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  1. So let''s put things into context. Watling was indeed a great Club man, loved Norwich City, and we all loved him, but wealthy as he was, measured in small millions, not enough to buy success. Sir Arthur, another from the left by the way, also dedicated City man, but again not super wealthy and like Chase the main means to finance the Club was via debt at the bank. When the bank said enough, we became a selling club, well before Delia took over and rescued us from almost certain administration. We now have a system in place which might succeed, might not but as a long time City fan since 1959 I am 100% behind the Club in giving it a go. OTBC.

  2. What he omits is that the last 20 years has seen a complete sea-change in football - the playing field was level in those heady days pre 2000, but not any more. Football is now dominated by half a dozen clubs, perhaps less. To be frank Norwich City have performed above expectations and resources. The present model is showing real signs of progress - three academy youngsters now first teamers. Last three results and performances worthy of praise, but of course that''s not a term in his vocabulary.

  3. I just watched the extended highlights (the 10 minute one) on iFollow and it really emphasises the difference between the two clubs styles. Hurst''s Ipswich is identical in style to McCarthys but with L1 players as the core. More long ball, long throws and set plays, nothing creative at all. Our young defence in the 2nd half coped pretty well with all the high balls and this gives me confidence for the future. Agree that much of the game was pretty low in quality but what quality there was came from our play.

  4. There''s a drop down menu on the video page which I found you can access by clicking on "Show More" - select full match replay and all matches are there home and away. All matches also have highlights and extended highlights. I''ve booked the Ipswich match for live screening. It provides good coverage.

  5. Deloittes latest piece on Championship Club''s Accounts advocates Clubs must move towards operating independently of the financial backing of their owners. Chasing the dream is simply not working - Newcastle, Brighton and Huddersfield accumulated Financial Losses of £106M to get there. Fine if you make it, but doomsday scenario if not! Maybe we''re ahead of the game with our structure after all.
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