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  1. We''ve had 2 away wins all season, would you not class that as in need of an away win?
  2. I don''t think i''d be particularly worried if we didn''t invest in January, we''ve been unlucky with injuries this season but with a full midfield back we''re looking better than at least 8 other teams in the league.
  3. Let''s be honest though, that''s not really the case or the aim of our season is it? We began the season hoping for 8th and now the fans are happy for a point against a Sunderland that played 120 mins mid-week and giving the ball away almost constantly. A slightly more clinical side would have beaten us 3-0 in that second half. It seems all the posters that are happy with the draw need to bore back off into the river end.
  4. Any info on this? Really hope it''s not for too long.
  5. Alright then, let''s look at the Mona Lisa - Sunderland are catastrophically shit and prone to awful errors, they''ve shown they''re incredibly pissed off all game and are possibly more prone to make errors than ever. Why not bring on RvW and Wes at 70 mins and go for it? We''re in need of an away win and we find ourselves away to the team at the bottom of the league with a mental case as a manager. .... Or maybe we could settle for a point that will mean nothing at the end of the season.
  6. I''d rather lose and play for the win that witness that woeful second half performance again, the red for Brown was hilarious though.
  7. If we want to establish ourselves as a premier league team we can''t settle for a point at half time against a team that find themselves bottom.
  8. Johnson won the ball back spectacularly a couple of times, we really missed Howson though.
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