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  1. A few days ago Huddersfield offered £5M. Within a week we get £12M plus further add ons. I must be in the minority but I think that is a good deal. For me Maddison and Pritchard as double No 10s was not going to work and left us narrow at times. Pritch is a great little player but is replaceable. Good luck to him, he''s where he wanted to be, not here so I''m not crying over this. Its what happens in the rest of the window that will count.
  2. "Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins has admitted new manager Carlos Carvalhal will have to rely on money raised from player sales if he wants to make new signings in the January transfer window". And we all thought the Swansea model was a good one.
  3. Pinto not looking great in the dual role of key defender and captain. Beginning to wonder if we even need Russell Martin back in the side.
  4. Looks like we''re following the Huddersfield model with their 51pts and 19th place finish the year before they went up.
  5. If the Club in any way shows it is desperate for a buyer or major investor, then without doubt you get the wrong type of owner, whereas if we get our house properly in order, demonstrate the business is sound with a strong base then this presents a much better case for a genuine investor. In the circumstances I believe the Webber model is better suited to attract someone we would all be comfortable with. No need to go down on bended knees for any old investor because you get what you deserve in this life.
  6. This topic has appeared on this forum from time to time and highlights supporter''s concerns about our Club''s financial ability to achieve promotion and sustain a position at the top end of the football pyramid. The thing that strikes me is that the comments show how badly we want our Club to succeed whilst not endangering the future of Norwich City FC with hasty short term solutions. I really hope Club officials take the time to review these threads from time to time as this is one they should be reading and maybe even reacting to - feedback from the Club would be welcome.
  7. The numerous calls from some on here for our owners to sell up or accept substantial investment and the topical issue currently regarding the billions put into offshore funds, made me think again about our club''s ownership. This piece says it all for me: - Pertinent comments from Prem Sikka, professor of accounting at the University of Essex, said that besides the capital gains tax saving, there can also be tax advantages if the offshore owner makes loans, on which the club pays interest from the UK. “These clubs were at the heart of their local communities and still have that tribal following, so should be rooted there,” Sikka said. “If the local ownership is removed, they cease to be clubs; they’re just businesses.” Richard Murphy, director of Tax Research UK, said even where clubs are owned by overseas investors who have put money into their clubs, much of the additional value comes from local fans and TV subscribers paying high prices but the owners’ wealth and capital accumulates offshore. “Football clubs are being used as speculative business opportunities,” Murphy said.
  8. Maybe but have to be realistic - 9 games last season in the Championship admittedly for Rotherham, but zero goals scored. This season 15 league games with 4 goals for Shrewsbury. I''d love him to be the answer to our goals problem, but sadly don''t think so.
  9. "Morris needs to come home" - but then isn''t he presently on the Subs bench at Shrewsbury?
  10. Captain Birdseye, Waveney or whatever you would gain a bit more respect if you had the class to come on here and state Well Done or similar. But then, not your style is it?
  11. Have always ignored this poster as he is not worth wasting my time on but noticed that if his posts are ignored he reposts the same thread demonstrating he is a desperate attention seeker with nothing worth saying.
  12. Too many lightweights in midfield - Mads, Hoolahan, Vrancic, Murphy, Reed. Decent going fwd but clueless defending or helping out the defence. And can''t believe how well Neil is doing at Preston, the best defence so far in the Championship with just 1 goal conceded. All very disappointing.
  13. I think the heading says it as it is - "A catalogue of failings by Big Vince". A host of weak arguments to support his anti Norwich City posts are indeed a catalogue of failings.
  14. New setup at Huddersfield, season before promotion - first 6 games W 0 D 3 L 3 POINTS 3. Just saying.
  15. But doesn''t "doing a Huddersfield" mean we come 19th this season and promotion next season?
  16. According to reports from their end, Wolves want him as a back up and not their main striker. Would he want to sit on their bench. Not likely.
  17. A surprising number of City fans from Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket area.
  18. Would probably mean Russ will be used at RB only then, given the number of CHs on the books.
  19. We all have our views, but I too have been a regular for almost 60 years, and the present setup at the Club gives me a good feeling for the future. Why some on here are so depressed I just don''t get it. We have sold or released a bunch of highly salaried players getting towards the end of their careers, plus one youngish player who might well become great, but last season finished with him warming the bench, with Irvine preferring the other Twin; also the Under 21s he was a good squad player, mainly coming off the bench. Turn the deal round and our fans would be shocked at the fee. My early days as a regular we were mainly a mid table 2nd Div team at best until the Saunders era in the early 70s. I for one am really looking forward to the new season with our new squad. OTBC.
  20. Also his robust style undoubtedly a strong likelihood of one or two red cards per season. Glad we missed out on this one. Happy with Husband, an excellent LB and a good bloke!
  21. Turned down £300K last season, got £12.5M this season. Of course we''ll miss him, but not as much as some think I feel. Now invest in another quality CH with some of this money.
  22. Beats Nige "know what I mean" Worthy.
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