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  1. Oh...I just read this on BBC... "Birmingham''s Chris Hughton, Claudio Ranieri, Ray Wilkins and German Ralf Rangnick had also been linked with the West Brom role". Does that mean they''ll all be coming to Carra with Chris?
  2. I''ve just come from Asda and the check-out girl said ''no comment'', but then turned to her colleague and said Neil Doncaster just bought a coffee, a donut, some Pampers and a plastic baseball bat
  3. My sense is that we''ll take a bit of time assessing more than one candidate - and by that I mean assessing through meeting and discussing things with each candidate. Attitude is so important and that will only come through meeting and assessing candidates based on their personalities and outlooks, not just on their track records. Hughton clearly would be a great candidate, but there will be others who should perhaps be met with and assessed in person. Having said that, it appears as though Lambert was the one and only candidate who the club met when we were looking for Gunn''s replacement, but having just lost 1-7 to Colchester and languishing at the foot of League One meant something urgent needed to happen. We need some urgency with this appointment, but I sense that we might be waiting a couple more weeks before we hear something concrete. My only concern with Hughton is he''s still relatively young and he probably still has ambitions to manage at the top and therefore might see us as a step-up from Brum, but maybe a stepping stone elsewhere...
  4. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the job Lambert did in the three years he was here. We all know where we started in League One and where we ended up last season. Remarkable. Brilliant and lots of other superlatives. As a man - as far as I can tell through interviews - I also quite liked him for his gruffness and, at times, intolderance of daft questions. He was clearly driven and passionate, but in a somewhat dour way. But, there was always something from the very beginning that made me feel like it was Lambert and Norwich and less Lambert as part of Norwich. Almost like he was taking temporary charge of the rehabilitation of a sick patient and would move on when the patient had recovered. I can''t quite put my finger on it, but it just seemed like our club and Lembert were never ''one''. Even when he said he ''loved it'' here it never seemed like it was really ''love'', just more like ''I''m enjoying myself at the moment, but we''ll see...''. I somehow got the sense from time to time that he thought he was better than us - bigger than us? As some others have said, he saw us as a temporary stepping stone. That''s why when he decided to leave and in the apparent cicumstances surrounding his departure I really wasn''t surprised and - in some ways not upset. Because all though I respected and admired him as a person and a manager I never quite felt he was part of the Canary flock. And maybe that was a good thing because, as he said, we had become used to accepting losing as a way of life. We needed some shock therapy and we got it...right till the end of Lambert''s tenure here. It will be an almost impossible act to follow in terms of performances - and ultimately that''s the most important thing - but I would love to have a manager who can also demonstrate an affection and a sense of belonging to the club. Of course, I''ll take the former without the latter, but after the shock treatment a little bit of love for what makes us special as a club from the new man in charge would be an added bonus. I wish Lamber well. He may have left in dodgy circumstances but he (and his team, plus McNally) revolutionised this team - it is unrecognisable from when he took over. One thing''s for sure, for Wycombe, Colchester and now Norwich....read Villa. If he succeeds he''ll move on to one of the big four with just as little sentimentality.
  5. I love all these rumours, although some leave me a little short of breath. Brilliant - we''ve got something (some people) to be worried about losing for a change. And if some of these people rumoured to be orf, are in fact orf, well that will be worthy of a pause and a thank you for their amazing service to get us to where we are now. And we''ll still dream and remember them in decades to come. But, let''s not confuse what they have done with what they will / might do. Especially when they''re 31. Holt has been a God-like beast over the last three seasons and will forever remain so in our hearts. But if he goes, he goes and, yes we lose a talisman and a proven goalscorer. And someone we all love. But is he irreplaceable? Well, as a person and character the answer is yes. But can / will there be others who will - in their own distinct way - be able to score 15 goals a season? Yes. There are other proven goalscorers around. Do we know who that is? No. But Ted McDougall, Phil Boyer, Justin Fashanu, Robert Fleck, Chris Sutton and a whole host of other goalscorers came, provided great service, and went. And we remember them with fondness and here we are back - 30 years after some of them left - in the middle of the Premier League. So if ''he''''s off, then that might be a pity, but he will leave without a blemish on his record (except maybe that he put in a transfer request) - more than a goal every other game over three seasons, and three consecutive POS awards. I''d scarper now if I were him - it can only go downhill from here
  6. They talk like they''re always in miserable in Birmingham. PL is not exactly Laughing Boy, but even he would struggle with their apparent dourness. Conclusive proof he will not go to Villa.
  7. Here''s a quote from The Independent (which is mirrored by many other reports):-  "There are times, watching Luis Suarez play football, when the only option is admiration. For all the controversy, the unpleasantness and worse, he is capable of things that no one else in the Premier League can do. Last night, he produced a performance of bewitching imagination, craft and bravery, scoring two excellent first-half goals and one brilliant late 50-yard chip. There have not been many individual performances like it this season". In the same article it also said the following:- "Like in the 6-1 defeat to Manchester City two weeks ago, much of Norwich''s play was typically spirited and competitive, and not devoid of threat, but the defence just could not cope with the twisting, turning Uruguayan". There, in those two quotes is - in a nutshell - the issue. We cannot afford to pay nearly the kind of money that will bring to us the kinds of players who can do what Suarez (or Aguero, or Tevez) did in those games. Nor, probably, can we afford the kind of money that will bring us the kinds of players that will prevent those strikers from doing what they do when they''re on song. Our season is not defined by conceeding goals to Suarez or Tevez or Aguero or any other ''world-class'' striker. Our season is defined much more by games against the lower teams and I am much more troubled by losing to Blackburn than Liverpool or Man City. Let''s not forget we soundly beat Spurs 3 weeks back...... But, to be ready and to have a sound shot at mid table (or even survival?) next year we HAVE to stop giving the ball way in midfield and defence if we are going to continue to play a basically attacking game. If we are to keep attacking we''re going to lose some games by a hatful. That means we have to have strikers who can occasionally score from ''nothing'' and defenders who can stop making mistakes. We''ve done superbly well this year and even if we lose our last two games that view won''t change. But to establish ourselves as a permanent fixture in this league we need a more uncompromisng defense and more unpredictable attack. But then again, we have no Whitbread, not Ayala and no Tierney (my POS until injured). So, maybe focus on a couple of Jack In The Box Strikers....  
  8. I texted my brother in the middle of the second half and told him (as the commentator had said) that we had been the best team in the 2nd half and were at 2-1 and looking good. And then they banged in another 4, at least one of which should have been prevented. and so we lost 1-6. The only thing that really bothers me is that 1-6 sounds like such a drubbing and that it won''t look so great when we look back over the seasons results. And it maybe makes others look at us and think were suddenly easy fodder for the big clubs and are back to being little Norwich The latter I can live with as I don''t really mind what others think of us. The former is really no big issue either. We lost. They took their chances and have two of the best stikers in the world who were at their best today. Apart from that I think we did fine today. Yes, there were some mistakes and I felt when it got to 1-4 that our heads rather dropped and we stopped closing attacks down. But we had a real go, showed some lovely passing movement and one or two of the players had good games - Pilkington looked lively and I thought Hoolahan looked buzzy for a while. So, once I''ve got over the immediate ''ugh'' of 1-6 and wishing we could have gone through a season with nothing more than the 5-1 at their place I think I''ll return to thinking and feeling what I did after the Spurs game: great season and still many elements of a very good team and a performance today that, other than the last 25 minutes, was really not bad. Remember, last time we lost to them we turned round and beat Newcastle 4-2 OTBC  
  9. Saying that is the kiss of death. As a result I predict conceding 3 penalties and ending with 8 players
  10. Fat Le Tissier should give Ricky Lambert the nod when he arrives in the following company.... 1 Robin van Persie 26 Arsenal 2 Wayne Rooney 21 Manchester United 3 Sergio Agüero 17 Manchester City 4 Demba Ba 16 Newcastle United 5 Clint Dempsey 15 Fulham 6 Yakubu Aiyegbeni 14 Blackburn Rovers 7 Emmanuel Adebayor 13 Tottenham Hotspur 7 Grant Holt 13 Norwich City 7 Edin Dzeko 13 Manchester City 7 Mario Balotelli 13 Manchester City
  11. Agreed that we went to sleep and ended up giving them way too much space. You can never switch off whatever nonsense the ref gest up to. But in a game where I felt from beginning to end we looked like a solid Premiership team against opponents who have been playing well I won''t remember the game for their second goal.
  12. His work and perseverance for our 2nd goal was superb. I''ll have his babies
  13. I''ve watched and wondered about this board this season. I post very rarely. I went to my first game this season last week against Fulham. I live overseas and don''t get to comment with any level of comfort, as I only see all the games on TV. I have no idea who the characters are on this board and what their agendas are, but many of you should crawl under into a sewer. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I - like many - have not always been impressed by the players and the manager (although the latter''s failings have been rare). But we are a screaming mile from the days of Charlton away and Colchester at home. Does that give you the right to hit the ''unsatisfied'' button? Yes!! But do us all a MASSIVE favour and keep the whole thing in perspective... Absolutely right to keep players and managers up to the mark, but the comments from some of this board seem to suggest that you think YOU are Premier League quality.... Stop being so critical of the players and manager and consider yourselves as ''supporters''. This is only relevant to those who might be upset by such comments...they know who they are.
  14. Woss wunovthem then? Is that like toilet paper when you''ve got constipation??
  15. Definitely NOT a stupid post, but from my less than scientific assessment of games of late I think the stats seem a little ''off''. Barnett leaves me feeling nervous - some of his judgement just seems off (timing of headers in particular) and he has made one or two poor decisions. Anyway, that''s my own view based on nothing much more than seeing all the games on TV.....but clearly the stats suggest he''s a lot better than I think he has been in the last month. And if I''m wrong, great! Because none of us are interested in making assessments that unfairly put players down. I''m quite happy to be wrong!!!
  16. Watched the game on TV too... Thought Ruddy was generally fine today Agree with others about Tirney''s role in goal, but otherwise solid Barnett worries me more the more I see him - he gets in some great headers and blocks, but also looks uncomfortable and ungainly. Makes me nervous Surman was pretty invisible Johnson - I didn''t know he was playing (missed the team sheets at the start) for about ten minutes Pilks - not his best day Morison - looked strong and busting around, but occasional loss of the kind of fine control needed when surrounded by 5 defenders at times Jackson - poor in my opinion, other that his positional play. Got pushed off the ball way too easily and his touch was so so. Maybe it''s just confidence having only just come back into the side Substitutions: I have rarely seen a team change so instantly as when Holt and Hoolahan came on. It was just them (although they created and scored the second goal), but the rest of the team seemed to immediately think when the subs were made ''righto, we''re going to win this now''. The whole attitude and sense of urgency changed. All in all - great to get 3 points and not a bad display, but would not start with Jackson again, would definitely start with Hoolahan, maybe give Barnett a rest (nothing to do with goal) and maybe time to bring Holt on from the start, or go back to Bennett and Pilks, with Morison alone and Holt as a sub...but I''d personally like to see Morison and Holt start.....although next week against Man Citteh maybe not.....got to try and do something more solid in midfield....
  17. I''ve had it in my mind that we''re going to get a hiding all this week...0-4 has been the most commonly dreamt outcome. And this makes me sad and angry because there are two absolute t*****s I know who are arrogant-as-hell Arsenal supporters and I''d hate that they had the satisfaction of shafting us. But then I had a tipple or 5 and have got all fired up and am convinced that we''re going to get nasty today and really dig in and get a draw....which would be a result, so to speak  
  18. Bent once again got in front of market, in this case Barnett, whose afternoon is going down the pan...aah well
  19. having seen the replay 3 or 4 times the back pass was truly awful, but Ruddy really made a half-hearted kick....it looked like he thought the ball was his and took his eye off it.....
  20. Agbonlahor is roasting Naughton. Barnett looks a bit nervy, but yet seems to have headed every ball that''s come his way. Ruddy made great block from Bent. Super Pilks goal. Thought Martin (?) could have stopped Agbonlahor''s cross before it came across to Bent. Holt started brightly but seems to have faded out of the game.... Strange half all-in-all, but still cause for some optimism.
  21. Thought this was an interesting article from the BBC about Levante. Nearly bankrupt three years ago, no stars and an unproven manager at the highest level. Yet, there they sit at the top of La Liga. Maybe too much to dream that this could be us, but maybe an inpiration to keep going the way we are...up the table! Sorry - don''t know how to imbed the link... http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/philminshull/2011/10/surprise_leaders_levante_bring.html
  22. I''d be happy to come back from retirement if there are so few goalkeepers available
  23. If he keeps playing so far up the field I''ll have to describe him as a true left winger. Time and again he was storming past their right back and pumping crosses in. I didn''t notice his defensive performance as much, but if he defended half as well as he attackde it was an amazing display and he must have covered HUGE amounts of turf.....one of best performances I''ve seen from a Norwich player for some time.....
  24. Palace, Tottenham and Wolves Palace because there''s nothing positive to say about their ground, their fans and our results against them Spurs because I used to work in London and hated the arrogance of Spurs supporters who saw themselves in another stratosphere to us, despite not winning anything except the FA Cup since 1961 (?). Many on here may never have heard of Bill Nicholson..... Wolves because of the violence there in the bad old days and Muscat I can''t hate Ipswich...it''s another kind of thing....
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