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  1. Unlucky lads, can see yous being down for a few seasons now, let''s hope you get a good manager next. Hughton will be back in the premiership.
  2. You guys haven''t been managed by Fat Sam, he is the worst. I''m not sure why you are comparing Hughton to him and Pulis, Hughton trys to get his teams playing to their strengths, he''s not a negative manager.
  3. Chris Hughton, takes the piss out of the mackems time after time and a top guy.
  4. As a Newcastle fan I can tell you this. Hughton took our club from our lowest point in 15-20 years and in an extremely quick time transformed it. Yous might remember when Leyton Orient beat our full team 6-1 during that pre season, that showed just how low we were. We had some good players in the championship yes, what you seem to be forgetting is that many of them had just had the worst season of their careers and quite a few of them such as Andy Carroll were nothing players then(another thing Hughton can be given massive credit for is his rise to a £35m player!) The only significant players we added that season were loan signings and small fee signings, we lost players like Viduka, Owen, Martins, Duff, Bassong etc. Right, so he won that league at a canter and broke records along the way including an unbeaten home record. He made the club solid again and created a feel good factor around it despite having little support from one of the scummiest owners in football. He took us back into the Premiership and we were doing fine and had made some good signings along the way. We beat Sunderland 5-1, Villa 6-0 and Arsenal away in that short space of time and then he was sacked for no good reason. We had a few poor results but that was to be expected having just come back up. The football we played was good, he set-up the team in the correct way for the players he had and it varied from being excellent at times to average other times. Personally I thought he was an excellent fit for the club and if the circumstances had been different could have been a huge success although I know there are other fans who would disagree with that which is fair enough.
  5. Can you guys confirm something for me? All those claiming Hughton should be sacked and he''s a shite manager blah blah blah, then you must also think that Paul Lambert should be sacked at Villa and is a shite manager?
  6. Think your club should be commended for not doing anything silly and having a bit of common sense in a league that is getting increasingly silly. It''s not been a great season for you and Hughton but it''s hardly been a disaster either. Think yous are a few players off being a top ten side and you will see players like Fer, Hooper and possibly(!) RVW get better with time. Need a better central defender, a player to link your midfield and attack and probably a better keeper. Most of the times I watch you it appears that the side is trying to play football which is to be commended and the likes of West Ham, Stoke etc don''t at all. Another thing I think should be taken into account is that your side has been pretty much rebuilt since Hughton took over no? No easy task in itself. I reckon yous will stay up and if you get a few key players in the summer you will be well set-up.
  7. Watched your second half there, sometimes you just have to say that luck isn''t with you. And RVW....
  8. Hughton is a good manager, stick with him and get behind him. You can see there how much respect he has from the Newcastle players, the likes of Ben Arfa for example who says Hughton was a big part of why he joined. He is trying to get yous playing good football, as an outsider I can see that. Still think you need a creative midfielder and a better centre-half but Jan is difficult as we all know. Overall, is he doing that bad a job really? He has rebuilt your side since he came in and there are clearly some areas that need to be addressed but it takes time and investment. Sigurdson or however it''s spelt would be a good signing I think. Would be a good signing for us too.
  9. Thanks to the wonders of the internet you can actually watch more than one game at the same time now. amazing eh.
  10. Not really. Used the strengths of the players we had at the time well. The play was mixed really, some good direct football and some good passing too and we had some fantastic results. 5-1 against the mackems, 6-0 against Villa, beat Arsenal away. He is quite cautious away from home usually but with inferior players to a lot of teams(no offence) that is to be expected. Was a very enjoyable time with him as our manager for me, best in years.
  11. Toon fan here. Watched your game and seen many this season as I''m interested to see how Hughton is getting on. Thought yous were excellent today, controlled the game completely and if RVW was in better form you would have won comfortably. Overall I think yous have been not as bad as made out this season, lacking confidence though and a more creative midfielder I think. Snodgrass has been out of form but looked better today too. If yous get Hooper and RVW working well at home like today then you will improve I think. Hughton is a good manager for me, give him a bit of support - he is going about things in the right way and tries to get yous playing good football which is more than can be said for a lot of managers in the league right now tbh. Weird seeing Jonas playing for you too, he will be useful for you but don''t expect many goals or assists. Good luck in a couple of weeks, Cabaye is in great form though!
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