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  1. Wynton Rufer came for a look see, but joined Werder Bremen (I think, or some other German side) instead and scored squillions of goals for them. I see to remember he got pissed of because he thought we didn''t show enough interest in him....
  2. THE POSITIVES Proton went totally out of their way to make this a fantastic tour. Obviously they have a huge vested interest in making it all a success, but they were always helpful. They even helped me get free entrance to last night''s game and one of their IT people drove us off to the local food court to pick up dinner. Thanks Izzat! Malayisan media did us proud. Full of great coverage of the team and the city. Delia was a great ambassador. I went to a book signging yesterday that she did in central KL and the Malay housewives seemed to love her - her books are popular here. The building of the Norwich brand. ''The Canaries'' (they rarely refer to us as Norwich) have become a well known name here. I left my hotel last night to go to the game and the receptionist said ''you going to the canaries game''? Same with the taxi driver. The crowd last night. I thought 25,000, but they said 36,000. Great atmosphere. Svensson was left with a fee header for the goal at the far post, but he put it away well. Finnegan''s pub in central KL was totally decked out in green and yellow and on Friday night there must have been 200 Norwich there, including Queen D and Nigel. The barmen were going nuts and the Malaysian manager kept starting chants of ''City''! THE NEGATIVES Last night''s game was really poor. No-one played very well. Lots of passes going astray and generally very lacklustre. Of course its a friendly, but still nothing much to get excited about. Bit weird to be playing a friendly in front of 36,000! The result of the poor performance left the local press - who to this point had nothing but positives to say about the club - to concur with the English press that we look certain for the drop. They compared us to Newcastle, Birmingham and Chelsea, who came here last year, and said we were way behind. Personally I wouldn''t read too much into it as it was a one off game and in was damn hot and humid. Norwich have a great chance to become Malayia''s premier league team because of Proton, but last night did not help this cause. Anyway, when they see us win a couple of games next season thongs will change!! All in all, though, a GREAT experience and we''re making inroads into the country that ranks number three for viewership of the EPL.
  3. Shows how much a sponsorship like this can help - I''m sure articles like this (from the largest circulation newspaper, The Star) will help tourism... ----- QUAINT AND BUSTING NORWICH BUSTLING WITH RICH HISTORY - AND A PASSION FOR FOOTBALL Norwich City have proved that they are a team to be reckoned with their return to the English Premier League after a nine-year hiatus. But Norwich is not just about football. The country is a great place to visit too, as K. PARKARAN finds out. QUAINT, rustic and hardly touched by the ravages of modernisation, Norwich is a welcome relief for Malaysians surrounded by ever-sprouting skyscrapers and concrete jungles. Situated about three hours drive to the north of London in England, Norwich dates its history back to Anglo-Saxon times. The city, that sits on the banks of the River Wensum, grew quickly and merged with others to become, by medieval times, the largest walled town in England, its walls encompassing more land than any other city in England. The Normans, who invaded the country in the 11th century, were quick to realise the importance of the city and within a year of their conquest, a castle was built on a man-made hill. The original castle, built of timber, stood for some 60 years before being replaced with a more lasting stone structure. Today, this magnificent building still stands proud in the centre of the city, housing a museum – where one gets to see more than displays. One may even check out the dungeons and battlements. Churches were also built throughout the city and Norwich now has more medieval churches than any other city in Europe. There are other impressive buildings like The Assembly House, The Theatre Royal and the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital but the one that really impresses is the Castle Mall – England‘s only underground shopping mall. In the 15th century, it used to be a weekly cattle market. It was initially turned into a car park. But, thanks to far-sighted city planners, the area has managed to retain much of its old charm and yet service the needs of today. Norwich has since the 1960s renovated and restored many of its old buildings. Large parts of the old city wall, which at one time went to decay, have been saved and incorporated into modern schemes. The cobbled streets of yore are still to be seen in many parts of Norwich, like Elm Hill with its quaint houses and shops. Areas such as Tombland, the site of an open market in Norman times immediately in front of the Anglican Cathedral, have open-air cafes and several of the streets have returned to pedestrian ways. Among the other popular sites are the Bishop Bridge, built between 1337 and 1341. This is the last remaining medieval bridge in the city and is reputedly the oldest bridge in England still in constant use. The Cathedral, with its splendid stained windows, was founded in 1096 by Herbert de Losinga. The present spire was constructed in 1480 and is the second highest in the UK, measuring 315 feet or 96m. Salisbury Cathedral has the highest spire at 404 feet. The Ethelbert Gateway, meanwhile, has a story of its own. It was built by the citizens of Norwich as an atonement for the riots of 1272 which involved the monks of St Ethelbert’s Church and the citizens. The people of Norwich felt that the monks were taking too much money in taxes and so rioted. During the riots, the thatched Church of St Ethelbert was burnt to the ground. The Bishop of Norwich decreed that the people of the city had to build the gateway as a punishment. The middle floor of the gate is a chapel dedicated to St Ethelbert. Then, of course, there is the centre of life on Saturday – the Norwich Stadium at Carrow Road. Built in 1935, it is the third home of the club, whose humble beginnings were a
  4. I don''t know if this has already been posted, but you might be interested to see the web site of the newly formed Malaysian NCFC supporters club. http://www.norwichcity-fanclub.com.my/ There are also numerous reports from the local newspapers, including The Star and The New Straitws Times. Below are a couple of articles. I''ll try and keep this board updated with events on the tour. BENTLEY CLASS PRE-SEASON is fast becoming an exciting time in Malaysia, with English Premiership teams making a bee-line to the Far East. Manchester United were here in 2001, while the inaugural FAPL Asia Cup, involving Chelsea, Newcastle and Birmingham, was held in Kuala Lumpur last year. In the interim, Brazil came calling during the World Cup warm-up in 2002. This time, newly promoted Norwich City will be arriving today for two friendly matches – against Malaysia Cup champions Selangor MPPJ FC and the national team. The MPPJ match will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium, Cheras on Wednesday while the second match will be at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on July 17. Norwich may be no Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool but there is a still a lot of excitement. After all, they are now a Premiership side and more importantly, they are a team with strong Malaysian ties. They are sponsored by Proton. The line-up, too, does not ring too many bells but there are a few up-and-coming stars in the squad, like David Bentley, the 20-year-old striker on loan from Arsenal. As a Gunner, he came on as a substitute in Arsenal''s fourth round 4-1 victory over Middlesbrough in the FA Cup tie on Jan 24 to score a magnificent goal. Even Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was left singing his praises after the forward scored with a delicate chip for the last goal of the match. Arsenal were already leading 3-1 at Highbury with a goal from Dennis Bergkamp and a double by Fredrik Ljungberg when substitute Bentley, set up by Robert Pires, chipped the ball past ''Boro goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer to wrap up the victory. Bentley, a former England Under-18 captain, joined Arsenal as a schoolboy in the summer of 2000 but made only three first team appearances for the Gunners. Norwich also have an experienced hand in striker Darren Huckerby, who joined the Canaries on an initial three-month loan deal from Manchester City in September 2003. Together with fellow loan signings Peter Crouch and Kevin Harper, he made a massive impact at Carrow Road and helped propel the club into automatic promotion. During the final game of his loan period, the fans expressed their desire to keep Huckerby and they got their way when shareholders Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones paraded Huckerby as a Norwich City player. Huckerby proceeded to repay the fans'' faith by finishing the season as top scorer with 14 goals. His pace and quick thinking saw him lay on countless goals. And he could be the man to watch in the Premiership this season.
  5. I''ll be going to the game in Kuala Lumpur on July 17th. Cannot find info about tickets anywhere... not from the club, from the travel shop, from the stadium, from the usual ticket agencies... not even from Andrew Cullen (who did send me a vey nice email telling me I could get tickets on the gate). While I realise that the 86,000 capacity stadium will hardly be packed I''m trying to find out where the Norwich supporters will be. Does anyone know? Grateful for some help! Also, for those going, are there any plans to meet up? If so, where and when. As far as I can see there will be quite a few Asian Canaries there, so it would be good to get together.
  6. I think FatMan''s point is a little cold. I too have held senior positions and managed lots of people. I too have managed by Principle, not Personality. But ''Principle'' should mean the principle of doing the right thing for people as well as profit. Companies (and football clubs) stand or fall on their people. If the company treats people with respect and - at times - a little kindness in the face of pretty bad adversity then that is a principle worth holding on to. It is not about personality - it''s not about him being a nice guy (at least I don''t think that''s why this has been offered to him). It''s about maybe thinking he can cut it (doubtful I agree) and it''s about extending the sense of ''community'' that makes Norwich City so strong. Managing by principle (the principle of team spirit, togetherness and mutual support) is what has made Norwich the success they now are. It''s this that has got them out of the first division, in part. It''s this that''s helped them to net the windfall of the Premier League. So in this principle there IS profit. If this move with Zema costs 3 months wages and he can''t can''t cut it, but it re-enforces the culture that NCFC has built over the last three years then I think think that''s great. Short term cost. Long term gain, in the sense of extending the spirit of what Norwich City stands for. As for Iwan, I must admit I thought that was a touch harsh and seems counter to my point above. But, it''s not exactly the same situation as he will be able to choose from a number of clubs by the look of it.
  7. OK, it sounds like quite a few people who live in / will be in Asia at the time of the match want to go, but don''t want to buy the package. It''s not going to be a problem buying a ticket (in KL), but the point is we all should be in the same area. Maybe we could contact the club ticket office for help - if they know that quite a few people fall into the above category then maybe they can reserve some tickets for us. As I live in Hong Kong this could be difficult for me - would anyone else be prepared to pursue it with the club?
  8. Anyone else going to the game? We''re going down from Hong Kong - where shall we meet? Not sure what the local pubs are like.... not sure if ther are any local pubs! Luckily Malaysia is not strictly Muslim, so we can drink to our hearts content
  9. Saw this in The Star, Malaysia''s leading national newspaper. Looks like the tour could be a big thing there.... ---- Eyeing top-flight glory Kuala Lumpur - 30th April 2004 Norwich’s elevation to the Premier League would have been applauded not only by neutrals but certain corners of Malaysia where the club has garnered support since national car makers Proton’s move to sponsor the Canaries last May. FOOTBALLCHANNEL.COM reveals the shrewd management and strategies behind Norwich''s successful pormotion push. IN EAST Anglia, the pride of place when football enthusiasts from the Norwich City and Ipswich Town camps put aside their domestic dust-ups and triumphs over the years, will belong to the outfit from Portman Road. Norwich have yet to undermine Ipswich in Europe after their well-documented exploits in the UEFA Cup in the glories mid-1970s and early 1980s under Sir Bobby Robson who built the finest Ipswich Town team. The Canaries’ sole claim to fame is to be the first-ever English team to beat Bayern Munich in the Olympic Stadium in the UEFA Cup in season 1993/94 in what proved to their all-time high. Little did Norwich supporters know then that the following campaign would be spent staving off relegation and culminate in their long exile from top flight football. After nine years, the Canaries have soared back to the big time – now known as the Premier League – and it was achieved with much heartache. Last decade was a bleak period for the club as they fought tooth and nail against financial turmoil, let Martin O’Neill slip through their fingers after the Celtic manager resigned amidst boardroom struggles and greeted the return of loyal servant Mike Walker to helm the club for a second time. Walker did not last long in his comeback as he lost his brave battle to take the club back into the major league and left Norwich less than a week before the end of the 1997/98 term, despite there being no pressure from the board. While the managerial revolving door spun again at Carrow Road – current boss Nigel Worthington was their sixth appointment in six years in season 2000/01 – the most significant arrival at the club during the mid-1990s was that of celebrity cook Delia Smith and husband Michael Wynn Jones, when they became the club’s majority shareholder in November 1996. Since then, the pair have spent around £7mil (RM47.6mil) of their own money on a club who are determined to continue budgeting within their means. The prudence-equals-promotion principle has paid off as Norwich emerged as the best among the family-oriented and fan-friendly outfits in Division One. As well as their contributions, supporters have eagerly subscribed to share issues to raise money for projects such as the newly opened 8,000-seat stand, which has taken the capacity to 24,000. Even the £2mil (RM13.6mil)-a-year hole in the club’s finances caused by the collapse of ITV Digital has been swallowed without the pain that has ripped the heart out of many of their First Division rivals. This is down to a combination of the club’s forward vision and aggressive marketing ventures, which also includes Delia’s Canary Catering. Norwich’s two merchandise stores – supplemented by a mail order venture – yielded £1.4mil (RM9.52mil) last year and the turnover is expected to crash this mark with ease this season. As with other clubs, the bulk of the retail business – about 35% – is attributed to the sale of replica shirt sales. The club’s best-selling shirt sale has been in the past two seasons – a total of 35,000 pieces were sold – guaranteeing kit sponsors and leading engine and sportscar producers Lotus Group, which is owned by Malaysian automobile manufacturers and parent company Proton, maximum brand exposure. Considered as outsiders for a play-off place last Augus
  10. I went to bed in Hong Kong in the First Diviion and woke at 5.30 am in the Premiership!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told all the people at work that we''re having a champagne breakfast if we went up, so I better get myself down to the Mandarin Hotel to kick things off!! Feels weird celebrating here - but better than flying to Cardiff for a weekend and losing. Congratulations to all the fans, players, board and other staff
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