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  1. Slam the outers? Back Hughton? Either way I''m not sure we''re going to like it.
  2. There was a lot of anti-Hughton stuff for the first time that I''ve heard this season. Rather than just boos there was, as mentioned before, "you''re getting sacked in the morning" and a slightly angrier one including the f-bomb. Also a lot of people singing about Malky. The fans were singing some quite tongue-in-cheek stuff as well, old Safri, McVeigh, McKenzie, Gary Holt etc. songs came out near the end. The board were all there last night so as well as hopefully being totally fed up of watching the style of football we''re playing, especially away, they will also be aware of the fan''s feelings.
  3. For me the best permanent signing would be Naughton, getting very little action at Spurs apart from average Euro teams. Doesn''t even make the Perm squad. RB has looked a shakey position for us. Would also like to see us go for Heitinga, he''ll be cheap and can cover CB, which some people think need shoring up, but I would have him mainly as midfield cover as for me Johnson isn''t good enough. The obvious one is a winger, and although Wessi was blinding at the weekend I would try and get a winger and a attacking playmaker on loan. De Bruyne will go to someone in Europe but of that ilk.
  4. We only actually have a squad of 24, and as Redmond and Murphy are under 21 they don''t count towards the 25 man squad. We could get 3 more if we wanted, as long as Surman/Fox don''t come back. Personally though I think we need to prioritise a creative midfielder rather than a striker.
  5. Hamad has already agreed to join Hoffenheim on Jan 1st.
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