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  1. CaptCanary

    Good For A Laugh!

    I work at the Cambridge Evening News and the match report of last nights game is a good ''light-hearted'' read:

    ".......it became hard to tell which team was about to play in the top flight as United passed the ball around well and harried their opponents while the defence dealt easily with thw limited Norwich attacks."

    "If it had not been for conceding two early goals United could well have come away with a draw".
  2. CaptCanary

    Cambs United

    Thought Charlton was pretty good too. He knew exactly where poeple were going and when to jump, so he won most ballls in the air despite his height. Eddie had a great game along with Holt. Poor old Zema looks well short of match fitness and quality. Looked scared to keep hold of the ball.
  3. CaptCanary


    He''s 32. Theres interest from Celtic and Rangers plus he has had a large offer from a Japanese club too.
  4. CaptCanary


    He''s been released by Chelsea. If we offer a 9 month contract at £40,000 a week thats £1.4 million for the season. Sounds better than £3m for David Johnson!
  5. CaptCanary


    The club have confirmed that Green has signed a new 3 year deal!!!
  6. CaptCanary

    Fixture List now online

    I had a dream at the weekend that we would get Palace at home, win 3-0 and be top of the Premiership on the first day of the season!
  7. CaptCanary

    03/04 DVD

    Yeah, phoned up Saturday morning.
  8. CaptCanary

    03/04 DVD

    I''ve ordered mine already from the shop, was told end of this month or beginning of next, but their going to send it out with my new away shirt.
  9. CaptCanary

    macdouble dvd

    It''s about 80mins long, it''s Dan O''Hagan commentating.
  10. CaptCanary

    What was your first game?

    March 11th 1989 vs Wimbledon (Home)

    1-0 Trevor Putney

    It was a treat for my eighth birthday along with my first Norwich scarf.
  11. CaptCanary

    Pre-Season Friendly

    Also, how about a game against some weak 1st division outfit, Ipswich for instance!!!
  12. CaptCanary

    Pre-Season Friendly

    Just this one that I know of. Went on canaries.co.uk to check about Sinclair (He''s been released) and it was announced today.
  13. CaptCanary

    Pre-Season Friendly

    Just seen that we''ve anounced a pre-season friendly away at Cambridge United on Tuesday 27th July (7.45pm). Should be a good night as I work at the Cambridge Evening News and work with some United supporters. Possibly first game in new away shirt too!
  14. CaptCanary

    Next Season's Away Kit

    Just read this on a previous thread from last nights forum:

    - The new away shirt will be launched in 3 weeks time and will be available on sale in a few months. 3,000 season ticket holders and members can pre-order shirts. These shirts will still bear the Lotus logo.

    However, just phoned the club shop and they were unaware of this and havn''t got a launch date.
  15. CaptCanary

    Queen Delia

    A Binner I work with has shown me a picture on a Ips**t fansite of Delia at a cupfinal with an Ips**t rosette on. There trying to get the evening star and the national papers to show it!!!
  16. Cheers Mackemlad, lets hope you can stop that lot in Suffolk going up via the playoffs. It would take a lot of the shine off promotion if they went up too.
  17. CaptCanary


    The Website is www.yarmyfanzine.com.
  18. CaptCanary

    James Chambers- Worth a look?

    Worthys just said at the press conference this morning that he''s after a defender befor deadline day due to Flemmings injury against Palace.
  19. CaptCanary

    Ipswich Car Stickers

    On my journeys to work (in Cambridge) I used to see a number of Binmen car stickers each day but since the destruction derby i''ve not seen a single one! I was looking forward to beeping each one I saw but no joy! Anyone else notice this?