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  1. First Wizard, of all the knob jockeys populating this forum, and there are more than one, you are the biggest. Why not think of another topic aside from sacking our manager and give us all a break !?
  2. Anyone who thinks CH should be fired is a tosser. End of.
  3. Every single Prem game is broadcast live this season in the US so when you get to LA find yerself an English/Irish pub and ask them if they''ll be showing it. It''s a huge city though so it''ll depend on where you''re staying. I''m in Long Beach, next to LA and Shannons open early for footie fans.
  4. I live in Long Beach California although Houston Canary for some reason thinks otherwise !
  5. I can''t believe all because of one initial post I find myself having to justify my comments to someone such as City 1st and it seems from other posters that I''m not the only one who thinks you are a complete and utter ****. For the record I have no idea where my dad got tickets for ''75, probably via his now deceased father who lived in Earlham and was also a staunch City fan. As for hearing Kevin Keelan cursing at Wembley with 100,000 in attendance. Don''t be so stupid. My dad took me three times to watch City train at Trowse in the early seventies, Ron Saunders was manager, KK was my hero and I was stood behind the goal as he joked with his team mates.
  6. Ok, time to put this to bed. A fake and a phoney ? A fake and a phoney what ? Norwich City fan ? I am a 50 year old fan born and raised in the soccer hotbed of Merseyside. My dad was born and raised in Norwich and took me to my first City game against Millwall in 1970 (and yes, kenny Foggo was playing) when I was six years old. I have ''supported them avidly ever since, not easy when all your mickey taking pals support the big four of Manchester and Liverpool and enjoyed the successes that came with them. Admittedly trips to Carrow Road growing up were certainly not as regular as going to away games at anywhere within an hour or so drive, the big four, Port Vale, Stoke, Wolves, Wigan, Bolton etc etc. I remember crying when my dad wouldn''t take me to Wembley in ''73 cos he didn''t have another ticket for my Man City supporting brother, being overjoyed when he took me two years later and being horrified at Kevin Keelans foul language not to mention seeing Trevor Howard driving out of Trowse with a cigarette in his mouth and was also at Anfield when Ted and Martin Peters conspired to beat the great LiverpooI side in (I think) ''74 and at the very last game in front of the Kop. I moved to Long Beach, California almost six years ago although quite why anyone would think I''d lie about that is anyones guess. Maybe next time you head to Cali Houston we could meet up for a beer. As I said in my original post I''ve viewed this forum for quite a while but never felt the need to stick my two penny worth in justified all the enrolling and registering these things entail, that is until Tuesday when I finally had enough of the calls for Chris Hughtons head. The man is a football man and someone who I am sure, contrary to postings on here, is totally respected by his playing squad. You just have to hear Nathan Redmond speak of him to see that. He''s had one season in charge and did well and has brought optimism to our club, for me at least, with his exciting summer signings. Now all those haters and half time booers get off his back and let him do his bleeding job !!! Houston Canary; let me knwo when you''re coming out !
  7. Okay, to put you out of your obvious misery this season NBC show EVERY Premiership game. The previous two seasons Fox Sports with their Soccer and Soccer Plus channels showed ALMOST every game. I say almost, I think there were three weekends in two seasons when the Canaries weren''t on. Those games I tuned into Canary Player for commentary and also to watch the extended highlights, enough to give anyone with half a brain an indication of how the game went.
  8. Little Yellow Birdie, ABC, Dubai Mark and First Wizard - Thankyou for confirming that there are some Norwich fans out there that actually have some common sense and decency. As for City 1st, well. My comment re; Ken Foggo was in referrence to your instruction to me to ''jog off and read up about OUR club''. OUR club. My first City game was in 1970 at the age of six and little Ken was up and down the wing like a fiddlers elbow proving I have as much right to class them as my team as you or anyone else. As for the age thing, 54 is not old for anything, let alone an EPL manager. I know exactly who we signed and I am not trying to stir any sh ite. As my original post stated I was just trying to get across how frustrating it is to read imbeciles like your good self calling for a managers head when he is without doubt taking his club in the right direction. You just have to look at his signings to realize that. By the way, excuse my ignorance but what is a troll other than a word you seem pretty fond of ?
  9. @ Chip 20 - Yes we did start slowly in all three recent prem campaigns, even under the messiah but I bet none of you were shouting for him to be sacked ! As for the amount of players signed pre season the previous year I don''t know, just know that four bloody good defenders were amongst his signings. @ Alartz - City are struggling no more, as in every season, than 70% of the rest of this league. @ Rogue Baboon - Questioning someones tactics is like questioning someones dress sense. Who''s right ? All I''m saying is Hughton hasn''t done anything remotely close to being fired for. @ Houston Canary - No I don''t know her. Why ? Do you ? @ City1st - ......just jog off and read up about our club etc ............ Do you recall a man named Ken Foggo ? Ever see him play ? I''ll finish off by asking which of you fellas would like to see Chris Hughton sacked from his current position as manager of NCFC ? Then I''ll make my judgement.  
  10. Robert 911 - It wasn''t copied from anywhere, he isn''t 55 and I didn''t say we were excelling. I said we were struggling.
  11. You two are two fine examples of why I posted in the first place. Tactically astute because on arrival he immediately saw we needed to shore up a porrous defence. Last season (with the exception of our League 1 promotion year) was the least goals the team had conceded in ten years since our 2004 promotion campaign and was also our highest top flight finish since the inaugaral premier league in 1993 . Job done I''d say and hardly reason to sack the man !!
  12. I’m a Canary living in California and such is the magnitude of TV coverage of EPL over here that I am fortunate enough to be able to have watched every single City game, home and away, since our return to the premiership. I often browse this forum and have long been flabbergasted at the fickle nature of the majority of people who post on here. Tonight, the Watford game was the final straw. City are struggling temporarily, of that there is no doubt but hardly surprising considering the new faces that arrived in in the summer. That said, in Chris Hughton we are fortunate enough have a smart, tactically astute and highly respected young football man as our manager. His arrival brought with it the realization that the gung ho nature of our play, whilst often exciting, needing sorting out if we were to remain amongst the elite, something he did in his first year in office claiming our highest league position in years into the bargain. The idiots I see regularly calling for his head on this forum just a handful of games into only his second season make me sick and I could see them sharpening their pens as Watfords second went in. Thank God we came back with two goals from a player who is an undoubted goal scorer and who came in under the radar of all other managers in the country with the exception of Harry Redknapp. A great coup for CH. You people who call for the managers head know who you are. Your knowledge and understanding of the game is judging by your constant diatribe against CH limited to say the least and to consider yourself supporters is more damaging to my beloved club than anything Chris Hughton and his team could conspire to do. For heavens sake Grow up and start supporting your team !!  
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