extremely fickle. I''d have to disagree on the odds ya give.... It''d be a damn poor appointment if they got someone in worse than Hughton. The Cardiff game... Did we or did we not look much more threatening after the triple sub? Did Hughton make that change with just 15 minutes left? I think any manager worth his salt would have realised things need changing a lot sooner. This has happened too many times.
  9. Cheers Spud. 1) one thing I agree with the "opposition" is that it seems we''re stuck with him for now.... I had hoped that he''d be gone already. 2) yep. Not home and away (after 5 games to go) but like i said, i looked at the times the bottom 11 played the top 9.
  10. You''re clearly not a member of that fb group lol trust me, as I was the one involved in that conversation, they WERE using the fact we were 12th as a means to say "you''re being a miserable moaner for no reason" ... And it irked me... Big time. So there''s no "inventing opinions" on my part. There is a massive divide in the fans... While wishing we''ll unite is all well and good... It''s simply hippy to the extreme. There is only one way that the bickering will stop. Well... 2 ways: we get relegated and he''s gone or we stay up and he''s gone... There is one thing you said thay literally made me lol and if you read my epic novel, you could guess what it is: "a football manager is only as good as his last his last result" is so far from a sensible viewpoint that it makes my top 5 silly things I''ve ever read. But... My aim isn''t to change "happy clapper''s" (please note the inverted commas) minds (each to their own and all that) but to simply counter the many distorted opinions of us hobbers that I have seen thrown at us
  11. Lol Bor... Love the spelling snapshot.... I cant believe my grandpa has internet in heaven and it took me this long to find the page you use! How''s Buddah? You look different to all your photos... Jez: i''m glad my dedication impresses you... I''ll take a backhanded compliment any day :-) The cat''s good ta... Aggravating as ever
  12. Is that you Jez me ol nemesis? ;-) Yeah that page is extremely tiresome.... Im not sure if your first line was insulting me or the page lol and nigel..... Huh? Talk about taking it waaaay out of context lol
  13. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="the bristol nest"]Can you do a synopsis?[/quote] Hughton Out and anybody who disagrees is a "Happy Clapper"... [/quote] really nigel? That''s all you got from it? Wow... "happy clapper", "real fan", "patient", "trusting", "rational", "a fan of Hughton''s"..... Call it what you will: surely if you disagree with "Hughton out" then that is what you are? Like i say: it''s not a great term... I didn''t invent it. I think it stems from the fact that we who want him out can''t unddrstand why people are happy to keep hold of what we obviously think is a poor manager that is at the helm of a seriously underperforming City side.... I know early on it wasn''t about "faith in keeping us up"... My point is: now it''s got to the point where our form means we are in danger of relegation... How can he still be here? Incedently, my synopsis would be.... A thorough look at how we are performing this season and under Hughton''s tenure. Plenty of discussion points such as what makes a good manager, where do you feel NCFC should be standing and why the order inwhich you face teams matter
  14. Can anyone tell me if "bumping" is frowned upon in here?
  15. Ok... If wes is as poor as you think... Surely we should have sold him for that derisory offer? Thing with debates, Yellowfuture, is they can go on and on because of the countless different opinions :-)
  16. I dunno... Could simply be that 18 clubs fail to see his class?
  17. Might be because they haven''t got to see him play so much lately, Thirsty Lizard... Here: have a drink..
  18. You might enjoy my article/essay/epic novel, Reggie... Give it a read if you have a spare half hour (no joke) ... Its posted on here
  19. Ok, I lied... I''m feeling chatty ... Despite thus far replies to my posts being zilch :''-( *thinly covered hint alert! Whether you rate Wes or not is likely to involuntarily sway how you view the matter... But try and put that to one side... What he alledgedly said is hurtful and wrong. It is born (presumably) from his lack of match time and frustrations with the manager. Yes, in any other job, you''d get sacked for such behaviour... But this is football... Where people get paid thousands to play the game they love.... If Suarez can still play after randomly chomping someone''s arm... Surely an ill concieved outburst is forgivable? As I can''t remember: did Cantona play football after his infamous fan karate kick? Also, consider how long he''s been here... I seriously doubt he''s always thought that about our club which really lays heavy on the he didn''t mean it front... So the conclusion for me is: I''m disapointed in him but still rate him and still wish we used him more... What about you?
  20. [quote user="Beefy is a legend"] My point in this thread, is that numerous posters came on here criticising CH, saying he''d treated Wes badly and that it was clear that Wes wouldn''t play again so we should just sell him. That simply isn''t the case. Still, any excuse to have a moan at the manager isn''t to be passed up I suppose.[/quote] My beef with CH over Wes is not because I feel he''s "mistreating" but simply that, because I rate him highly, I think it''s silly not to use him more. My point is: not all that want Hughton out are simply moaning for the sake of it.... I''d go as far to say that there''s probably just one or two with that mentality :-)
  21. Tbh it''ll be largely based on my monster essay.... And I''m hoping beyond hope it wont be necessary
  22. Haha... Tbh, it''ll be largely based on my monster article :-) I''m hopining beyond hope it wont be necessary
  23. Last post for today: After having won the Championship, enjoying being 1st place for 22 games, we were having a terrible attempt at the top flight. We found ourselves bottom, having won just 3 games, with 7 games to go. Then we beat United 2-0; and so began a comeback to marvel at. It meant we had managed get to have our own survival in our own hands. I watched that game in the pub with my brother and unfortunately, I can remember it well... We got thumped for 6 at Fulham, meaning we got relegated with 33 points. It''s crazy looking back 9 years: Bolton finished 6th, Middlesbrough finished 7th and Charleton finished 11th! Our attack ranking that season was 15th (currently=18th), with a goals per game of 1.11 (c=0.79) despite failed to score being 37% (c=38%). Our defensive ranking was the worst in the league (c=17th) by a margin of 11 goals and -10 GD. Then, as we all know... We failed to go back up for many years and even fell into the 3rd tier... We got thumped 7-1 on opening day and soon pinched their manager... The rest, as they say, is history.... Don''t get me wrong: I am one of Hughton''s biggest anti-fans but I do feel the poor guy had tough luck to follow our best manager for a long time :-)
  24. Just for a laugh, what NCFC related similies can you think of to a safe bet. Here''s my own... ...as Johnson''s shot hitting row Z ...as Snoddy''s corner being poor ...as Turner giving away a free kick ...as Hughton setting himself up a question in his interview what about not likelys? ...as Elmander getting the hattrick to beat Man C ...as Hughton getting manager of the month ...as Ip5h1t getting promoted
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