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  1. Again: agreed but you''re missing my point... Even if it is 1 or 2 less, less goals conceded IS less. And I can''t believe I''m saying this as I''m usually arguing against clean sheets being used as a means to defend Hughton (this is not what I''m doing, mind) but: having to been able to stop a team from scoring so many more times IS an improvement! Even when we last got relegated from top flight we posed a better goal threat than currently! But we''re talking about defence... Hughton has indeed cost us badly in the attack front but as proven before: a good manager gets the attacking as best as possible, then tries to get the defence to at least match that
  2. Agreed mostly. But even though 1 less at mo, it ended 8 less (if I remember rightly) and the clean sheet frequency has rocketed which translates to when we do concede at present, we tend to get kicked in. Hence it''s not great but IS better
  3. That''s fair enough. The "in director''s shoes" thing: agreed that not being something means you can only try to imagine being them, but we can all form opinions on what evidence we do have AND judgements/opinions on the actions of others... For me, it would be absolutely barmy to have him here as manager next season and would be rather disappointed in the board''s decision
  4. I forgot to say: "Changing the manager doesn''t wave a magic wand: all 3 relegated clubs changed manager" This would be a silly thing to say. That would also mean 3 clubs survived despite changing. As with most things you have to look at each case to review if the change had any bearing....
  5. Anyway... nothing "gut feeling" about the first part ... very reassuring that was, I thought
  6. I have agreed with everything Purple has said. I enjoyed it when Ricardo said "any sensible manager would have gave them from the start" ... illustrates exactly what he''s arguing against haha .... doing noticeably better is slightly different to not doing as bad and the change of managers was not only sensible in those cases but worked too... I disagree with Purple on one thing though: Hughton. I wanted him sacked games ago. Now it''s so late, I still wouldn''t object to him being replaced now, but am waiting for after the next 2 games to re decide if I actually want that again or not. I just think that the regression as opposed to progression under Hughton is clear to see and unacceptable... because so much has gone wrong already, I want him replaced at end of season no matter what... only going undefeated the rest of this season might absolve him enough to consider at least giving him more time. While our defence is still far from great... It is better than when under Lambert. And some of the players he has brought in have been great (some not so) so despite what OP and others seem to think: I wouldn''t mind if the man stayed on as something else.... I would just hope there''s someone out there that''s better at doing everything a manager does than Hughton (there''s bound to be plenty ;-p)
  7. Yeah... science batch haha On thinking about it.... It is a bit like science: research and experiment to draw conclusions from your theories
  8. OK. I''m making a conscious effort to be less verbose. So any questions: ask. Any issues: email me your complaint ;-) I think Cardiff and Fulham are screwed now (they both need 2 wins and then some [plus us losing] to catch us up) and through much consideration: 18th place is between us at 13th and everyone currently below us to Sunderland @18th. Compare us with these 5 other teams and we actually come up top! P W D L F A GD Pt PPG 1 Norwich 8 4 3 1 10 5 +5 15 1.88 2 Swansea 8 3 3 2 11 6 +5 12 1.50 3 WBA 7 3 1 3 11 11 --- 10 1.43 4 Palace 9 3 3 3 9 9 --- 12 1.33 5 West Ham 7 2 3 2 8 7 +1 9 1.29 6 Sunderland 7 0 3 4 1 12 -11 3 0.43 I know that this is just looking at versus each other.... but that does give a good indication of who is the "better" team and ergo should finish higher... plus: they''re all below us so you know their season performances is inferior to ours. Even looking at the league progress chart is reassuring: we''re pretty consistently above West Ham, Sunderland and Palace! We stand on 32 points with 21 points available.... seeing how the league is this year: we could expect a record low survival points tally... say 35 .... so if we give an extremely generous worst case scenario as lose 4 and draw 3 ... that may even be enough to scrape survival still! Sunderland''s 3 games in hand are Man C, Liverpool and WBA. Plus, my ok (ish) accuracy (31 games from 69 right - 44.93%) now means that we are back out of the bottom 3 if my remaining predictions turned out right! I made my predictions with depleted faith and as a means to see "what if we lose last 5" with 15 games to go.... I was surprised we ended up 13th with 36 points... It may seem I was involuntarily harsh on others to suit my agenda but I wasn''t.... turns out there''s a lot of correlations between my predictions and how it''s turning out... anyway .... here is my final table after results in mind.... (+/- league position from original then points tally). = 01 Man C 88 -3 = 02 Chelsea 86 -1 = 03 Arsenal 81 -2 +2 04 Liverpool 78 +6 ----------------------------- -1 05 Spurs 71 -4 -1 06 Man U 70 -4 = 07 Everton 65 -1 = 08 Southampt. 55 -1 = 09 Newcastle 52 = +110 Hull 43 +3 +511 West Ham 41 +7 +312 Villa 40 +6 +713 Stoke 39 +9 -4 14 Swansea 37 -4 -3 15 Palace 37 = -2 16 Sunderland 34 -1 -4 17 NORWICH 34 -2 ----------------------------- -1 18 Cardiff 34 = -1 19 Fulham 33 = -1 20 WBA 32 +1 Well there it is .... I still want Hughton gone but as to whether I think getting rid now will actually do any harm: I''ll wait until after the next 2 games before settling my mind again .... damn Hughton and his pull-it-out-of-the-bag-ability lol While our home form is what''s saving us (not lost in last 6 and conceded once), our away form is 19th (not won in last 7)! What''s present in both though is the struggle (usually!) for goals...5 goals in our last 6 away games (11 from all 15).... and 5 goals from last 6 home games (10 from all 16) .... not great!
  9. [quote user="hogesar"]All the ''hoots haters'', by which i presume you simply mean people who think a change of manager is needed, are probably enjoying the win rather than posting a thread criticising fans, irony ''eh?[/quote] This. Sums up my view perfectly... to answer your question though: hi, I''m an outer.... I would be willing to chat more but frankly... going from your phrasing: you''re a complete ooger-booger (darn sencorship) and don''t deserve much time of day
  10. You''re welcome btw... I always feel obliged when someone asks if they''re misunderstanding the point... Aggy: we are, obviously, comparable to more teams... I''d say: the best we should/could achieve, with a good season, is maybe 8th... so that would give me 12 other teams I''d say we''re on par or better than... but... For the 1000th time: it''s not NCFC I''m comparing Hughton''s results ... or if you like to be kinder: NCFC results under our current manager... and the only teams that have had the same manager since Hughton came in are the aforementioned... hence the point of the post. I also think should consider championship clubs (at least in the current EPL) too... being league 1 was far unsuited for us and for a long time: championship standard was our standard. And lol... ya grrreat plumb... you are right, duh, but I think if I writ about how "if they fail to win their games in hand, their accuracy won''t be as ahead" that wouldn''t really make sense or suit the tone..... even if they do FTW... all their win percentages would still be better than ours!
  11. Ricardo: just overlook I chose those teams Specifically because their managers have been in the top flight as long and similar size clubs.... kinda the whole point of the post.... plumb Yobocop: 1st is better than 2nd and 3rd-6th is better than 7th-10th, 11th-17th is better than 18th- 20th. I don''t just mean the obvious sense... but within those parameters the result is the same thing
  12. ... lol ... and so determine what place you finish by comparing to how other teams did THAT season, you could say points, GD and goals matter more then the ultimate position
  13. [quote user="Tony Cottee Woz Ere . . ."]Progression? Under Lambert we finished on more points, won more games, scored more goals, were mentally stronger, could win on the road, and were a far better side. Under Hughton we have been regressing for over 12 months with no end in sight. Yet he''s still backed by the board and a few deluded supporters. Amazing really.[/quote] And despite conceding more, we also had a better GD our first season up... points then GD then goals scored... as these determined where one finishes in the league
  14. I agree completely with both your comments Tony Cottee
  15. From the "bottom" teams, only Sam Alladyce, Alan Pardew and Paul Lambert are comparable to Chris Hughton. CH win % is 25% (17/68) SA win % is 30% (20/67) AP win % is 36% (24/66) PL win % is 28% (19/67) Games in hand could only make it worse... Last season CH won 10 this season 7 Last season SA won 12 this season 8 Last season AP won 11 this season 13 Last season PL won 10 this season 9 Newcastle have already won more games and Villa very nearly have too! CH loss % is 43% (29/68) SA loss % is 45% (30/67) AP loss % is 44% (31/66) PL loss % is 45% (30/67) While Hughton''s loss record is slightly best overall.... The actual "current" loss record is the opposite. ... Last season CH lost 14 this season 15 Last season SA lost 16 this season 14 Last season AP lost 19 this season 12 Last season PL lost 17 this season 13 So much for progression... already have lost more games than last season And from those 3 teams in the past 2 seasons, we''ve mustered 7 points from 18... that''s 1/12 wins (West Ham, this season) and 7/12 losses (each team both seasons, + Villa, twice this season) :-/
  16. Really? You''re honestly saying that''s all you''ve got from everything I''ve said? Nothing I''ve said rings true as a stand by able criticism of Hughton? ... I overestimated you ;-( The swapping form thing was just a harmless "what if" scenario and wasn''t meant to be taken seriously. It does go to show, other results do play a big part on where you can finish.... but nothing beats looking after your own form and being above people people because of said form instead of irrespective... A slightly better performance could be the difference between 11th and 9th ;-)
  17. You could claim Paul Lambert cost United the title 2 seasons ago.... When Lambert was our boss, both Manchester clubs managed 6 points from us but City got a GD of +9 and United got +3. Last season (with Hughton as the boss) both clubs managed 3 points but this time City got a level GD while united again had +3. When Man City won the title (what a cracking season finale that was!) they were level on points with united but their GD was 8 better. This means: if you swap the forms round, United would have won by +1 GD ;-) On the same basis... Chelsea can blame him for finishing below Newcastle, West Brom can blame him for finishing below Swansea and Sunderland can thank him for finishing above Stoke and Wigan ;-) Using the same screwed up logic... Arsenal can blame Hughton for missing out on 3rd to Chelsea last season, Swansea and ourselves can blame Hughton for not finishing 8th and 9th, which means WBA and West Ham can thank him for their higher finish... Stoke and Southampton can blame him for not finishing above Fulham and Sunderland can blame him for not finishing above Villa and Newcastle ;-) I know this all seems extremely pointless (essentially: it is) but the reason I bothered to do this is because in my first huge rant/study, I made a claim. I said: if you swap the 38 game form of our first season up with last season''s (assuming those around us keep their form) we would have finished 14th in our 1st season and 9th last season... Turns out I was half right. This is how the table finished our 1st season up: Man City +64 89 Man United +56 89 Arsenal +25 70 Spurs +25 69 ---------------------------- Newcastle +5 65 Chelsea +19 64 Everton +10 56 Liverpool +7 52 Fulham -3 52 Swansea -7 47 WBA -7 47 NORWICH -14 47 Sunderland -1 45 Stoke -17 45 Wigan -20 43 Villa -16 38 QPR -23 37 --------------------------- Bolton -31 36 Blackburn -30 31 Wolves -42 25 And here is last season... Man United +43 89 Man City +32 78 Chelsea +36 75 Arsenal +35 73 ---------------------------- Spurs +20 72 Everton +15 63 Liverpool +28 61 WBA -4 49 Swansea -4 46 West Ham -8 46 NORWICH -17 44 Fulham -10 43 Stoke -11 42 Southamp. -11 41 Villa -22 41 Newcastle -23 41 Sunderland -13 39 --------------------------- Wigan -26 36 Reading -30 28 QPR -30 25 This is how our 1st season up would look if swap forms AND factor in results to the rest of the league... I eventually realised the fairest way to accomodate for Bolton, Blackburn Wolves, West Ham, Southampton and Reading was to compare the results to how we managed against whoever finished in their position (my original method saved Bolton and was unfair on West Ham and Southampton lol)... +1 Man United +56 86 -1 Man City +55 86 Arsenal +25 69 Spurs +24 68 --------------------------------- +1 Chelsea +21 66 -1 Newcastle +7 66 Everton +9 55 Liverpool +12 54 Fulham +1 52 +1 WBA -7 50 -1 Swansea -8 45 NORWICH -17 44 +1 Stoke -18 44 +1 Wigan -20 44 -2 Sunderland -4 43 Villa -14 39 QPR -21 39 --------------------------------- Bolton -28 39 Blackburn -33 28 Wolves -41 26 And here is last season... Man United +43 92 Man City +41 81 +1 Arsenal +35 74 -1 Chelsea +34 73 -------------------------------- Spurs +21 73 Everton +16 64 Liverpool +23 59 +1 Swansea -3 48 +2 NORWICH -14 47 -2 WBA -4 46 -1 West Ham -9 45 +1 Stoke -10 43 +1 Southamp. -10 43 -2 Fulham -14 43 +2 Sunderland -10 41 -1 Villa -24 40 -1 Newcastle -25 40 -------------------------------- Wigan -26 35 Reading -27 31 QPR -32 23 Anyway.... That''s that... Hope at least someone enjoys it.
  18. [quote user="mrs miggins"]I think next season will tell the real story, where Hughton will have to really earn his money to win the fans over fully. But that theory of yours....well you answered it yourself[/quote] Actually, NOW I''ve answered it myself: I hold my hands up to being wrong (well... Half wrong), such is the purpose of research (to test hypothesis).... If you swap the forms of our first season up with last season AND factor in the difference it makes to the rest of the league: our first season up we would have still finished 12th BUT last season we would have indeed finished 9th ;-)
  19. Good god I hope he''s not here next season.... But if he is..... It should go without saying that i hope he proves me wrong
  20. How is that ignorant?!? I know our defence needed working on... But not at the cost of goal prowess! My whole point is that with an attack minded manager: we do better.... "if lambert could do it, why can''t Hughton" IS a fair point..... Under both managers, we still remain NCFC.... If we swap the 38 game form between PL''s EPL season and CH''s first in charge... 1st season up we would have finished 14th and last season would have been 9th (yes, that''s assuming the teams around us keep their form.... That''s my next project.... Finding out how true that theory is)... And this season looks set to be worse..... We agree the lack of progress is blatant, dont we?
  21. I meant exactly what I said.... We scored more under Lambert... Our defence was leaky... And yet... Just as I was saying.... It wasnt poorer than how our goal threat was good... We finished a place higher with less wins, less points, less goals AND a worse GD..... It''s not SOLELY about position...
  22. Fair point about the title.... I only said it because I''ve lost count of how many times I''ve been accused of overestimating NCFC. That''s about the only part of your comment I agree with...
  23. Ya dont say? I didn''t expect you to be the one to say it... But I did anticipate a comment of that mould.... Tell me: where does it say I even want the self-serving ship jumper back? Give me more credit AND actually read what I have written: Lambert just proved we can score goals and handle ourselves in the EPL.... I believe I said pretty much exactly that
  24. We''re over estimating our club.... Just ignoring the blatant hypocracy as the people that say this accuse us of being negative.... I just wanna say this... Under an attack minded manager: after 4 games, our lowest position all season was 13th. We were a surprise package, you say? Shame that didn''t help all the teams that have got relegated in their 1st season up... Including us, last time round. Hughton has increased our clean sheet frequency... And yet, still 18th for goals conceded. And no need to remind you of how things stand regarding our goal prowess.... The ''04-''05 season we posed a better goal threat.... But our diabolical defence let us down .... It highlights (as if needed) that the importance of a good defence can''t be overlooked. It is a simple, unarguable fact that if the opponent score 3, you need to be able to score 4 for the win.... Sitting on a one goal lead is IMO never a good idea... To summerize: goals win games. Lambert proved we can score goals. Hughton is proving an inabilty to mastermind a team with a goal threat. It''s not "thinking we should be world beaters" ... It''s "we shouldn''t just accept this crap".
  25. Nnnyyyeennnnnnyyyyynnnnnnaaaaaaaa..... I rate the football.i see more on the results it hauls more than how we look in general.... In other words, for me, if our football had improved, then there would be no will we/wont we survive issue. Our decline in goal prowess is shocking... Pitiful.... I firmly believe Hughton is why we are how we are.... Not souly on tactics, style and subs but also for the simple fact he is the man at the helm.... The man supposed to be accountable....
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