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  1. Hi, my brother lives over there and has found a group of Norwich fans, think it may even be a ''fan club'' let me ask him and I can try to out you in the right direction!
  2. Huge amount of complaining about tickets to wembley, but goes to show how many actual fans are out there that want to come and support the team. Obviously this is a hugely special occasion and will bring out the fairweathers, but looking at how quickly all our tickets have sold out and how many more are clamouring for more does this not show we could fill a bigger stadium regularly? Always capacity in the 95 percent mark and always huge away following to boot. What do you lot think we could fill week in week out, 30,000...more?
  3. I have a fulham away ticket that I no longer will be able to use, selling on for face value if anyone wants it..PM me
  4. That second half nearly killed me. how, How, HOW did we not get anything from that game!!!
  5. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]3 points! I can enjoy my week now! Sod the managerial debate, he might not be the right man for the job but never would i want us to not win.[/quote] YES!
  6. And Garrido starting with Olsson. Ch-ch-ch changes! Is CH feeling adventurous today?
  7. Anyone else getting frustrated with Snoddy? Lots of giving it away, lots of poor placed crosses. Can be brilliant for us, dont get me wrong just seems like we arent getting anything like his best recently
  8. We have been great so far, just gutted we havent scored yet. Hope it doesnt come back to hurt us next half. Wes a bit irritating at times, so nothing really changes... This is the sort of football we all want to see is it not?
  9. Putting Murphy on seems very much a sing of giving up. Give the young lad a run out as its already lost.... Poor attitude
  10. I think I may well be finally done with Hughton. I have defended him to the fans quick to attack, but unless there is a very good reason Hooper has not played then I find him bewildering. No changes at half time either?
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