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  1. Buh

    The scum match thread

    The derby in league one might be better?

  2. Buh

    Marley Watkins

    Not having Marley Watkins AT ALL

    Is he an inside forward? Winger? Tea lady? He has no identity at all
  3. From what I’ve heard Barclay A block is being specifically targeted and they sent in the heavys

    And by heavy, I mean heavy. One looked like a wild snorlax with a David Brent goatee

    Sort it out norwich. Regency security are total ballsacks
  4. Buh

    Why are we so poor?

    Wen Sum things go wrong you have to just take it on the chin and crack on
  5. We’ll be fine once Marley Watkins gets firing. We just need to make sure he’s happy and not unsettled

  6. “We’ve got a code 9, repeat code nine, unsearched Morrison’s bag in sector 7 use of deadly force is authorised”
  7. What was going on?

    These stewards are taking it up a gear again. They seem to have been emboldened by rifling through old ladies handbags to try and find unregistered Tena lady
  8. Buh

    Natalie Sawyer

    Can I be the first to say good god damn what an arse?
  9. Buh

    Natalie Sawyer

    Who''s going to be the first to have a little paddy that you guys are talking about this then eh?
  10. Buh

    Marley Watkins

    He did nothing for me

    Needs dropping pronto
  11. Buh

    Sterile domination

    Sterile domination

    Talk dirty to me baby!
  12. Buh

    Groundhog Day...

    Bill Murray is a comic genius, can we all agree on that?
  13. Wozit Webba orwozit Wagnah?
  14. Buh

    Farke off

    I knew there was a way of using his name like that

    Glad you''ve found it! Well done sir
  15. Buh


    "Our only hope is that things improve"

    I love that
  16. I dunno if you guys know this but farke actually sounds a bit like a common obscenity

    I''ll leave the rest to you guys *DING*
  17. Nah screw this I said I didn''t like Farke well before any of you I was first!!


  18. Buh

    London Bridge

    Usual commies on here don''t ever disappoint

    Bet you are all converting, it''s the progressive thing to do

    Cowards, always will be

    Round up all known terrorists in this country, any intelligence of British enemy combatants operating in Iraq or Syria lay down so many tomahawk cruise missiles that they are never able to identify the bodies. Pour huge amounts of cash into the security services.

    Alternatively, thoughts and prayers + a geography teacher that thinks we should send a Facebook emoji to try and stop mass shootings AND supports the IRA AND is a filthy communist
  19. Buh

    Pink Un Live show

    Pinkun podcast

    EU debate special
  20. Imagine rushing the pith for a draw lol