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  1. Agree. As to the defence not giving Rudd a chance to save anything - they did. Seven shots on target, five goals against. That''s what GKs are there for. Last line of defence!
  2. This saga just shows how difficult it is to pull off transfer deals in this window, despite those criticising the Club for lack of activity!
  3. Sadly this messageboard has been turned into a farce.
  4. Can''t see any way he fits into the Bournemouth style. He''s just a very big lad, who likes to belt the ball up the other end.Reckon this will be as good a transfer (and about the same money) as RVW.
  5. See they are now trying to sell Mings to Bournemouth. Their fans think he''s worth £8M to £10M?  Well watched him play against us 4 x last season and I think he''s worth max £1M. Big lad, with a bit of pace, but limited football skills.
  6. Oh dear Dim Bootlaces did you not know we took 10 pts off Watford and Bournemouth with a GD of plus 7.
  7. Well even though they took 6 pts off us, we still finished a point above them, scored more goals and had a much better goal difference.
  8. The experts at Talksport have confirmed we''re going up in top 2 so must be right then!  http://talksport.com/football/201415-football-league-championship-table-it-stands-and-predicted-final-positions
  9. From set plays, corners, free kicks, Bassong and Martin don''t get enough goals, whereas I think Bennett more likely to get something on target and maybe a vital goal. Johnson remains our best threat from headers as he has the ability to get over the ball and head down, whereas Bassong and Martin more often head over the bar. Having said that the defence has done a good job, evidenced by us having one of the best goals against record, but tiny improvements may make a real difference over these next four cup finals.
  10. One of the key ingredients of our successful run under AN has been a settled back four. It seemed to go under the radar yesterday, but 20 minutes from the end of the match Bennett was introduced, and I assume (as I was not there) that Martin moved to right back. Wondered if anyone who was at the match can confirm that Martin did indeed revert to right back, and how did it work, compared to the back four as selected?
  11. Only had 3 starts at Turkish club, and 4 sub appearances. Obviously not on fire there then.
  12. I agree with AJ - this will be a great temporary signing to replace Grabban, and not Loza, Morris etc.  Their time will come if their progress continues. Akpom should fit in for the remaining 7 (or 9) games then goes back to Arsenal and Grabban returns for us for the new season.
  13. Excellent at corners and free kicks. Good on the ball and keeps it on the deck. Good deal in my opinion.
  14. The solution to our defensive problems was immediately recognised by AN - get a settled Back 4. In fact he''s got a settled and impressive back 6 now, which includes Ruddy and Tettey. Whitts is nan integral part of that unit.
  15. Is it top right as he''s the only one who shares his name with a fomer PM?  Now top left (JC) brings back distant memories. I think he came to us from Celtic in the early 60s. Old fashioned Centre Forward.  Happy days.
  16. Why on earth would any sane supporter want him back - the man the Villa fans all say is tactically naive. AN has already demonstrated more tactical awareness in his short spell in charge.
  17. Looking at other games, interesting that the top team in this division only just beat Blackpool 2-1 and with a very late winner. Yet after Saturday''s game the 4-0 win was not considreed to be that great by some on here.
  18. All Clubs are now operating on a different funding basis, in view of FFP etc. Even Chelsea only spent what they recuperated and admitted that was now their policy - so would Newton headline Chelsea as " Got no Cash"?   That is also why the Sky deadline day effort was boring this year - very little action throughout the day as Clubs have stopped spending silly money.  I am delighted that at last Fottball is coming to its senses, and especially pleased that my Club, Norwich City, have adopted these sensible principles.
  19. Just had a look KC and at post number 28,996 on that thread is this one "The high-line strategy was utter madness. Lambert has time and time again proven to be tactically clueless".  And yet on here he is still referred to as the Messiah. Bizarre.
  20. Last season we made the World''s Top 40 - in any other business would probably be regarded as success. Difficult to criticise a Board that achieved that from the financial meltdown of a few short years ago.
  21. Sorry to burden this excellent thread but IMHO the thread started by Maccy''s Back is a classic wind up example - negative block capital headline, keep it going up to half an hour after the match and then disappear!  Then the wind up has worked as far as he is concerned.  So my recommendation is "don''t take the bait" - ignore the thread and move on to better threads with reasoned debate, such as this one. Yesterday was nowhere near the disaster some would have us believe. AN has made some early judgements and acted quickly. The man is not afraid to make a call, and I am delighted the main decision yesterday was to sort the defence problem out asap!  That was the most important clean sheet for a long time. Now lets see where it leads. Roll on Blackpool - lets see it for ourselves.
  22. Good post, and more importantly a good thread - bar the one word self confession!  I don''t think those of us who ''enjoy'' following our team should worry as much as some of us do about the 50 or so (maximum!) who frequent the message boards with negativity and usually very short comments. That for me is the give away, the 2 or 3 liners with 100% commitment to the negative course are just not worth reading. Those who complement the negative with posive when appropriate, now that''s absolutely fine by me - in fact we all do that and so we should. We all know the anti brigade, many if not most are binners anyway, so my recommendation is do what I do and as soon as I see one of them on as thread I stop reading it. Give me some balanced comments and I''ll read on, but that just doesn''t happen with them sadly. 
  23. Not sure that all Wednesday fans are as comfortable with this takeover as the OP is.  Here''s a comment copied and pasted from a Wed fan - "go to google. type in ''Thai Union Frozen Group shares'' click on 5 year chart. they have lost 80 percent of there value this year. If it is the same group that has bought SWFC, where is the money going to come from?? Is the guy personally loaded??? Hope he puts in money than the sheikh prince who has splashed the cash at the other end of the city. We could be the best team in Sheffield wearing red shirts if the chairman is like Cardiff".   Is that what the Newton gang want for our Club? Probably yes, but then Binners are like that, hey?
  24. It is a known fact that Bookmakers set odds based on a mixture of statistical probabilities and public opinion. Bookmakers do not speculate (gamble). Their priority is balancing the books.
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