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  1. Enough profiteering over the sale of our star striker, it shows that we (or rather you) have accepted the fact that we are little Norwich the selling club. I don''t accept this and am fed up of it always being assumed that we will continuously allow mediocre performaces and big name sales. We need to realise that because of our superb home gates, and the miraculuous fact that Doncaster hasn''t sold Huckerby for 20p (sorry I''ll be fair selling him for £1.5m compared to the £750,000 we paid for him)- I''ve had enough of assuming we are lucky to have players of that calibre and I''m damn well fed up of  accepting and condoning failure. PLayers make mistakes and play badly, fair enough but Worthy needs to then drop them. Tough luck- why are we accepting uncommitted performances (and I''m hopefully saying performances rather than players) from the likes of Etuhu or even Loius-Jean? It is totally unacceptable. Nigel Worthington has been fantastic throughout his time at the club, but now has been a prolonged period of failure which is not something that should be embraced instantly. I''m thoroughly gutted by the sale of Ashton and the sickening gloating of certain figures unfortunately at the club. Perhaps in League 1 the low traffic will allow more people to stay in the hotel? Who knows, there will be some silver lining taking from our failure though eh Neil?  When we get quality we need to fight hard to keep it and to get more- failure should hurt and not be analysed for crumbs of comfort in the profit margins.
  2. Well done mate, perhaps you could just not bother turning up or posting on here if its too much effort to cheer an equaliser for city. Surely to be a support you have to try and support the team. Maybe your more of a loyal belittler than a supporter to be fair- how about trying to be a bit happy we didnt lose??
  3. Sit down shut up, sit down shut up. Come on City- if we can nick this the season can really kick on
  4. Talked a lot of sense on Canaries World. Again I''d like to moot him coming on board as a director of football- he''d be a great asset and would definitely start getting the likes of Ashton and Huckerby to play brilliantly again. He may have stumbled verbally numerous times but he''s a very likeable chap (which would be a welcome contrast). We need solid toughness but some genuine encouragement would be good as well. Please bring in old Sir Bobby, it makes a lot of sense.  
  5. He would be a perfect director of football for us. Problem solved - hooray we are great again!
  6. Ok, everyone has got there views on the current situation and the team has been doing disasterously BUT there needs to be some element of rational thinking involved. Today was a fairly poor, uninventive, switched off performance which has been the pattern for many of our recent games. However I don''t feel that we are in the position (or in the right) to call for Worthy''s head as manager. My belief is that a fresh face should be bought in to assist the coaching of the team and perhaps someone to aid to with transfers. I believe that while directors of football have been much derided by other teams, I think our club is perfectly suited to one coming in the very near future. I personally dont want Worthy out as I still have faith in his management skills and that he can get the best out of the players. I just think a fresh impetus needs to come soon, and very soon. Also can the malicious rumours about various players die down, its pathetic and destructive, and certainly wont help the team focus on their football. The likes of McKenzie, Ashton, Huckerby and Worthy are vital to the success of the team and the efforts by some to undermine are really disappointing. We need wins and we need them soon, but we also need reminding that Norwich will still be our team in whatever position. Ok thats more than enough from me, I just hope we can find some way of adding a fresh impetus to the team and the club without the need to sack Nigel.
  7. Hi long time reader first time poster. Having browsed these boards for a while can I take the opportunity to thank posters such as two sheds and 1st wizard for showing how any strong criticisms of worthy during this season are crazy. Oh and the recent post basically claiming we should be grateful for their prestigious acknowledgement of Worthington''s achievement was a joke. He''s been our best manager for years upon years and the time we hevily struggled shock horror was when we had many key men out injured. Here''s to the team on Sunday and lets hope we can stay in this league, but if we go down the squad will remain in tact and strong enough to bounce back, hopefully though they''ll be no need as long as we win. Basically then, I''m desperate for a win but it aint the end of the world if we lose or draw and go down. On the ball city
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