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  1. We''ve clearly gone backwards under Hughton. Unfortunately some fans will just not accept that Hughton is not a very good manager.
  2. Bradley Johnson is far from the worst player in the world, but he will only ever get into the first team when we''re full of injuries. He would be far better suited to the Championship - that''s his level.
  3. Let''s all take part in a bit of Wes bashing shall we?! What''s he ever done for us anyway!? Dear God, what''s wrong with you people!?
  4. I wouldn''t bother waiting for response Canarygirl - and if you do it will be aggressive and the argument will be turned back to you. Just looking through the forum it''s full of this sort of behavior from him. You can tell he doesn''t go to any matches - which is ironic on the fans (me included) that vent their frustrations at some of our performances., and then get criticised for doing so. According to LDC we should all be holding hands and singing. You''re not a "real" fan if you dare to criticise the manager, players etc. Arrogant fool!
  5. LDC are you at all capable of posting without patronising or insulting other fans? It seems to me that most of your posts create petty arguments! In fact, do you ever actually post about the team, matches and generally just footballing matters? The majority of your posts seem to defend Hughton or throw out condadescending twaddle criticising the "Hughton outers". Maybe if you got your head out of your a rse you might actually make a few friends on here, instead of thread after thread of patronising and arrogant tosh.
  6. LDC zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Could you get any more sneery or condescending if you tried? I autumn if it a Hughton horror show next week we won''t hear a peep from you. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. Could you imagine what Lambert could do with our current squad?! I firmly believe we''d be top 8 minimum
  8. And to think this was the guy keeping David Fox out of the team for most of last season. F uck me, Foxy isn''t perfect but he''s better than BJ!!
  9. I think the saddest thing to come out of this is the fact that someone has taken the effort to trawl up seven or eight year old quotes from Wiz. To be fair he''s been right about every one of them being wrong for the Club, even if not always in a very constructive way.
  10. Most of the fans who fail to acknowledge Hughton''s massive failings always bring up the unbeaten run to justify the remainder of the games, which have frankly been mainly dirge.
  11. Hughton writes off most of our away games by the looks of it
  12. Yet again someone on the forum has a different opinion from some of the regular posters and he''s hounded and bullied as a result. Childish
  13. So we''re gonna settle for enough points to keep us just above the relegation places. Wow, we''re showing ambition this season. A relegation battle should never have been on the cards this season.
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