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  1. A peice from the local Brighton rag, about Sinclair but have manged to shoe horn Pritchard in there... my favourite parts are...... Now consider the case of Alex Pritchard and his aborted move to Albion, hijacked at the eleventh hour by Norwich.It was a tawdry deal.... .....Pritchard''s behaviour was grubby too. He would have us believe making his bird of choice a Canary rather than a Seagull was "purely a football decision". www.theargus.co.uk/sport/14669626.Talking_Point__Pritchard_rich_in_promise_but_could_end_up_like_Sinclair/?ref=mr&lp=2
  2. Think your self lucky you got the finger!!!! I have just got back from Victoria now at 2:45 am, spent the end of my amazing Wembley day i have waited nearly 30 years for,giving a statement to the old bill for 90 mins at midnight about the scumbag Boro fans who jumped me from behind, mug punching me in the back of the head for no reason. No eye contact, didn''t even see them, right on the platform at Victoria,just came up behind me and smashed me in the head!!! Shame as had good chat and a good laugh with them all day and they were pretty decent. Oh well the f****er is spending the night at Victoria nick and we are Premier League, so karma is a motherF***in bit*h!!!! OTBC
  3. Not sure if it has hit Norfolk yet, but The local rag down here reporting his loan is set to be extended by another month.
  4. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]So, bloody freezing and tipping down with rain but he was happy to stop and chat about Norwich with a total stranger while getting rained on and cold. Yeah, okay.[/quote] I never said anyone stopped, Neither of us broke stride as i mentioned and it was not really a chat, just a brief exchange that seemed revealing. Feel free to doubt my interpretation, but you should n''t judge everyone by your own miserable standards, some people are actually quite pleasant. And the Bin comment well you can just go ********* yourself, how dare you insult me in such a vile manner, i would not even inflict that upon my worst enemy!!! Jesus, come here to share a little exchange that some people may find of a tiny bit interest than half the twaddle that''s posted on here and get called scum!!!!
  5. What a tough crowd, but i accept you have been stung before, so Sussex Yellow: Just off Prince Albert Street That little road almost opposite Bartholomew Square that runs down in to a few lanes and that square with the dolphin fountain and a pub, the pumphouse or something down there.It has cafe rouge on one side and something else the other side that has scaffolding all over it at the moment that is the corner in question. I believe that bit there down ot the arcade that comes out by the taxi rank is all pedestrianized i believe. I alas cannot also vouch for the legality of his parking tho it was the end car, so it could have been on the double yellow, but he was in a tracksuit with no coat, and it was bloody freezing today so it did not look like he was out on a major shopping trip :)
  6. That''s cool Hogesar, There have been so many my mums hairdresser saw (Insert Name here) at ASDA on here over the years, I know the burden of proof is pretty high on this board, so I thought I should defend my info from the initial rebuttal to help prove it actually happened! I have waited this long to post, it a had to be at least a slightly interesting event to break the duck :) I would love to be wrong as i really like him he is quick, is possibly our best crosser of the ball and is good at the defensive stuff as well. Who knows what will happen, that is why we all love/hate it :)
  7. He smiled at the question, laughed at my final passing comment. He has those distinctive freckles which made it click, right height, build etc and he was wearing a tracksuit with a white ranger rover with his blonde wife, but i do accept that the last few are not the best identifying features, as it could be anyone of about a 1000 people in Brighton. It clearly was him and his responses although brief i concede, did not seem that positive and often getting a quick answer out of someone when they don''t have time to think about it can actually be more revealing than if they have time to think and give considered answers. I maybe right, I maybe wrong about my interpretation, just passing on what it seemed like, as it was something i actually witnessed and heard with my own ears and eyes which seemed a rarity for this forum. :)
  8. I did not say he was scuttling (his pace was slightly below brisk), nor was there mention of a car park (i think he had just come from a nearby shop as was walking across a pedestrianized area to his Range Rover). Neither was he accosted ( I glanced at at him and thought where do i know you from and recognized his freckles and said what i mentioned earlier, while neither of us or his wife broke their stride). Also i was not firing questions as i mentioned i only asked him 1 question, as i initially just said "Please come back to Norwich, we love you and you can actually cross the ball" which is not actually a question, but a statement, i only asked the 1 question as i said. Oh and also i did not say he laughed either as a wry smile is a different response to a laugh. For you to ascertain that from what I wrote leads me to seriously doubt your powers of deduction/comprehension.
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster, but i actually have some first hand information from the proverbial horses mouth rather than my mates, mums, boyfriends, sons second cousin who lives near Colney. I live in Brighton and just bumped into Elliot Bennett on the way home from work, it was chucking it down so did n''t get much time to speak to him as he was rushing to his car with is wife. I said to him "Please come back to Norwich, we love you and you can actually cross the ball" and his reply was "Well your the only one who thinks so." Which i thought was telling but you can all make of it what you want, but it seemed as if he is not happy there and could be on his way out. I also asked him if Adams was as much of a joke as he seemed, he smiled wryly and said "I can''t really answer that." Which seemed to be a yes. I told him to hang on until January by which time Adams will prob be gone and then he can have a real manger again to which he laughed and got in his car. From that it did nt seem likely he is staying unless a new manger comes in. Don''t know if he is on Twitter but those of you who are send him some love from NCFC if you want him to stay, as it seems he could be on the way out, but i''ll leave it to you to make up your minds, Don''t shoot the messenger!!!
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