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  1. You must have had a good stream to hear that Waveney the two Russian commentators on my stream drowned out the crowd noise apart from one particularly loud bloke with a Lowestoft accent who kept shouting "Drive the beggar out"
  2. Well I hope there''s a little humble pie on that menu Wiz you''ll be wanting some yourself before the seasons over.
  3. He called you a Cook or something very similar I reckon.[img]http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~palindrome/Alan/imalan/cookpass.jpg[/img]
  4. At 24 years old Grant Holt was playing for Rochdale in the old fourth division.
  5. What a missed opportunity Wizzo, I reckon he''d have been quite easy to drive out.
  6. That''s what the syndicates want you to think... Madness! Complete outsider! No chance. Chopra wins at crazy odds and its  win win in WingSing
  7. [quote user="The New Boy Le Juge"][quote user="spencer 1970"]Hello Mr London. As you have a spare ticket for the Arsenal game, you should really be offering it to me FoC considering you had my 2 Liverpool away tickets in 2011 and then found it a tad difficult to pay for them. I forget nothing. NR28 0EY. cheers, Spen[/quote]Ownage. [/quote]I now fully understand what that word means.
  8. Washing powder wont do it she needs antibiotics.
  9. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Bournemouth are oficially known as AFC Bournemouth.. a lot of people think the A stands for "Association" it doeesn''t it was a ploy in the 60''s to ensure that in an alphabetical list of all the Professional sides they are always listed first....[/quote]Thought the AFC thing was from the 70''s to make it easier for everyone as the clubs real name was and still is "Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic Football Club" (the AFC Bournemouth is a trading name only).
  10. [quote user="Waveney Canary"]Not sure what Ryan has done wrong in the previous game. A wise manager would know not to change a winning formula.[/quote]Old chinese proverb says "Just because hammer good for putting nail in does not mean that saw is not better tool for cutting wood"
  11. [quote user="First Wizard"]The next test?   Signing on![:|] [/quote]So you think we should extend his contract?? :innocentface:-)]
  12. [quote user="Waveney Canary"][quote user="Herman "]Maybe if we all promised to change Lambert might come back.[/quote] We can but live in hope[/quote]Don''t think that your sitting in the car outside lamberts gaff for hours on end or all that coincidentally popping up at the adjacent urinal had nothing to do with Lambert leaving Norwich Waveney.
  13. [quote user="Doctorsleep"]"This is either very easy or I''m hopelessly wrong." eh?[/quote]It was very easy ie a game of my generation that I attended and which was also quite memorable for the scoreline, the date (16th august) of course was easily remembered as being both the anniversary of the Peterloo massacre and the exact day upon which Jools Holland quit Squeeze (16/08/80).I usually lack access to such aide memoirs as City 1st likes to pose questions from before my time. The tricky bit was remembering if Southampton were still in the R/W vertical stripes and in the same league that year or what colour shorts they wore.Attendance was 14,616 BTW
  14. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Right.  Well, that looks like Norwich City versus Stoke City to me, that would have been the 1980-81 season because they changed that "Mann Egerton" sign the following season and my brother Jack used to work there before he ended up with them poor old buggers at Boulton & Paul and they all got laid off.  He ended up in Telford but would have better off under a truck.   That was a big home win, 4-1 or so.    [/quote]Poor old Jack, I''ve been to Telford. [:''(]This was the month they launched the Morris Ital iirc a good time to work at Mann Egerton.
  15. This is either very easy or I''m hopelessly wrong.
  16. [quote user="Mungo Lloyd"][quote user="First Wizard"]Sad if true, all the good feeling amongst the players is now being erroded by this management team...[:@] [/quote]You know this for fact or are you guessing?[/quote]Due to the predictable lack of response I''m going to file this under f for fib.
  17. [quote user="City1st"]just goes to show that comedy isn''t such an easy art after allperhaps it is mungo lloyd having another gops any worse and he could get a series on Channel four[/quote]Not me City and don''t worry I save my best material ''til last.
  18. [quote user="First Wizard"]Sad if true, all the good feeling amongst the players is now being erroded by this management team...[:@] [/quote]You know this for fact or are you guessing?
  19. Your mum is going to be very cross with you that''s the third time this week you''ve wet the bed.
  20. Waveney Canary ‏@CanaryWaveney 26m @Smudgerncfc I have another account where I am whacking into my self and everyone is agreeing with me. They are enjoyable play things. Eyes peeled for a poster with a massive bell end as an avatar and we''ll have our man.
  21. Because they don''t work.If you don''t believe me next time it''s sunny put a cap on and look straight up at the sun.
  22. WaveneyCanary A bright start popping up after just three minutes with a new thread advocating "Hughton Out". Waveney then seemed to go missing for large chunks of the game before reappearing right at the end with a goalhangers toe poke of a "told you we''d lose". All in all a very disappointing showing, seemed to be completely out of sync with the rest of the Norwich teams performance. 3/10Wizard Twanky. Everyones favourite pantomime villain just wasn''t at the races today. Did someone forget to tell him it was an early kickoff? Maybe they did and he just couldn''t hear them?  Poor old Wiz missed it all popping up long after the final whistle with what was really a very poor token swipe at the team and the manager. Terrible performance, with Norwich losing at home there was plenty for Wiz to work with but the game appeared to completely pass him by. 1/10
  23. Pilks had a nailed on penalty disallowed imo
  24. The only moaning is at the referee, Hughtons got us set up very well for the match.[:D]
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