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  1. You're evidently not watching Brentford tear chelsea apart right now with positive football, otherwise you'd never have the balls to write such absolute rubbish.
  2. Can't believe nobody has mentioned Dowell. Immense at end of last season, now totally ditched. We bought and have players for an attacking line of three, and aren't playing any. We just can't score in the formation we are using. It cannot continue.
  3. Anyone thinking we get a point today needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Only chance is to go back to 4231 farkeball, play our best attackers at once, and attack them. Never gonna happen.
  4. Lateral flow tests are pointless. They make people who have been terrified feel better. My partner and her friends, all nurses in nnuh covid wards over the past two years, don't bother with them and laugh at how pathetic they are. Just get on with your life before the paranoia and rules creep stops it.
  5. We are already relegated. Routine home win. High press, stronger, less mistakes, getting crosses in, and easy headed goals.
  6. Those aren't facts those are opinions. Education system broken.
  7. The constant clamour for sorenson is pathetic and typical of the total lack of knowledge, and even having eyes and a brain, displayed so often here. The guy is slow, not sharp enough, and simply lacklustre. The clue is in farke not even benching him....
  8. There can't be a person under 60 suggesting 442 surely. The depth of knowledge on this forum is like a puddle.
  9. Don't understand why people can't pick a best eleven. Krul Aarons kabak Gibson williams Normann malou Rashica dowell tzolis Pukki or sergant Seems obvious enough
  10. Bryan Hamilton. Glen roeder. Peter grant. Bryan Gunn. Enough for you, you absolute weapon.
  11. And its clueless rubbish like this that populates this forum. Literally anyone with eyes tonight could see the pass across the back three left or right led to our wing backs getting instantly pressed, with no outlet, so they pass back down the line, and get pressed and make a mistake. To suggest it gave us more width, and fewer spaces to run into, when Liverpool literally ran into spaces at will, is so laughable I have to ask are you taking the p*ss.
  12. The absolute weapons going on about three at the back can shut up now. In reality it's five defenders. Leaves no outlet, and under the obvious press, it goes sideways, back, sideways even more. It leaves no width, doesn't allow numbers on the opponents half. Its suicide, especially when farkes achilles heel is zonal marking that just isn't working. We are dying a slow death here and asking for even more defensive depth is insane. We need to utilise our attacking players, keep the ball higher up the pitch. And they have to know where the hell the other players are. Three years of 4231 ditched for this shambles. Farke out.
  13. You don't remember the names Bellamy, eadie, and huckerby then...?
  14. I don't agree with all this nonsense about defensive coaches etc. The coaches and players know their jobs. What's wrong is they are not working as a unit. Thats partly personnel, partly formation. For me, three at the back, five in effect, will mean we just drop even deeper and spend more time playing it around at the back until the press of every single team causes a mistake. I would go back to 4231. Play two holders. Probably Normann and melou, who together offer physicality, pragmatism, and the ability to get forward. For me, gilmour shouldn't be anywhere near that starting eleven. Play three behind the striker, to give us a chance to have an outlet, hold the ball up, and play more in the opponents half. For me, pukki is just toast. Pace is gone and just isn't good enough now for this level. Sergant, who has pace, strength, and good in the air up top. Dowell behind with that creativity. Rashica and tzolis out wide for pace, or cantwell for more guile. Back four of, well Aarons and three others, we just don't know who is best right now, but for me, Gibson offers more quality and finesse than Hanley tbh, but either of those with one of the others! Probably the man u lad at left back, but I worry we have dumped giannloulis far too fast. Crucially, stop the bloody full backs pushing up the pitch so high, leaving our triangle of centre backs and krull to get closed down every bloody time, and which leaves gaping holes opposition just play into down each wing. Play a flat back four and focus and solidity. We don't need root and branch, new coaches etc. Either farke starts playing to our strengths and looking to do more than plonk three midfielders in and watch them disappear, or he walks.
  15. He's spot on. The ignorant, moronic, lack or respect Rupp gets on here and social media is shameful. Actually watch the games. Watch him. Farke has laid out why he's picked on a plate now. Even the most ignorant fan can now see exactly why he's picked and what he does.
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