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  1. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Nigel Adkins please.[/quote] 100% agree, my number one choice by a long way
  2. I havent a clue, im quite surprised he hasnt been mentioned. Hes easily my number one choice for the job! Where abouts in Manchester are you from? good to see a fellow Manc canary!
  3. nigel Adkins anyone? Very impressive with southampton, decent with reading. plus he has strong championship experience and of course led southampton to back to back promotions.
  4. Just seen an article on the sky sports football mobile app with Glenn Hoddle. He starts off with the usual twaddle about how much he loves Spurs etc but goes on to say he''s had a number of offers to return to management, most recently last week, and suggests he turned down the offer. Were we the club to make this offer? the timing seems to fit and I cant think who else the offer would have come from at this stage in the season? Thoughts? Direct quote ''"I have had many, many offers, lots of different offers, even one last week that was quite tempting but at the moment I am quite happy doing my punditry and getting on." Full article link http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/21564/9273280/glenn-hoddle-reveals-how-close-he-came-to-returning-to-tottenham-as-manager
  5. Did anyone else notice his account reactivate a few hours ago? he retweeted something then about an hour or so later he had deactivated his account again. Quite strange! would love to see him back on twitter for the long run
  6. longtime reader, firstime poster. This instant dismissal of Guitierrez from a large number of posts on this board is frankly ludicrous, Chris Hughton has an excellent track record with signings with very few going wrong. To instantly dismiss the guy before hes even kicked a ball, let alone signed for the club is just crazy to me, just seems like some people will use any old excuse to have a dig at Hughton. Its been said many a time that our wingers this season have been largely disappointing, especially in their final delivery so the signing to me makes good sense, especially if its a loan deal, as i feel Jonas- an experienced top flight footballer can address this and aid our survival for another year. Get behind the club, the manager and the players.
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