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  1. Still the pinkun moaning turds want Smith out. After spending all day whining about Bournemouth sacking their manager. Absolutely idiotic. This forum has become a sad little club for a pathetic group of little men. Dean Smith doing the business and anyone wanting him out is an imbecile.
  2. What an utter bunch of moaning turds. Call yourself fans? You're a disgrace. Whine moan oooh it's not farke oooh we aren't winning every minute. Oooh huge possession, more shots, total domination isn't enough Ooooh moan whine winge.
  3. Oh my god get a grip you desperate bunch of whining saddoes. We lost to a deflected goal. Will happen to all teams. One game in. That's it. You're expecting instant success in an unrealistic way and setting Smith up to fail no matter what he does. Newsflash. This season we I'll lose some games, and every team will up their to beat us. Its truly pathetic watching the insane flip flopping of doom to ridiculous confidence and back again, from some posters within minutes. Grow and get a bloody grip, the club doesn't need fans like this right now.
  4. The boy is a limited non entity. Its only the pinkun posters that rate him He's league one level. Get rid.
  5. So with your username, that would make this the pinkun forum biscuit game...
  6. Pinkun geniuses out in force here. It was Dereham. Dereham. Like racing a bugatti against a Polo. There was not one single footballing conclusion to be drawn, nor one single point to be made about any performance at all. Its a pre season, money spinning for local club leg up. Pathetic nonsense.
  7. Even by the standards of a thread creating narcissist, this is pathetic.
  8. Your ability to show how staggeringly thick you are is incredible.
  9. God what a boring little bunch of conservative, pant wetting, little good citizens you all are. Oooh crypto. Oooh gambling. Oooh flesh. Oooh energy use. Oooh regulation. Oooh prices. Oooh Betty. Pathetic. Ask your mp why we aren't doing more to stop genocide in Ukraine. Make a use of yourself you sad little people.
  10. Pinkun posting geniuses are still saying McLean is rubbish and sorenson is the answer Omg wtf is wrong with you people? Sorenson is a donkey. He's never, ever, going to make it as a first choice midfielder in a championship side. McLean has been consistently picked, with training and stats aplenty, by two experienced manager and international coaches. Seriously, wtf is wrong with you?
  11. Looks like webbers news hint in his interview was significant after all. The fact he hinted about it must mean this has legs.
  12. Cognitive behavioural therapy or the other type of cbt....
  13. Christ almighty talk about an over the top drama llama. Good kills. You gonna ban food adverts? Ban food? Alcohol kills. You gonna ban that? Cars kill. Ban adverts for them? Ban them? Pathetic.
  14. So he's not the new messiah after all then pinkun posters? Shocker. He's a championship squad player. But it does highlight why we have failed. We didn't invest in our midfield. It doesn't protect the defence, link up play, or provide goals and threat. We needed to fill gaps and upgrade, but did neither. Oh and sold buendia. Buts that's a different matter. Not one single midfielder on our books is good enough to start the championship next season. So we need three new midfielders just to even fill the hole. Ridiculous situation, that's not Dean smiths fault. Webber out.
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