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  1. It''s not the club who have dragged him through the mud, he''s thrown himself in it like the most eager Glastonbury hippy. The facts are simple, he willingly signed a contract last season and the club have every right not to sell him. Equally no player has a right to be picked each week. The logic of a 25 man squad necessitates that 14 of those players won''t start in each particular game. Should we expect all 14 of them to slag off the club and demand a transfer? Of course not. The only sh*t behaviour here is coming from Hoolahan
  2. As irritated as Hoolahan might be, he should not forget that he was happy to sign a new contract last season, and is no doubt in receipt of a hefty weekly wage (probably more than most fans earn in a year). As such his behaviour is totally unacceptable. He needs to stop acting like a spoilt brat and earn his place in the starting eleven. As talented as he is, there have been enough stats posted on this site that demonstrate he needs to be far more effective in his contributions to the overall team''s performance. Playing these childish games is only going to guarantee his non-selection.
  3. We played our best football this season playing Tettey in front of the back four, and one up front. Now he''s fit again, shouldn''t we return to this set up? At the moment we don''t seem to have anyone capable of getting their foot on the ball in midfield.
  4. Agreed! There''s only one villain (excuse pun) in this and that''s Lambert. He has blatantly sought to disrupt things at Carrow rd, even drawing Grant Holt into his pathetic mind-games. Any respect I had for the man has completely disappeared in the light of his vindictive campaign against the Norwich hierarchy. He knew full well that he wouldn''t be prepared to meet Norwich''s asking price for Hoolahan, so the only point of his behaviour is to cause maximum damage to City. I feel sorry for Hoolahan insofar as he has been cruelly used by Lambert to pursue his grudges against Norwich. It''s a real shame that he has sullied so horribly what were genuinely great achievements for City in the past. I hope others on this site will now recognise him for the small-minded, vindictive man that he is.
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