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  1. No, think they have gone - just two points from teams in the top half is a telling stat; anyway this squad is nowhere near good enough for another shot at the Prem. Think I''m now of the opinion would be best for us to bring in the youngsters and build a team for the future. Too many has beens and want aways still getting picked.
  2. Also with Ruddy looking more like his old self, the defence looks much more composed. More clean sheets please!!
  3. Like we forced out Chris Hughton you mean. Doing a pretty good job at Brighton - did we get it wrong? Looking at our goals against of 30 compared to Brighton''s 11 (the best in the division) maybe we did get it wrong.
  4. Is it time now to forget this sorry season and play the youngsters to build for the future, accepting we are at best now a mid table team? Too many of our first team players at at the tail end of their careers, no longer quick enough and good enough for the top. We have to reluctantly accept the facts, lower our expectations and move on to 2017/18 as soon as possible.
  5. Career history tells a tale - 5 free transfers all in Scottish football and 2 loans, no transfer fees paid. Most of his games with Falkirk and Hamilton.
  6. We''ve got a GK who is far too lightweight, saves a few shots but is weak at crosses and doesn''t command his area. He is also far too quiet - should be shouting at his defence and organising them. That is in my opinion the single biggest factor in our decline - just look at the number of goals in the conceded column. Perhaps thats why he was available with no club after leaving Hamilton last season.
  7. Not one for the future either at 32. Agree is a good shot stopper so looks a bit spectacular at times but is weak at crosses, free kicks, corners etc. Also too quiet for me - at least Ruddy can shout at defence.
  8. Well I''m not a fan. He saves shots which GKs should save anyway, but is poor at crosses and controlling the 6 yard box. Ruddy every day for me.
  9. I''d like to see Ruddy back in goal. McGovern is a good shot stopper but doesn''t command the area for me. Ruddy is more of a presence.
  10. Couldn''t agree more that Ruddy needs to be back in goal from Tuesday. Need his physical presence again. I thought that Dorrans edged MOM for me. First half we lacked a proper No. 10 player. Wes does not fulfill that role. Its either Pritchard or Naismith IMHO.
  11. So well done Jez for telling West Brom to p--- off! Its not just about signing new players. Anyway we purchased three attacking players for about £15M in the Window so why all the negative vibes. Me no understand!!
  12. I do find all this "woe is me" stuff a bit OTT - I am very pleased with the purchase of Pritchard, Nelson and McGovern for app £11M and to have kept the services of Klose and Brady. Seems to me most of our business was in place before the final day. OK, another striker would have been nice but I can live with what we''ve got.
  13. But didn''t he only get 3 goals from 31 Championship games for Reading last season? If so then not such a great signing.
  14. Has a great reputation but only 3 goals in 31 appearances for Reading last season. Derby tend to overspend on players these days so would not want to compete with them anyway.
  15. Going 4-1-4-1 so a bit more width then. Be interesting to see how the system works.
  16. Not sure you''re right there as we got £11.4M for Redmond less what Birmingham received from the sell on - I guess between £1M and £2M. Paid app £11M for Canos and Pritchard, so more likely a negative net figure there. Suspect theres not as much funds available as we like to think also. Maybe £4M or £5M?
  17. Shows different levels of expectation now in East Anglia - they had two shots on target, scored 1, a bit of huff and puff only 40% of the possession and yet they think they were the better side. We didn''t play anywhere near our best, but still had more chances. Looking forward to seeing Pritchard fit and playing, he''ll make a difference to our attacking options.
  18. Wonder why doesn''t try same tactic for Portman Road tickets?
  19. [quote user="kick it off"]The only issue I have with Nakhi is that he is 5''7. He is quick though, and can finish, so would happily have him in, but I would want the other striker to be more of an Mbokani type big man to give us options.[/quote] Agree with that as I too worry about how we fit a 5''7'''' striker into our system unless we are going for a 2 upfront formation. He certainly would not work as a lone striker or as an alternative to Cam. Happy to leave it to Alex though. His 70% win rate in the Championship is first class, he knows what he''s doing.
  20. Reading that he got huge wages and a 4 year deal at Villa this was a gamble not worth taking - promotion or bust!
  21. I saw that Hughton was intending to use him as a second striker, playing him off the big man. Isn''t that what we wanted McCormack to do? If so this is a cheaper, albeit still expensive, deal for a much younger player. He scored 12 goals in season before last at Brentford, so could be a good deal for us.
  22. Been so obvious that Ruddy needed to return. Now it''s too late.
  23. Question - Goalkeeper A plays 10 games and concedes 24 goals; Goalkeeper B plays 14 games and concedes 17 goals. Which one do you pick?
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