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  1. Oh do behave A1, it''s obvious that the first team out was about "containment" and after the subs were made it was about "attacking" which shows that hughton would of been happy with a point away from home on Saturday. If not he would of started with that team or at the very least made the subs earlier.
  2. All except David McNicey, the one that really should see it quicker than most. Also it Hughton, hopefully next time we''ll get a manager that''s names easy to spell. Seems there''s a fair few simpleton''s that just can''t spell it 18months later. How''s about Mario Been, would that be easier??? Probably not it would be "bean" all the time!
  3. McNicey got lucky by getting Lambert in, let''s face it he chose him as Colchester had beat us that day. What if it had of been Exeter would we of had their manager and been stuck in league 1 still now????? He got lucky with Lambert and now his credentials are being called into question and right now, they don''t look that great do they? Lambert saved out club, not McNicey it''s about time people saw what''s right infront of their eyes. If McNicey is as great as some think then why is hughton still here?? Why no signings where we''re essential in January??? The answer is........ Mcnicey''s not got a clue about football. he''s a " businessman" not a football man. The proof of this has been there for all to see since Hughtons very first pre-season.
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