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  1. By suggesting that our gd will improve you are saying we will score more than we concede.... Get me a pint of whatever the OP is on.
  2. So we shouldn''t have any expectation to win? We are in a tough league but if we want to carry on being in this league there are certain teams that you target to get your wins against. Crystal Palace was one of those games. As was Fulham. One year on from an extremely poor performance away at west ham, things haven''t improved. Those type of performances are now the norm.
  3. The weather lol Adapt to the conditions. Same for both teams and only one team looked like nicking that game.
  4. People don''t think w have an automatic right to beat teams like palace but we need to be getting something. These are the teams we target in our bid for survival.
  5. I wonder, points wise. Where this calendar year ranks. Anyone know? Best, WBA. Worst. Fulham at home Both times.
  6. I felt the same hogesar. Also at "then champions" Tottenham when two down with 15 left tettey was brought on for elmander. The comment at arsenal when we were losing regarding settling for what we have or do you go for it, was also baffling. I like Hughton but have to say that sometimes he does leave you scratching your head.
  7. We outplayed them for 20 minutes. The first 15 minutes they bossed it having 154 passes to our 54. That''s a fact. We then had our spell having 7 attempts to there 0. Dare I say, second half united were comfortable restricting us to 3 long range efforts. People that think we outplayed united are exaggerating a bit
  8. I acknowledge your point. But is a double sub in the 89th minute very effective? Also giving elmander the same amount if time? Shape or not we were losing. But I guess that''s where top managers earn their money.
  9. We scored with ten minutes left. Leaving it as it was after we scored didn''t work as we lost. To bring two players on with a minute left isn''t really very effective
  10. Wes off of elmander and the wolf due to hoops coming off. A narrow mid 3 with full bks providing width like they did. You could call it a diamond also. Football isn''t just 442/451. Why not go 3 at the back? 1 or 2 nil a defeat is a defeat and our gd can''t get much worse. I still laugh about the double substitution in the 89th minute at Newcastle. Tactically baffling.
  11. " Each game is different so other games aren''t really relevant to this discussion are they Foggy?" I agree Nige. Which is even more baffling when we use the same approach to most games. We aren''t flexible in our approach, not our changes.
  12. Elmander entered the fray in the 89th minute. Are you really advocating a change so late in the game when chasing it?
  13. I''m just glad hughton didn''t put Wes on the right again. The changes were too little. Too late.
  14. The irony is that becchio had a better season half last year than what infs is having this year. It''s like pass the parcel. Poor becchio.
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