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  1. [quote user="Warren Hill"]I think bringing him on for Elmander yesterday was a mistake.[/quote] I agree- bit baffled by that substitution
  2. Am i the only one in thinking that Chris Hughton is sending out the wrong message to his squad of players by suddenly starting to involve Luciano Becchio since publically airing his frustration at the lack of first team opportunities? Ok, so if i winge a little bit to the press ill get my chance.... I think, like 90% of fans that Becchio should have had more of a look this season, but has CH made a mistake here?
  3. After a slowish start to the game, i thought Elmander had his best game so far this season....bit puzzling when he got hauled off though. But on the whole, hes not very good at all. Would like to see RVW and Hooper upfront against Fulham.
  4. Solution might be to play Fer higher up the pitch where he can run at the opposition from central area''s. Perhaps playing Fer & Wes just behind RvW trying to play short defence testing passes. Fer is better in an attacking position using his ability to hurt defences, Hes not a defensive midfielder!
  5. I would be well pleased with mid-table mediocrity. The way things are going i think thats a little bit ambitious.[quote user="KeepTheFaith"]Keep him of course. We are on track for mid table mediocrity, however boring up ma be.[/quote]
  6. well, dont you think theyve have enough chances to do so? 3 wins in 26 away from home and all that......
  7. Lets face it, things are not working out for Chris Hughton and his backroom staff! As a player Hughton made nearly 300 appearences for Spurs over 13 years at the club. He was (as a player) a reliable no-frills full-back. Not necesarrily a leader. Hughton has carried over the same attributes into management. Apart from his time at Birmingham City, where is record was ok (hence in the Championship). He took Newcastle United back to the Prem only to be discarded by the more ''proactive┬┤ Alan Pardew. Hughton''s record as a manager in The Championship is good. However, personally i dont think he cuts the mustard at this level and his record more or less proves this. I question his Leadership capabilities. Its all very well managing the team but Leadership is another quality which it doesnt seem that Hughton posseses. I just cant see a Cardiff or Hull capitulating in the same manner as we have seen The Canaries do against Liverpool, Hull, Man City. I personally was positive to his appointment and was willing after last season to give him another chance. However, i have run out of patience and think its not too late for somebody new to come in. Cmon Bowkett and co. Enough is enough!  
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