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  1. Are you going to be honest and admit that you should take it back? I said that the future is bleak under hughton and you just mocked me...I was at the cardiff game on saturday and quite honestly after the game i felt sick. So many chances yet not even ONE converted! The crowd was vocal that day and I sit in the f@cking city stand! Back when I made my first post on here I encouraged open debate and the sharing of ideas but nobody cared, they just ripped the piss out of me. So is anybody going to take it back, or just spit at me again?
  2. A really big shame because tettey is infinetly better than Johnson in regards to passing and ball control. Maybe if we are really lucky it aint too bad and tettey will be back in no time.
  3. Is that it, can we not aim for a bit more ambition? Barnet???? Come on, thats pathetic.
  4. I 100% agree brownstone, if we elect that socialist scumbag in he would undo the progress Cameron has done to restore the glory days of the eighties. His price fixing scheme is nothing more than a cheap trick to persuade the masses that he is "a peoples man". A total scumbag and no doubt if he is elected this country will go downhill VERY quickly.
  5. Good to see he was a thatcherite and damn proud. He well and truly is a REAL englishman.
  6. And I think we were very unlucky to lose to them. Every single goal they scored was pure class and i think that there was nothing we could do about it. It reminded me of the chelsea game. As for cardiff, well I say bring it on. I predict a comforting 3-1 thrashing if we played like we did against chelski and arse. Oh and as you can see my shift button is fixed :)
  7. just to clarify leeds i did not type the star as i presume there is some sort of swear filter on the forum. the exclamation mark was typed through some considerable effort though as my shift button is not broken per se. it is rather just stuck very tight due to milk being spilt on it, i can use though if i push hard enough but its a bit streneous to do it all the time.
  8. i wish to make clear my intention is not to cause a flame storm or stir up trouble here but to encourage open debate and exchange of ideas. now that is out of the way lets get started! i have long admired hughton the man. his demenour and etiquette has been exemplery for the club and this is shown by how the press and public love him. but I believe there is a line to draw between politeness and embarrassment. some of his pre match interviews are cringeworthy, for example calling fulham "a great side" and telling the press that sometimes, we should bow down to some sides mightiness! now come on hoots, lets not give that impression to the fans. do a lambert, tell the press how you WANT that win so badly. stop referring to the players as ''the players'' as if you are distant from them. call them ''the boys'' or ''the lads'' like lambo did. give them a reason to win for you. my last point is that of stats. to be specific, wins. we have registered EIGHT wins in 30 games. that is sickening to the core. let that sink in. EIGHT. we never had such a bad run under lambert, he always gave a kick up the arse to the players to get them going again. these statistics also include cup games by the way. i said i would give hughton 5 games into the season to make him change his ways. he hasnt. he has to go now. feel free to discuss. oh, and my shift button is broken by the way.
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