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  1. [quote user="Making Plans"]Tettey is a liability - he is not good enough.[/quote] Tettey needs to go off now, or someone needs to put an arrow on the pitch pointing forwards
  2. Tetty has become known as The Crab in our household cos he always runs and passes sideways. No penetration. I know he''s a DM, but that dopesn''t mean than when an opportunity presents itself to attack he has to pass it bloody sideways
  3. I agree that no-one, however old, would leave a club as a 3rd choice striker and just join another as a 3rd choice. But there is a major difference. He knows that''s his current place at Galatasary, but probably feels he will be given a chance to prove himself at Norwich. Having brough in Wolf and Hooper on paper it looks like he might be lower down the pecking order, but I am sure he will be aiming to make a starting place his own. As others have pointed out, he will also bring something different to the side than Wolf, for example. There may be games and set-ups that demand his type of play, or at least points in games that do. That being the case, perhaps he''s really competing more with Becchio for that role. And I like the idea of having a seasoned campaigner in the side....just as long as he still has a hunger.
  4. This thread has become so removed from Quagliarella and so focused on petty point-scoring. Ah, it''s the Pink''un Message Board. That''s why there''s over 40 pages of it
  5. I agree with OP. The midfield has been dire most of the season. I''d nickname Tettey ''The Crab'', except he does sometimes pass the ball backwards instead of sideways. Johnson I might keep as a support because he''s combative. Otherwise, apart from Snodgrass, no thanks. And even he needs to stop whining and charging in to bizarre no-winnable situations as per the Stoke game (he''s obviously taken a leaf out of Holt''s recent book). I''d keep Fox, but he''ll probably go. Surman will be worth hanging on to. Wes is still a possible game winner. But most of those who start most of the time in midfield should be on their way. It''s difficult to say much about the strikers because the service has been so poor. I wouldn''t do too much to the defence, excpet maybe a couple of covers.
  6. Totally understand everyone''s points on here and absolutely no harm intended, but sorry if it caused any upset. I thought it might bring a smile to people''s faces, but can also see now this it might offend. Best wishes Ricardo and sorry for any insensitivity on my part.
  7. A sad week ended on a happy note. Sad particularly for Ricardo, but also for those who enjoyed hearing of Snowy''s exploits and result-predicting behaviours. And then we beat Everton in the most unlikely of circumstances. So I thought it might be appropriate to name something or someone related to the game after Ricardo''s departed friend. Although he scored the winner, somehow Grant Holt doesn''t feel like a Snowy. But, the notion of Kai Kamara being nicknamed Snowy seems entirely and bizarrely appropriate.... he seems to have a sense of humour, so even he may take to it!  Ricardo, are you OK with this idea? Don''t to remind you of something sad, but thought it might be suitable to name the star of the week after the star of your posts.....
  8. [quote user="CambridgeCanary"]And because posters are picking on some bad through balls in the second half some of which were bad because Jackson and Snoddy did not make the runs It''s also unfair because Tettey''s first time cushioned pass to Snoddy from a ball over his head early in the match in front of the Newcastle fans was sublime.[/quote]   One or two passes were not ancticipated by Jackson and Snods, but there were several in both halves that were clearly not anticipated by the ball boys. They just went flying off the pitch - no way any of our players were going to get to the ball. I thought Tettey''s passing was dreadful, but he wasn''t the only one. I also don''t think, as others have said, that he was trying to be too creative and that''s not his game. Passing is a basic requirement, not a symbol of creativity (unless you''re Crook, Fox, Hoddle etc.)
  9. The positives? Bunn''s first half save. Turner generally. Martin hitting the post. Holt and Bennett coming on and with them some urgency. The negatives. I thought Tetty had a dreadful game and kept giving the ball away. He also slows things down and passes like a crab. Pilkington was truly awful - I cannot remember a reasonable cross. Snodgrass played OK, but his corners and crossing were not much better. Jackson simply is not strong or tricky enough, albeit the service was pants. Russ got turned inside out by Gutierez in the first half, but got better (plus his post-hitting effort). Bassong should stop messing around when the ball is in our penalty area (re first 30 minutes). Johnson seemed to do OK. Hoolahan couldn''t really get in to game and Garrido seemed generally OK. Next week I think Bennett, Holt and Fox should start: no Jackson, Pilkington and Tettey. Terrible game, but at least the losing streak is over and we didn''t concede.
  10. This is a cracking comment about the Chaos Crew from an Arse web site: "Got to be a piss take. No way are Norwich fans anything other than genteel country folk. Delia and Stephen Fry are about as nawty as they get. Mind you that Ipswich lot are definitely strange".
  11. Whoops....sorry pressed the post button before writing anything.....Anyway, totally agree with greg_hull here. I would drop Tettey for Fox, although I''d be inclined to keep Pilks at home ahead of Bennett. I''d also give Jackson a start ahead of Morro if Holt is still out   [quote user="greg_hull"]I know it was only against Peterborough but fox had a great game on Saturday. He was always available and looking to receive the ball and every pass he made was perfect. He didn''t look like a player who has only 1 league appearance this season. People are doubting his premiership ability but he proved himself last year by playing a crucial role within the team. I think he should be given a chance against Newcastle, he deserves it. I would let him start in place of Tettey, who''s form has dropped recently. My suggested line up for Saturday: Bunn Martin Bassong Turner Garrido Snodgrass Fox Johnson Bennett Hoolahan Jackson[/quote]
  12. [quote user="greg_hull"]I know it was only against Peterborough but fox had a great game on Saturday. He was always available and looking to receive the ball and every pass he made was perfect. He didn''t look like a player who has only 1 league appearance this season. People are doubting his premiership ability but he proved himself last year by playing a crucial role within the team. I think he should be given a chance against Newcastle, he deserves it. I would let him start in place of Tettey, who''s form has dropped recently. My suggested line up for Saturday: Bunn Martin Bassong Turner Garrido Snodgrass Fox Johnson Bennett Hoolahan Jackson[/quote]
  13. Happy New Year All I don''t post here a lot, but take a look most days. There''s always good banter and disagreement. That''s what makes the world go round. But some of you should pause before you abuse others, put them down and dismiss them. You know who you are and just stop and think before put others down. Keep it clean! Here''s to 2013 seeing us remaining in The Premier League and doing so with a bit more style on this board FATW
  14. I dreamt 3-1 Norwich, with GH getting a hatrick, Bassong scoring an own goal and Torres getting sent off for being Spanish (but it wasn''t explained why the other Chelsea Spaniards and Garrido were not sent off for the same reason). SO I''m going for that
  15. I saw all of the games Tierney played in last season and he was definitely ranked in my top 3-4 players in the side. He often got in behind the right back and I seem to remember some of his crossing was rather good. I have only seen Garrido on TV this year and he looks very composed and not in a rush to hoof the ball to the opposition goalkeeper. I think they''re clearly both very good, but quite different players and if Garrido is injured I''d be more than happy to have Tierney back in the side.
  16. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Duncan Edwards"]From my vantage point at Villa Park, I was disappointed that we were behind at half time as I thought we were largely in control. In the second half we continued in the same vein and while the sending off (deserved ) helped, I thought Villa were poor before that. Yes we missed chances but some of the comments on here are both surprising and disgraceful. Criticised for working the ball left to right and then back again? Retaining possession while making the ten men cover as much ground as possible? Wearing them down, they switched to two banks of four and compacted the game, we still opened them up and got behind them on numerous occasions. A couple of poor decisions and a couple of bad misses cost us. I don''t think it was a surprise that Guzan was given as the MOTM by the match sponsors. We were good today, Hoolahan and Tettey were impressive again. We''ll be just fine. Villa, well, if anyone is going to have a long winter....[/quote] Thats the game I saw too. [Y] [/quote] Totally agree. Unbelievable one-sided dross spoken elsewhere. Our crossing was poor. Yes. We missed two gilt-edged chances. Yes. We gifted them a goal (it looks worse every time I watch it). Yes. And they were down to 10 men. Yes. But their goalkeeper made some excellent stops and Vlaar had a good game. Hoolahan played well. I thought Tetty did OK and other than the goal Bassong looked solid. I also thought Holt put himself about well. There were a number of positives. The point about ''positives'' or ''negatives'' is how the future looks as a result (i.e. the rest of the season). Quite frankly if we played absolute pants and scraped a goal for the winner I would in some ways be more worried than getting a draw but seeing some things to be optimistic about. But, yes, there''s much to sort out too. A little more balance from some on here is needed I think
  17. I think the differences this year seem to me to be more about how we seem to be approaching some of the games versus last year. To an extent, the comparisons with results last year versus this year are valid. We haven''t done a whole lost worse in the equivalent fixtures. I think it''s more a mindset thing and what''s in the players minds as they approach games. This isn''t a ''Lambert was mainly right and Hughton is not'' argument. It''s what a team walks on the pitch expecting to do and the way they expect to do it. The point is that Lambert and Hughton are different. To imbue a team with a new way of approaching games (if that is really what Hughton represents versus Lambert) takes time. We had built an ethos of approaching games a certain way over three years and with some exceptions last season it served us very well. To come 12th in our first season back speaks volumes for teamwork and understanding the desired mindet and approach to games. My feeling is if there is anything to be concerned about it''s that our new manager has a very different style and approach from our previous manager. Imagine any great team (Apple, Virgin, Google and many others) who appoint a new manager with a very different approach to the game, despite previous successes. It would unsettle the culture and attitude of the company''s team. I feel this is a bit of what we''re experiencing here. If anything perhaps needs to be looked at in terms of an ''issue'' it''s that when considering a new manager it makes sense to try to find someone (as far as they exist) who has that same ethos and approach that can be built on, not changed, from the previous manager. If anything needs to be reviewed in the management selection process it''s that perhaps we paid less attention to the footballing attitude and more attention to who had the right ''track record''. I''m sure Hughton is a good manager and can be a good manager for us, but to ask someone who thinks and feels about football in a fundamentally different way (assuming that''s true) to the way most of the team have been expected to think and play over the last few seasons is a big ask. I really do hope Hughton comes good, but I think if this doesn''t work out the board need to look at the kind of manager that can add some level of continutiy to the previous approach. Otherwise he and the team will find it difficult to bond and succeed, however successful he and they have been separately in the past.
  18. I got roundly chastised for expressing a feeling that the performances this season lacked the bite and adventure of last season''s early games. I said that I felt that Hughton''s approach and teams left me feeling lacking in confidence in a way that Lambert''s teams never did. People told me to stop whinging about Lambert. I wasn''t and I''m not. Lambert''s gone and that''s that. But Hughton''s teams and approach have left me feeling totally unconvinced. Relative to no previous manager. I want Hughton to go because I see no evidence that the players who achieved a mid table position last year are being led astray. I never thought he way right and I now see the evidence. Who should be the next manager? I don''t know. But it has to be someone who has the ability to give belief and passion to the players we have. It is not Hughton. Let''s move on swiftly before the team we had last year that played so well as a team becomes a dishevelled embarrassement Hughton must go now. I never thought he should have come\    
  19. [quote user="Aggy"]So, you started the post by having a little dig at Lawrenson and saying he was biased for whatever reasons. But then you come to essentially the same conclusion as him. So, do you think his prediction might actually be just that (a prediction of a pundit who thinks things through in much the same way as you have done in the latter part of your post), or do you think you''re an idiot? Because your post would suggest that one of those two things must be true.[/quote] You''re right. I did start by saying I didn''t like him much and that he seems to make half-informed judgements. I then went on to say that there was something in what he said that struck a cord. That doesn''t mean, as a result, I think Lawrenson is a good pundit, but that a poor pundit made a comment that in some senses I understand and partly agree with. My post was more about a ''feeling'' and I acknowledged in my original post that this might be due to an overall sentiment rather than hard evidence. My post was not really about ''I wish Lambert hadn''t left'' (we''ve all had enough of that), but more to do, perhaps, with the fact that a softer (on the surface) approach takes a bit of getting used to and leaves me with a little less conviction about the months ahead. That all said, I like what I see of Hughton overall and I think we''ve played some good stuff since Fulham. If we can get the goals flowing again I see no reason to suggest we won''t be fine.
  20. I read the ''I-Am-An-Idiot-Mark-Lozza'' prediction today for the Newcastle game As usual it is not based on performance, but on some vague feeling of ''that Norwich lot are not big enough to survive'' blah-di-blah. But there was one comment he made which struck a cord. He said the difference between Paul Lambert and Chris Hughton is that the former controlled all proceedings and the latter is just a coach. I hate to agree with a man I once saw (and have never liked) at a friend''s wedding in Southport 25 years ago, but I think he may have a point. This season has been awful in part (Fulham) and promising in others (Spurs, QPR and the first half against Wham), but I just have never felt the same degree of conviction I had - despite all the evidence to suggest we could well be fine - as I did last year. It may be I am caught up in the media''s portrayal of PL versus CH, but I definitiely have a sense of ''where has Nelson (Admiral, not Michael) gone''? I guess where I am gravitating towards is that a club like ours, with good, but not great players needs more than an astute people''s coach. It needs a rocket, a Messiah...someone who might keep spouting some shit about every player being ''brilliant, they''ve just been brilliant for me'', but nonetheless keeps owners, players and supporters believing anything is possible. I am not for a moment saying Chris Hughton is not that man and if he is not, then he should go back to Newcastle. But....I don''t have the same sense of conviction - derived in part from the performances I''ve seen - that I did when Paul Lambert gave his first press conference. It may be that a softer, more cajoling style of approach will serve us well with Hughton, but in the meantime, I miss the ''we''re all in this together and anyone who is not in my team and supports my team is a ''to**er''''. And it leave me emotionally rather than rationally a tad nervous Newcastle prediction? 0-2
  21. For the second week in a row we should have won the game. This time is was a good deal down to a 41 year old goalkeeper and some very dubious refereeing decisions. The bottom line is we looked organised and occasionallly creative throughout the whole game. Every single player played their part in am impressive team performance. But the thing that gives me most optimism for the season is the look of the midfield. Snodgrass and Johnson were outstanding and Pilkington was impressive. I didn''t notice Howson as much, but Spurs had terrible trouble getting past us and that was a great deal down to all the midfielders. We look very combative in midfield - a sense of ''you aint getting past me without a fight''. Love it. Jackson had another afternoon of harrying and worrying the opposition, but I''m still a little concerned about his lack of strength and trickery. Grant was a bit starved at time, but still put himself about. Another individual worth singling out was Javier Garrido whose afternoon was personified by his cool back header to Big John. He''s shaping up very well. Excellent performance which continued on from last week and suggests that we have a lot to look forward to in the months ahead. Well done CH and the team
  22. Harry, welcome to Norwich. Delighted you''re with us and if reports of your capabilities are to be believed I think you''re going to be a big help to us as we aim to consolidate our position in The Premier League. You, along with the other signings we''ve made have the talent to help us beat our 12th-placed finish last year. Best of luck.
  23. This board and all who sail in her are so full of twaddle. I do not want to sign anyone else. We came 12th last year. Keep the same team and tactics and we''ll shunt the rest. Why is there some notion that we''ll suddenly be crap? Oh, because we have a new manager? We have signed some seemingly good additions to the squad and that should be an improvement. Enough of the b*****s. We are never going to be at the top of The Premier League. We might be a comfortable mid-table side. That''s dull. Let''s at least have something to aim for in The CCC.  
  24. Overall, very pleased except we only got a point. Almost all parts of the team played well. For me Snodgrass was MOM (he looks a bit like Vinnie Jones with hair). Barnett and Bassong were excellent. Garrido and Martin composed. Johnson seemed to fade a bit in the latter stages and I didn''t notice too much of Howson (but that may just be watching on TV). Pilks was a bit less noticeable in the 2nd half too. Holt bullied Hill all afternoon and Jackson scored the goal. I still think Jacko looks a bit lightweight though, but he played well, so that''s a bit churlish. I think that performance will have restored the faith amongst the players and supporters and although we didn''t win it''s clear we haven''t lost our way as last week''s debacle might have suggested. Onwards and upwards to Spurs.....
  25. TV commentators very impressed w us "another great move from Norwich"
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