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  1. Good call Unique. RVW should get something for the hair. it''s never out of place.
  2. Shame hindsight didn''t extend to the board of directors etc. Hughton would''ve just been a bad dream....
  3. Suarez. oh you mean a city player.......er pass on that one.
  4. My lottery numbers don''t seem to work so.......
  5. I agree Dandy. Lets have a mad fighting team with a passion like Wimbledon used to have with Vinny Jones and little man Wise etc. Not forgetting Mr. Fashanu
  6. Perhaps the season after then. Probably get sponsorship from the Red Devils parachute team to guide them thru a safe freefall.....
  7. ....on us finishing bottom of the league?
  8. At least Ip5hit lost and Lowestoft won. Hasn''t been a complete waste of a day.
  9. Oh well. In these days of austerity at least the season tickets should be cheaper next year. I''m so ''moneysupermarket''
  10. I''d like to join you Nuff in a toast to a more successful season next season.
  11. We could still beat Chelski and Arsenal. I''m now off to play with my large pile of rocking horse sh*t that I found in the garden.
  12. [quote user="TIL 1010"]I can''t watch anymore of this rubbish so it''s off to the greenhouse to water the tomatoes. [:@][:$][/quote] But the tomatoes are red. don''t kill them like the Manc Reds have killed us.
  13. Maybe the players should give their wages away as well as premiership status. Not worth the money.....
  14. who''s to say the season of torture won''t extend into next season as well.
  15. here''s a fantasy thing......let''s put 2 up front and see if we can get in the penalty area
  16. been pathetic for most of the season. terrible defending.
  17. Does anyone else think that Welbeck went down a little too easily then replays show his foot caught in the grass. I think a penalty was a bit harsh. Still the ball should never have got that far.
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