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  1. I have a white 13/14 in medium, name me a price
  2. Agreed, anybody aware of when squad numbers are released? Hoping to get Klose if he stays :-D
  3. Still haven''t seen anything about this...
  4. I''d expect Leeds to be one of those clubs after just losing Byram
  5. Like the sound of this! Confident speaker and not afraid to give the slackers a rollicking! Something Neil Adams lacked which was abundant from his bumbling press interviews.
  6. "scored goals for fun" Yeah in League 1, he failed to produce much in championship and prem for us. When we let him go we were at a level higher than his ability at that point in time. He has since progressed to be a very good championship striker....premiership, maybe we will see next season.
  7. I''ll be traveling from Guernsey to watch this one. Bringing the missus and step son to their first game :'') OTBC
  8. [quote user="El Asesino"]Loads of seats left in the home end..[/quote] Does that mean we are boycotting the home end? Could be worth a go if enough of us sign up.
  9. [quote user="treacletown07"]2000 tickets is a pathetic amount to have . Obviously Forest dont want to be outsung and outsupported by the away fans. I have 950 away points so have missed out. Looks like the season ticket holders have snapped them all up. I only went 12 home and 9 away games last season so I am not a proper fan.[/quote] I unfortunately have none as I often get tickets through friends and had planned a trip all the way from Guernsey earlier in the season not expecting the allocation to be so small. What a wasted trip -.-
  10. Please email me at gmjbrown@gmail.com if you have any spare tickets
  11. I Might join you on that. Keep quite when Jerome bags a brace
  12. I agree with e.bennett, he was probably missed more than we realise last season! Neil has great knowledge of our youngsters and I''m sure he''ll bleed them into the 1st team ASAP. I saw a few of the youth fa cup games when we won it and the murphys looked very dangerous on the break. Hopefully Neil can get the best out of them so they can reach their true potential and fire us back to the prem!
  13. It''s time to forget about the drabs of last season and look at our chances for next. If we take a step back and look at our squad I think we can safely say it''s one of the strongest in the league with proven players at this level. Yes we''re going to probably lose a few but I can see our starting 11 looking something like this next season; Ruddy Martin, Bennet, Turner, Garrido Murphy, Johno, Howson, Redmond Becchio, Hooper (Loza/RVW) This is obviously excluding any new additions. I really think we can do well with this squad and really hope Neil can get the best out of them while playing attractive football. Excited for next season OTBC!!!
  14. At fault for the first goal and out of position for the second...how on earth is he on the pitch let alone still club captain!
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