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  1. Just seen that Ipswich are beating Col U already by 2-0 and we struggled to get a draw. Early days, but could be real rivals for promotion.
  2. An excellent post and my sentiments exactly! I felt embarrassed at times last season how so many fans felt it appropriate to boo Holt, when the Man was always giving his best, and always 100% for NCFC. Not so, esp last couple of months, from Francis. So, Francis is clearly going, and with Safri''s fitness problems from time to time, the money needs to be spent quickly on two good midfield players. Koumas? for one,& perhaps Steve Stone. And if Gary Holt is playing, then lets get behind him for a change.
  3. Great Result last night and a truly emotional Night, but yet again the Gary Holt unappreciation society just cannot leave him alone! For goodness sake, this has got to Stop! He has been great for us - what a buy at £100,000 and a huge part of our success, so please stop this idiotic and persistent negative attitude to him. Whatever he does is criticised, and I am disappointed that many fans seem to have forgotten how much he cares for this Club, and his 100%+++ never say die attitude. The substition last night was spot on as far as I am concerned, - the right decision to replace a wide player for the last 4 or 5 mns with a defensive midfield player. Thanks, Gary, for your contribution to our Club, which I, for one, appreciate. 
  4. I believe that we have badly missed a Leader on the Pitch - a real Captain who can organise the Team, and make key decisions.   Drury and Fleming do not have those qualities, and Green, whilst a good keeper, does not Shout instructions at his defence as a result we defend too deeply.   I am particularly disappointed both for and with Fleming this season - he lacks the Presence & Stature of a good solid defender at this level and is fortunate to have played all our matches. I would love to see Shackell and Doherty as a partnership - worth a try. But we''ll probably have to wait for next season to test that combination - not Worthy''s style to make radical changes.
  5. So, if we had kept Malky in the back 4 alongside Eddy, Flem and Charlie, the total age would be 130 - hey, thats really planning for the Future. As soon as possible, I would like to see Shack tried with Doc, thats about 45 yrs I think in total I think, and would be a good deal taller also. I for one am happy with Doc''s progress, but less so with Flem - he like Malky has been a great servant, but is finding the pace, and height of this League too much.
  6. 2-0 down already! It is now becoming so obvious that without Holt we concede far too much space in midfield. Whatever he lacks in quality, he more than makes up in chasing, harrying and generally making it hard for the opposition to find space. The sooner he is back, to replace Mulryne, the better!
  7. At the price quoted would be a good addition, in my opinion - He''s only 24 (or nearly), is 6''1 so would add height, and has scored goals, albeit mainly at a lower level. Worthy has a good track record in these sort of deals - I am now happy with the Doc transfer, despite initial doubts, and again Doc is a young player, who needs the confidence of playing and not being in and out, as he was at Spurs. The same thing could apply to Zamora. Go for it! 
  8. I went to Charlton yesterday, and I am bitterly disappointed with the performance, esp the inept defending. The truth hurts, but the comments above put things back into perspective, as I tend to agree with the observations that only a few of our players would make any other Prem squads.  But our strengths have been in the work ethic and team spirit areas, and thats the only way out of this situation. But we do need a Leader on the Pitch - if you like a Duncan Forbes character which we had in some ways last year with Malky, who also had something else we are missing - height at the back and also at set plays. Sadly Adam Drury is not that type of skipper, and it seems to be affecting his performances. Having spent a lot of money (for us anyway) on Doherty as a Centre Back, why on earth is he not playing there?? Flem and Charlton lack height, and our opponents now know that when they fling a few high balls at us, goals will come. Is Beattie playing again for Southampton? Can''t see us keeping a clean sheet next week if he is. Unless the defence has some height in it.
  9. [quote]maybe, but still the quality is there. He would be a good signing. And at the moment its better than waiting till january surely???[/quote] I would be a bit uncomfortable with taking a 36 yr old on a 2 year Contract, with high wages, and a player that Bolton felt able to shed.
  10. Being a Suffolk based Canary, and reader of the East Anglian as well as the EDP, I read with disgust the latest pathetic piece from Derek Davis today. He starts his article with reasons why we might just beat Arsenal, then states that its because they may get complacent against .....a side who still have little in the way of quality but make up for it with hard work and good organisation. Interesting that in another piece he can''t even recognise David Bentley as a Norwich player this season, as he is in the U21 List as an Arsenal player. Is it just me, or does Davis wind up others?
  11. A point well made - Charlton is undoubtedly a good defender, but at 5 ft 8 in is always going to struggle with high crosses, and you can bet the Prem Teams will work on that one, if they have scouts at our matches. Malky must be a starter, with Flem alongside or a new defender, if thats on Worthy''s agenda. However I am concerned that if the Primus thing is still ongoing, he too is not that tall at 5 ft 10 in. The old theory is still correct - a good big''un is nearly always better than a good little''un.
  12. 0-1 at Half time. See Peterborough''s Official site for report. Not exactly a great scorline is it?
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