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  1. The ollson block with his arm beef stroganoff would normally bury his shot he stuck wide. However I agree who-ton has stood up and been counted when it matters I just hope we don''t end up loosing the next 3-4 on the bounce as he plays 3 keepers and 8 defenders instead of "having a go"
  2. Get in!!!!!! Got norwich to win both halves 16-1, norwich to win at 4-1 and norwich to score in both halves 9-2 avvv ittt!!! Woop woop
  3. Dear oh dear who''s izzak hunt lappy?? Sounds like a naughty boy who would get banned due to people not wanting to hear the truth..... sound like him to you??!
  4. Well folks buckle up, let''s see how he deals with clarkes changes, not very well knowing the chris I see every other week, I''m guessing he''s stood looking gormless as fook. Thinking have they made a change or not?? Lol
  5. Rediculous regardless of the idiot in charge, I ALWAYS want us to win. Infact far more so that who-ton who rests our best forward for games " he thinks we CANT compete in
  6. Especially after resting hooper, also nice to see Bennett back on the bench grrrrrr
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