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  1. [img]http://i1000.photobucket.com/albums/af130/Madman99/norwich_1_zps9a1c0373.png[/img][img]http://i1000.photobucket.com/albums/af130/Madman99/norwich_2_zps7c4f4dec.png[/img] Just been sent these pictures from a source close to the club of the new home and away shirt for next season!!!
  2. [quote user="splutcho"]I''m sure he is, but there are those that are far more qualified. And they should be given the job ahead of him. Not sure how anyone could watch out capitulation at Old Trafford and try and claim we played much, if any, better under Adams. Only really in the Liverpool game did we play well under him, but then we did that against Man City and Spurs under Hughton.[/quote] So would you be more excited to see a so called experienced manager in Malky, Lennon, Zola or someone exciting like an up and coming manager like Eddie Howe or a Carl Robinson
  3. People do under evaluate the importance that man management brings to a player and teams success. Look at Harry Rednapp... wanted as England manager for one of his assets being a motivator not only to the players by to the supports of our nation. Good old Harry...
  4. [quote user="splutcho"]We don''t need "a motivator" we need someone that knows tactics. Why do people think that giving a rousing speech and telling the players to get stuck in alone is good management? I could do that![/quote] Is Neil Adams not qualified in football tactics? I was sure he was a qualified football coach recognised by the F.A.?
  5. [quote user="Hughtons Anti Football"]no because we could have replaced him at end of last season with an experienced manager in say... tony pulis and we wouldnt be having this conversation and probably still be in the premier league.[/quote] And then we would all be moaning about the boarding way Norwich City play football under Tony Pulis
  6. Hughton delivered zero points in those return games. However Adams had a team of players motivated and returned at least one point. Everyone moaning about why he didn''t play two strikers and instead played Elmander up front on his own. Does that not speak volumes that what he probably had seen on the training pitch in regards to ability and commitment from Elmander was more then RVW and Hooper...
  7. Peter Grant - failed Bryan Gunn - failed Last time we promoted within (besides Gunn) was Worthy and he delivered success. We just didn''t act on it the right way as a football club and the board again probably held on to their man for to longer then they should have! Does that not show that experience is not everything...?
  8. Would you care to explain your statement...
  9. All those stating that the next city manager must have experience means nothing imo. Let''s take history for example... Bryan Hamilton, Glenn Roder and Chris Hughton. All experienced managers at big clubs. Premiership experience. Transfer experience. Look at what they delivered at Norwich City... A manager signing a bunch of foreign flops signed that couldn''t play football. A manager that virtually guided us to relegation to league 1 with a bunch of loan players. A manager that broke our transfer record on the biggest flop of a striker that played the most boarding football that ultimately got us relegated this season. Let''s go one further and take a look at David Moyes and Machester United. You couldn''t get any more experienced then Moyes. Hand picked by sir Alex. Ulitimatley a massive flop!!! Why do we need experience in a Malkay McKay or a Neil Lennon? Surly a motivator in Neil Adams is the way forward. He knows the squad now. He knows who wants to stay and go. Who''s heart is it it and who''s is not. Just remember when Chris Hughton was appointed we herd IMO the worrying statements over and over about analysing videos of the team to decided where he needs to strengthen before making signings in the first summer he was in charge. Do we really want another manager in the hot seat that has to re address and re analysis the players again to decide wether he keeps or lets certain players go. In the meantime we could have been working on our no.1 transfer targets and getting them in!!! On that basis Neil Adams seems a wise choice for me and shows that experience does not always mean everything!!! On the other hand... Eddie Howes would be a bright up and coming young manger too that I would like to see at Carrow Road.....
  10. Just feel he is being condemned before even given a chance. To be accessed on games including Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal and no transfer window to have an oppertunity to bring in his own players is tough predicament to have been in. As pointed out in a previous post I started, the results against these teams at any other time of the season and everybody wouldn''t have battered an eyelid. Houghton got 0 points in the return fixtures against these teams this season and Adams still has a chance to get three against Arsenal tomorrow. I just think we''ve got our man already in place with the team showing that they are clearly getting the best off from him with an oppertunity to only grow and go forward.
  11. Many people are suggesting Neil Adams would be the wrong appointment as the next permanent Norwich City manager due to his lack of experience in the role and in the transfer market. I would just like to point out there has been many a time listening to Neil Adams on Canary Call, game after game when we were struggling in the championship were he has identified up and coming players that he would like to see at the club. Charlie Austin was one of them and look at his goal tally this season. I am sure Neil all ready has identified his summer targets and will sit down and discuss these with David McNally as part of his interview process. This is where McNally the needs to support Neil and use his CEO experience to go out and get those players. So in my opinion experience of a transfer window is not essential. Neil has a good head on him and identifying the right targets is all he needs to do with accessing who to let go. In Neil I trust...
  12. Just noticed I included the West Brom result in theses stats so actually Chris Hughton gained a total of 0 points In those previous fixtures against Adams 1 point so far with one game remaining. Cased closed... Adams is our man!!! Otbc
  13. Adams is the man for me long term. Why... He simply has the players playing for him and believing in his strategy and game plan match by match. This is one of the biggest things Chris Hughton failed to achieve during his time as manager. It is highly unfair to access Adams future purely on five games of which four of them being against Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal. Let''s look at the results Chris Hughton achieved against these teams earlier in the season; West Brom 0 vs 2 Norwich - 3 points Fulham 2 vs 1 Norwich - 0 points Liverpool 5 vs 1 Norwich - 0 points Man Utd 1 vs 0 Norwich - 0 points Chelsea 3 vs 1 Norwich 0 points Arsenal 4 vs 1 Norwich 0 points So a total of 15 goals conceded, 6 goals scored and 3 points. Against Adams recored of 9 goals conceded, 2 goals scored and 1 point. Would anyone bat an eye lid if the last 4 results were at any other time during the season. I don''t think so. Adams is a totally different situation to Brian Gunn. He has coaching experience and has showed he can tactically pick a team to go out and match a team of the likes of Chelsea. He just needs time now to work on the striker situation and bring in some of his own players with a mix of youth and things could be very exciting times next season on the pitch again. Instead of that dull football we played under Hughton. The Liverpool result last night just shows that Sunderland losing tomorrow could happen! And we are not down my any means yet!!!
  14. This should be played in a 5-3-2 formation with Bennett and Olsson playing as attacking wing backs. Johnson and Howson playing as holding midfielders with Snodgrass playing just behind the front two.
  15. Anyone fancy suggesting their selected 11 for Saturday? Mine would be as followed.... Ruddy Martin Turner Whittaker Bennett Olsson Johnson Howson Snodgrass Hooper Wolfswinkle Subs: Bunn Garrido Hoolahan Fer Murphey Redmond Bechico
  16. I agree with you. Just think with his previous Prem/Championship experience he will be more attractive to the board long term and it will see Neil Adams return to a coaching role...
  17. Well he is not committed to any team now so there is no reason to stop him this time. If his wife is Norfolk born and bread would it make sense to buy a house in Norfolk to then have to commute every day or be away from family for the majority of the time?! 2+2= he''s on his way to Portman Road LOL
  18. I have it on good authority today that Malky MacKay is a done deal for next season and the Scot was searching for new premises in Norfolk today. I just hope that if this is true that it does not blow the wind out of Neil Adams sails as personally I would like to see him keep us up and given the job full time. Maybe they see a long term re-building plan in MacKay if we go down as he has previous experience in promotion from Championship. Hope Neil gets the job done though and given the oppertunity in the summer to build on his the squad and the attacking football he has showed us already in the previous two games. OTBC
  19. Ruddy Whitticker, Martin, Basong, Ollson Johnson or Tetty Snodgrass Fer. Redmand Hooper. Bechico
  20. Again i point out... If it was you in his shoes at your place of work how would you feel. you feel under appreciated. not utilised and what to further yourself so you apply for anoyher job and your work reject your resignation... how would you feel? Even better you then suggest he should train with the under 21s! Again how would you feel if your boss then demoted you on the basis you looked for a new job. Again I think some people forget these are real people''s life''s we are talking about.
  21. Becchio has to be one of the bizarre signings. Why swap him for Morrison then decide to never play him! Did Morrison not score more goals in his first season in the Prem then both the Wolf and Hooper have put together this season so far! Bit of a difference in paying £3m from Millwall and a joint £15m for the Wolf and Hopper! Does that not show if we played to players strengths instead of a set formation we might score some goals! Think Becchio has been treated unfairly and not given a chance from day one!
  22. It''s not necessary what formation you play.. it''s knowing your players strengths and playing to them. Hence Paul Lamberts very successful diamond formation. Although teams knew we would play it, that was our strength and it got us promoted twice. Clearly a 442 or 451 don''t play to our players strengths. I would like to see a 4-1-3-2 formation. That would allow Fer/Wes to play in that attacking midfield role just behind the two stickers but along side Snoddy/Pilks in the middle.
  23. Well said Samwarm27. My reasons for starting this post. Some fans don''t have a clue that these are real people we are talking about!
  24. Or did the club show him a lack of respect first by not playing him. Rejecting his transfer request. Still refusing to play him. But then state he is a Norwich City player. Yeah but a player they don''t even want to play. So why keep him!
  25. If your boss didn''t appreciate what input you put into your job at work and you felt unappreciated wouldn''t you look to find a new job to better yourself? Is that not what he attempted to do by handing in a transfer request? Seems to me like the club are being very petty and not for the first time with a player!
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