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  1. Can we come up with a new inventive song for Saturday. Please something other than one Neil Adams..... Maybe something similar to the Steve Mclaren one at Derby?
  2. tbf didnt he get back in score a winner v Hull and get injured soon after? im sure Yobo playing was forced upon us. and you have to say he has been very good since he has come in. Bassong would be closer to getting dropped for me. been quite inconsistent this season compared to his usual high standards
  3. Very poor. Especially considering its Duncan Forbes day. Not that they will know or care. whole club getting behind a massive servant suffering from a mental illness Promoting financially supporting him through his care and your mates what to stop people going. amazing just i keep finding more reasons to love this club and i keep hearing of moans. if u don''t want to go fine. but my god let somebody else go get behind the team and Duncan Forbes.
  4. Why would we sell to Villa unless they pay over the odds for him? they are a clear rival and we play them soon i just don''t understand why so many people are supporting him. his comments today (if true) are a disgrace and the clubs reaction will be vital as they need to make a stand against this type of behavior. i think it will be best if we all hold back until we hear the party line from the club tomorrow. at the moment however i really want the club to dig its heels in on this one as lets face it whatever we get for him wont fund a suitable replacement.
  5. Are you Steven Taylor? Because if you are Norwich is awful you''ll hate it..
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