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  1. You do not have to know them, just take a look at their managerial records! They are the coaches who have to work with our talent on a day to day basis...... and improve them! At present it is going the other way.
  2. restructure his coaching staff. Out should go Calderwood and Trollope, they are simply out of their depth in the PL. Both of their records as managers in the past, highlight their lack of success. This has happened at many clubs before, including Norwich, with a successful outcome. CH would be aware of the faces on the coaching staff at Colney that could freshen up the training ground (assuming they have the right badges, of course). Neil Adams is one possible, or he could recruit from within the PL. It would be a brave move, also a positive one to show the fans that he has the b*lls to make such a change to his key staff. Could win respect in the right places. Oh! and like my previous post stated, we need an attacking/striker coach.
  3. Haha, just in from work and your response has bought a smile to me, I,m Spartacus. I still stand by my feeling that the club should invest in a attacking/striking expert. We have a top class keeper and good supporting keepers, yet we still bought in a International coach to train them. The movement, shape and interchange of our attacking play could be studied against the methods used by the top sides, not just in the Prem. New strategies could then be implemented on the training ground through the attacking expert and the well briefed Hughton. Sounds a simple solution to our goal scoring dilemma......... It might just make the difference that counts at the end of the season.
  4. Thanks flecky76, an excellent response. I knew that a experienced poster would come up with the goods. Looking at those list of names and the success most of them enjoyed, maybe my concerns of the lack of attacking coaching emphasis are unfounded. I still can''t help thinking however, do most of the other Prem sides have expert attacking coaches?
  5. Good point Mr Angry, I do feel however, with so many defensive experts and a excellent goalkeeping coach, who is bringing a level of coaching expertise to our attacking players?
  6. I must admit Neil Adams crossed my mind djc, he deserves recognition for his FA Youth Cup success last year. Hucks would win a lot of votes too.
  7. I am a new poster, having read this forum for a number of years now, I decided to post after listening to Canary Call after the game on Saturday. One caller picked up on the lack of scoring and attacking ideas to break down the Cardiff defence. He asked Adrian Forbes what emphasis in training Colin Calderwood undertook. To this AF replied ''defence''. When asked the same of ''Paul Trollope, AF once again replied ''defence''. With Chris Hughton''s ability in his playing days as a top defender never in doubt, it does appear that our beloved Premier League team does not have a dedicated first team attacking/striker coach. Not only did Rob Butler express surprise, I must admit I was astounded by AF''s hesitant response. What do the more regular posters feel about this? Is this a definite void in our coaching staff, if so who would you give your vote for a role like this?
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