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  1. Time for a trip rapport :-) We had a super trip! my father and me, first we arrived at Holliday inn and the hotel was very nice, friendly staff. We took some pints at Fat cat and canary friday evenin, very nice place. Saturday it was up early and we go to the stadium around 10, and was at Yellows, good atmosfere and again everybody so friendly and nice. Match was though, and as we all know went bad, good possession fotball, but should have scored.. After match we went to a mexican place i think in riverside, met a really friendly local man who had worked in norway talked a long time and he was such a great man! later we went to Toomland and the Edith Carvelle i think it was called. very nice place! visited a sushi place in toombland and it was the best sushi we ever had! and the friendly vaitor gave my father a signed teddybear of Ricky Van Woolfvinkle! My father was soo happy and it was so special! allso met a norweegian couple who was there for the match, and they were involved in the scandinavian canarys very friendly! Sunday it was Fat Cat at nelson, great old pub and so friendly staff and locals! We have never been so nice greeted in any place then Norwich! everybody we met was nice and no problems anywhere! you norwich locals should be proud of your lovely city and great people! We will come again for sure! Thanks Norwich!
  2. [quote user="Boomer21"]I am coming with my bud in March for a first match. So please report on everything including hotel, restaurants, sites, pubs....[/quote]will do! :)
  3. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]1st timer, whereabouts are you sitting ?[/quote]The tickets are bought tru a norwegian site whith hotel and match tickets, so dont know any more than its in home supporter zone.  in norway i am from south tip near Kristiansand city
  4. I will give a trip rapport in this tread ofter the weekend :-)Thanks again to all friendly replies!
  5. [quote user="Nolly"]Just wanted to wish you good luck on your visit and I hope you have a great time with the game and everything else. Always amazes me we have fans who travel from as far as Norway to watch us. OTBC [/quote]Thanks!
  6. [quote user="Unhinged Canary"][quote user="1st-timer_Norwich"]I will shave and shower , and do my best not to offend any locals :-)  If any of you see 2 ppl talking a bit strange english and smiling it is prob us :-)[/quote]If you''re smiling I''d imagine you''ll be very easy to spot! [;)][/quote] LOL!  On sat we all will be smiling and cheering :)
  7. I will shave and shower , and do my best not to offend any locals :-)  If any of you see 2 ppl talking a bit strange english and smiling it is prob us :-)
  8. Thank you so much Tiffy Boy!  Whit all this great tip`s I am sure it will be a great visit and thanks all for the kind responds!Best regards
  9. [quote user=" Badger"]Hi 1st timer - I have a friend that works in Norway and my understanding is that the exchange rate is very much in your favour - certainly he tells me of Norwegian friends that visit explicitly to save money on major purchases. It might be a good idea to combine your visit with a shopping trip - Norwich is an excellent shopping centre providing good choice for a regional area. On a cultural level - it depends what you are interested in, when you are coming, whether you have transport and how long you are staying. The main tourist features are the Castle, Cathedral and the market, each of which are impressive. The Sainsbury Centre is free and worth a visit if you are interested in Art and there are often good exhibitions in the Castle Museum. Prince of Wales road on a Saturday evening is probably of more interest to you that you dad! As a Norwich lad who had to move away for career purposes I really appreciate the City and think that you will too. I hope you have a great time and come back soon![/quote]Thank you for excellent tips!  I will certainly look into this and hope to have a nice time in norwich. We are staying friday-monday morning so there should be time for both fotball whith some pints and some looking around the city.  My father has talked about going on this trip for many years but it has never happend, so this time i booked it straight away, and he is extatic about seeing the Canaries live whith the atmosfhere and all. he likes a few pints aswell so this will be a top weekend we hope :-)
  10. [quote user="Tiffey Boy"]If he likes a beer before the match take him to the Fat Cat and Canary pub on Yarmouth Rd 10/15 minute walk, Umbertos Italian restaurant after.On Sunday morning take him to the Close near the cathedral and Elm Hill area.With the current negative tactics better have a couple of beers first![/quote]Ty! 
  11. Trip is booked and we are really looking forward to it!  I was hoping some localfans could be so kind and give some hints on what\where to be when first time visiting Norwich.  There will be 3 points aswell on sat! and it will be awesome
  12. Me and my father is visiting Norwich City 4 first time any tips for where to go pre match and after?  or other things we need to know ?My father is 40 year Norwich City supporter and we are traveling from Norway. Best regards from Norway
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