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  1. He''s woeful at dead balls. I am livid with the amount of corners he takes that don''t even get past the first man!!!!! Which is usually an opposition defender, so they break and all of a sudden from a corner at their end were then back peddling to our own goal. He is 5hit END OF! League 1 leeds reject!
  2. WHAT!!! MORE MOD''S?? Get a grip this is the only board I''ve been on where people get BANNED for writing 5hit etc etc
  3. DAM!! Where''s the stats about stats websites these days!?!!
  4. TCCanary...... course you need stats!!! especially on this forum. Nobody''s allowed to say naff all unless they''ve got every stat in the world to back it up with :)
  5. No no no he goes to all of them through his 15" monitor. How else would he know how fantastic the management is etc etc etc etc etc etc
  6. Now now Til...... he''s made a small fortune don''t you know!!
  7. Hoots said today he''s looking for some players, and that they''re not the ones who''s names are being associated us "that''s agents drumming up business" So probably akinfenwa, the customary mackail smith, oh and HOLA toy-thrower-toivonen
  8. For Lionel Messi!!!! As if he would go to that tin pot squit-hole
  9. I can''t wait to see RVW once he''s scored in a couple of games and got some confidence.
  10. Not leaving out Marlon king surely?? What about the goalkeeper who Norris did his handcuff goal celebration in aid of?
  11. What a surprise Norwich against Aston Vile. Whatever stories get rehashed they just add either us or vile into it to make it sound more "real''''
  12. He\we were there for 7years. However I''ve been a season ticket holder since 99. Why lsd how long did you live there?? I''ve been to tenerife that c-nuts been to eleven-erife
  13. All that being said I still remember putting 500quid on us to beat Leicester in the cup. We all know how that turned out
  14. I put a 20p ew trixie on three horses in Meydan last week for £1.60 I won 1638. Every month without fail i''ll one or two of my trixie''s come in. So much so I''ve managed to pack in work and make a living from gambling. I agree it''s a mugs game if your Uneducated about the field in which your punting on. Such as first goal scorer and correct goal scorer bets, anyone could score own goal etc etc. Also 1st goal time bets. However an excellent way of boosting odds on favourites is to do a team such as man city to Win Both Halves. Last week they were 1-10 to beat cardif but we''re 9-4 to win both halves :)
  15. Not likely as they play for that little club somewhere in England. If their stats were exactly the same assists-goals-time on the pitch etc BUT they played for man u, Chelsea or Paris San arsenal then they would be in the squad you just know it.
  16. Of course simple Simon Yawnnn. I was born in Norwich my dad was in the raf at the time. So I''m a norwich\england supporter, unlike my brother who as my dad had joined the Royal Artillery by this point was born in Dortmund Germany, it''s alright for some hey?. However I did get to see the messiah whilst he was training on the B1 sportsfield. Also many many many more fantastic memories of the different places I''ve lived. So just because you havnt left the fens doesn''t make you a better person or supporter than me son shine. Your far less cultured than myself and if anything judging by the garbage you put on here, I''d say your living in a sleepy backwaters effected your mental age severely. Have a great day Simple-Smackrat
  17. "I''m well up"--lsd WHAT putting ten quid on lolololol "well up'''' indeed 10grand 15grand 20 maybe??? No 100quid lol
  18. Of course L.S.D if your so confident go sell your house and bang the money on Norwich to win then go buy 7-10 houses. Simplesss oh no your just simple xxx
  19. By ''eck what an idea let''s by more strikers and ruin their careers by never giving them any service whilst selling of our creative players. Let''s essentially starve the strikers!! Shame we can''t do it to the opposition but we''ve perfected starving our own forward(s)
  20. Because UNLIKE last season they have A LOT to play for still and will put at least 5 past us and as per normal we will be amazingly lucky to get TWO WHOLE GOALS IN ONE GAME. 5-2=3goals that man city will win by. So I''d save the better players for other games
  21. WOW there''s some amazing "super fans" that walk 300yards to the ground!! They''re hardcore fans unlike those who drive 3-4-5-600mile round trips in snow, rain and baking hot weather in summer. The arrogance of the hill-billy local yokels is mildly amusing to say the least.
  22. What I tend to find is that fans of other clubs feel we (norwich fans\all of us) should just be grateful We''re in the premier league and put up with any old 5hit!! If their strike force had managed 6 in 30 games they would soon be blaming pardew. Why should they care aswell they have no vested interest in us.
  23. 42million....... he''s Argentinian at the end of the day
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