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  1. El Convento

    Out of Control? Yes! - Off the Ground? Yes!

    I don't think the Haller 'challenge' that you recall ever took place. It doesn't seem to feature in the extended highlights...
  2. El Convento

    Daily reminder that Pukki was Onside

    This is clearly correct: the technology is being used as if it had a degree of precision which exceeded its fundamental resolution which, in any form of measurement, is a schoolboy error. Leaving aside the matter of aperture time, the frame rate of the EPL VAR technology (according to the Premier League's own website) is 50 frames/s, so the time resolution is 0.02s. This means that the first frame which shows the ball having left the passer's foot could be 0.02s after it actually left it (or more, in practice). The fly-in sprint speed of a male athlete is generally considered to be in the 8-12m/s range, so let's say 10m/s, so the same frame could show the striker in a position corresponding to 0.02s after the ball was kicked (assuming the cameras are precisely synchronised compared to the frame rate). So * The maximum error between the striker's 'actual' position and that shown in the frame could therefore be 10m/s x 0.02s, or 20cm. * An out-rushing defender could, of course, be shown 20cm too far away from goal. * The all-important postures of the players (e.g. arm position) could have changed hugely during the error period. *The human identification of the 'nearest' frame is also subject to error. * It isn't possible accurately to assess player positions vs parallel lines without individual 'in-line' cameras. I could go on. All of which makes the infinitessimal study of the VAR's carefully tweaked lines (which are treated as gospel) somewhat ridiculous. Btw, in perusing the Premier League's website to check the VAR frame rate, I was amused to read all about VAR and how it will be implemented. It contains such nonsensical gems as: "The broadcast cameras operate with 50 frames per second, so the point of contact with the ball is one of those frames inside the 50 per second." In particular, there is much comedy gold to be found in the discussion of 'clear and obvious errors'. But, be all this as it may, Pukki was onside! If only we could get the genie back in the bottle! Whoever would have guessed that VAR would make it EASIER to favour the preferred outcome?
  3. https://www.rousingthekop.com/2019/12/02/our-view-liverpool-will-be-linked-with-move-for-todd-cantwell/
  4. El Convento

    Lewis, how often did he pass the ball forward!

    Agree, but it's hard to know whether he'd benefit from a break, or whether he can play through it. Problem is, he's such a wonderful player that it would be a brave/foolish move to bench him given the lack of alternatives.
  5. El Convento

    How to waste 45 mins of your life

    An hour, in my case...
  6. El Convento

    VAR not being used correctly

    Yes hairy, but not in this case. It doesn't matter whether a defender's handball was accidental or not if: The ball touches a player’s hand/arm which has made their body unnaturally bigger OR The ball touches a player’s hand/arm when it is above their shoulder (unless the player has deliberately played the ball which then touches their hand/arm) which was the case here. But I'm not sure if it hit the player's arm or not - I thought it did at the time, but the incident doesn't seem to be in any highlights.
  7. El Convento

    Supporters Survey

    Got mine a week or so ago.  It worked fine.
  8. El Convento

    We're top.

    It doesn''t feel like we''re over-shooting to me KC (but I only see the home games) - but I do agree our being held at bay outside the box.  When I think of some of the awful and unambitious opposition we''ve failed to beat (and worse) at CR, it makes me wonder of we should be starting Wes AND Maddison in those games.  Many on here consider them to be the same ''type'' of player, but for all Maddison''s superb dribbling and great set pieces, Wes has a quirky creativity that he doesn''t.  On the other hand, that would require a striker who could provide a foil for Wes by carving out some runs behind, and who would that be?  It was never going to be CJ, and now it doesn''t look like it''ll be Nelson. Sadly Srebny was AWOL for most of Tuesday night so maybe not him either.  A pity, because Wes still looked capable of making things happen.
  9. El Convento

    We're top.

    We''re also second top for possession, but third bottom for goals...  Might have to start shooting a bit more often, ideally from a bit nearer?
  10. El Convento

    Toffolo to Millwall - Free transfer

    I always wondered if he''d come good for us.  I only recall seeing him play once (in a pre-season against Cambridge United) and he looked very useful that day (but then again, so did RVW as I remember...)
  11. El Convento

    Rotation Policy

    It seems Farke could learn from the binners on this one.
  12. El Convento


    Sorry, crossed the other thread in the mail...
  13. El Convento


    Named in England squad for upcoming Germany and Lithuania games.