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  1. I just think CH did not know how to use him. He''s a six yard box poacher, and if used as such will probably get you 15+ goals a season. But he needs a target man to play off and a mid - field that will give him the ball in the right areas, and CH''s team weren''t set up to do that. Good luck to the lad, hope his career recovers.
  2. [quote user="mrs miggins"]I wonder if Adams and Phelan will turn it around, wouldn''t it be marvellous if they did.[/quote] Be a nice Christmas present if they did. 7 - 0 thrashing of Millwall on Boxing Day?
  3. [quote user="Cantiaci Canary"]Arguably he was only so ruthless initially because Gunn wasn''t his man. Hughton and Adams are his appointments ... To fire them both severely questions his ability to lure and recruit the most appropriate men for the job. The only alternative is that he does see sense but is outnumbered by his colleagues on the board who still think a man who has never managed in December, January, February and March is the best person to revive the fortunes of a nose diving and vital campaign.[/quote] +1
  4. In reply to the OP, I absolutely agree. NA was doing a good job as youth team coach, and I would guess was an awful lot happier. Giving him a way to go back to doing what he''s good at would be a display of real leadership.
  5. [quote user="Bury Green"] Oh and how about Adrian Forbes, always the last word in reasoned and non biased debate?[/quote] AF''s only demonstrate that however badly the current manager is doing, there *is* somebody less qualified for the job.
  6. 3 - 1 to the Exiles. But I''d back any of Lambert''s Norwich teams to win against any of Hughton''s or Adams teams. Under Lambert we got a team that was more than the sum of it''s parts. Under Hughton or Adams for the most part the team has been less than the sum of it''s parts. We need to find someone who can get the team playing well and going out expecting to win again. I don''t care if we''re as dull and drilled as George Graham''s Arsenal as long as we get back to winning ways.
  7. [quote user="Feedthewolf"]^It was the fact that the post started with ''Normal 0 false false false'' that made me chuckle.[/quote] +1
  8. I was gutted (and listening to Forbes on the way home just made things worse) but I''d definitely file the result under "cock up" rather than "conspiracy".
  9. [quote user="morty"]If I had ten pence for every time someone started a thread like this over the years, I would have nigh on £11.50 by now. Of course, it''s entirely plausible, but most likely pure, made up conjecture.[/quote] +1
  10. [quote user="jb"]was also thinking this about Hooper''s reaction to scoring the vital late equaliser - hardly any reaction at all, almost looked embarrassed. [/quote] Err...maybe he thought "no time to celebrate, let''s just see if we can nick another and win"?
  11. [quote user="lake district canary"]Surely lessons have been learned? [/quote]Well the fans seem to have learned some lessons from last season (assuming this board is representative of opinion generally).  If there had been this strong a mood against CH at this stage of last season, I think we would have had a new manager in before January.
  12. One of the really frustrating thing about the England situation is the knowledge that it could be turned around if only the will was there.For example, look at what has been achieved with British Cycling over the last decade.For a football example, look at the German response to going out of Euro 2000 at the group stage.So if the performance of the England team mattered to the FA, they would overhaul the structure of the game in England to give us a fighting chance of success.
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